Holiday Gifts For Employees From Boss

Fun Holiday Gift Ideas For Employees They Will Actually Appreciate

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Holiday season brings a lot of cheer but, unfortunately, some overwhelm as well especially when it comes to planning gifts for the workplace. What adds most to the stress is trying to please all employees with the same gift.

But here are some excellent workplace gift ideas that will make every type of employee happy, irrespective of their personality type, gender, and age group.

But first,

Two things that will help you decide the best gift for your work staff are- One, look for things that everyone can use at work, and second, something they will love using at home with family.

After all, the things in life that really make us jump up with joy and make festive season that more special are things we can enjoy with our family. 

P.S: I have included gifts in all price points so you can easily find something that fits your budget. There are some that are under $10 so you can easily combine a few if you wish.

P.S: This post contains affiliate links from Amazon and other retailers. If you make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission. Pls check Privacy Policy and T&C for more information.)

Holiday Gifts Your Employees Will Actually Use

This guide promises to take out the word complicated from your Christmas shopping. Whether you are a boss, start up owner, or business owner looking for exciting and meaningful gifts for the staff, you will find something for every kind of employee in this gift guide.

Holiday Gifts For Employees From Boss

1. Personalized Large Snack Bowl

popcorn bowl with family name on it

The best gifts are those that can be enjoyed with the entire family. Personalize this large ceramic snack bowl with the recipient’s family name and a few lines of text.

A great gift idea to show appreciation for them and their family during the holidays. The popcorn bowl will be a staple part of family movie nights.

2. Gift for The Family

Another one of those affordable gifts that the entire family can enjoy. The stainless steel pint glasses can be used for all sorts of drinks.

These glasses look great, they are not made of cheap plastic, very functional, and child-safe too since they are not made of glass. You will want to get a set for your family as well.

3. Water Bottle With Goals

If you are looking for a health-related gift, that hits everyone’s new year goal, then you need to check this out.

We are all guilty of not drinking enough… drinking enough water, I mean!

This smart water bottle will most-likely fix that issue. The markers on the bottle are a super helpful reminder that motivates to drink often and drink enough for the entire day.

It is lightweight so they can take it along with them everywhere they go.

P.S: It comes in a variety of colors so you can buy a different color for everyone.

4. Favorite Cocktail On the Fly- For Real!

Does your team/ business partner fly out a lot or do you have team members visiting from out of state or country? If so, this carry on cocktail kit is perfect for them.  These kits come in a variety of other flavors like Moscow Mule, Bloody Mary, Old Fashioned, etc. 

Now they can make a drink on the go, and it is TSA approved!

5. Liquor Flask For Men

The sleek gold finish stainless steel liquor flask comes packed with a flask funnel, genuine leather sleeve, and an elegant travel pouch made out of velvet. A luxurious gift for men they would really enjoy.

6. Leather Business Card Holder

Made out of leather and stainless steel, this business card holder comes in 27 different colors so you can choose the best color for each of your staff members.

A great under $10 gift that will be a hit at work!

7. Wooden Business Card Holder

This expensive-looking, but NOT expensive, wooden business card holder comes in a set of 2. From a price perspective, these will make an affordable gift for the team.

They look well-made and the color will match any desk they put it on.

8. Quirky Desk Décor Item

Add a dash of humor with this funny, but practical, eyeglass holder stand that is perfect for a workplace with a lighthearted work culture.

It’s not a gimmicky product; the eyeglass holder actually works! It will look great on their desk, dresser, vanity table, etc. and get them a ton of compliments.

The red lips stand is perfect for all the ladies, and the mustache one is perfect for all the gents.

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9. Screen Cleaning Pads

Where do germs linger the most? You are right.. the surfaces we touch all day.

Cleaning their smartphone, computer, and TV screens will be a breeze with these eco-pads that are easy to hold on to and are just the right size to keep in a pocket.

Such type of items are ideal to keep in small gift baskets or to put inside a a tumbler, coffee mug, etc., with a thank you note.

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10. Coffee Warmer For Desk

Nope, its not another coffee mug gift, but rather something that most people don’t know they love and need, until they have it. 

This rapid heating coffee warmer has auto shut off option and adjustable temperature settings which is a big plus.

The sleek design and color really make it stand out from the rest of the similar gadgets out there.

11. Gift for IT Staff

recycled keyboard notebook

Great for your IT staff. The notebook is made out of real keyboard. Very interesting to look at and fun to use. One of those ideas that has a surprise element to it that everyone loves.

Also check out the circuit board notebook below.

circuit board notebook design

12. Holiday Themed Bottle Sleeves

Planning to gift liquor bottles to your team? Don’t just add a gift tag or put them in a gift bag. We appreciate things with our eyes too.

These adorable Holiday themed bottle sleeves can still make a simple bottle seem festive, and make the recipients smile.

13. Wine Bottle Carrier Bag

They can carry wine to restaurants, parties, picnic, beach, etc. without worrying about spilling or bottles cracking in the bag.

The stylish and sturdy PU leather case can carry 4 bottles of wine or two bottles and two glasses. It is padded and insulated to maintain the temperature and keep the bottles from breaking. 

The bag comes in so many colors, which is awesome.

Honestly, pack it with a wine bottle or gift as is. Great for anyone working in the wine industry. The recipient will use it plenty for years to come.

14. Electric Wine Opener Set

I love how this electric wine opener comes neatly packed with all the essentials that a home bar needs -automatic rechargeable corkscrew, foil cutter, wine pourer, vacuum wine stopper, and charger.

One charge is good to open 80 bottles! Best gift for q wine aficionado, or a casual drinker.

15. Portfolio That Fits Everything

Let me start by saying that the planner has more essentials than any regular portfolios I have seen.

It has a phone and iPad pocket, can rotate 360 degrees, has slots for cards, pen sleeve, and even a slot for earphones.

On top of it the luxurious PU leather covering gives it an expensive appearance. All this for under $20 and it looks extremely professional.

16. Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Board with Family Name

Charcuterie boards you can find dime a dozen everywhere. But, why not opt for a personalized one when it does not cost extra.

A simple board with their family name on it will make every one at work feel, exclusively, thought of.

Edible Christmas Gifts

Edible gifts are appreciated and loved by almost everyone. I have handpicked a few that stand out from regular food baskets you see at the store.

17. Aromatic Barrel Aged Bitters

Holidays are truly the most wonderful time of the year and eating and drinking is a big part of that celebration. This bitters sampler will take their holiday drink game to the next level.

These barrel-aged aromatic bitters are a must for anyone who enjoys making drinks at home or entertaining.

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18. Nut Butter Sampler With A Twist

Nut butter samplers make a yummy gift; if the recipient does not suffer from nut allergies.

Peanut butter is a classic, and the subtle addition of flavors such as -cappuccino, butterscotch, etc. sounds like the most delicious twist to the otherwise plain peanut butter. 

19. Flavored Maple Syrups

Not some cheap maple syrup we are used to buying at grocery stores for our pancakes. These syrups will make you think beyond pancakes.

The infused assortments pair, unbelievably, well with ice cream, cocktails, etc. And they are certified organic from a farm in the US.

Each set consists of different flavors that the recipient would love to serve at their Christmas breakfast table.

20. Donuts Flavored Jelly Beans

An inexpensive small gift that will be received with big smiles.

Inspired by Krispy Kreme donuts (everyone’s favorite…) these delicious jelly beans are gluten, peanuts, dairy, and even fat-free!

Now, that’s a gift everyone will appreciate around the holidays.

21. Amish Jam Sampler

I had to add this Amish jam sampler because of all the amazing flavors and because… it’s Amish made! Can’t get better than this.

Great quality sampler kit that will bring big smiles to all the recipients and their families. It is a great nut-free alternative.

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Christmas Gifts For Female Employees

In addition to the above, I stumbled upon a few other holiday gifts that are just perfect for all the ladies at work.  They ARE inexpensive, but only in terms of price. They will love to use and flaunt these gifts!

22. Glittery Liquor Flask

The eye-catching liquor flask comes in more than 10 colors! I love the rhinestone cap on this compact flask that can easily fit in a clutch. They can easily carry it to their holiday parties, picnic, beach, vacation, etc. 

It is a liquor flask, but they can use it to carry just about any liquid- even water. Add a whole lot of glitter to their holidays with this dazzling flask.

23. Kate Spade Lunch Bag & Tumbler Set

The perfect combo that only needs a large ribbon and a gift tag. Everyone loves Kate Spade, and they will love using this insulated lunch bag and tumbler with a reusable straw.

It is a bit more pricey than the other items in the list but if you are considering buying something unique for a business partner, an exceptional staff member… then definitely check this one out.

24. Luxury Spa Kit

All the ladies will fall in love with this luxurious at home spa kit.

I am amazed how affordable this spa basket actually is. It is a great value for the price and plus, it is one of those unique items that have a big wow factor.

You will probably hear a lot of awws and oohs when they open their present!

25. Wine Liquid Lip stain Set

This mini wine bottle lip stain set is, hands down, the most gorgeous Holiday gift they will get this season. The packaging will get a lot of attention, and the product itself will be admired too.

Judging by all the reviews it has- this kit has a big color pay off and lasts for hours. The ladies seem to love it.

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26. LED Pocket Mirrors For Women

No, it is not a regular pocket mirror and yes the ladies in the team will definitely appreciate these lighted pocket mirrors!

The dual side compact LED mirror has a magnified and a regular side and the LED light is very natural. It is compact, very easy to carry in the bag. The best part is that the mirror comes packed in a nice bag, ready to gift!

If the gift does not seem enough, add a box of chocolate or macaroons with a nice Holiday gift tag. 

27. Tea Sampler With Cup

Presentation is also a big part when it comes to gifts, and this tea sampler set with the beautiful ceramic cup with the lid is just right for gifting. 

The cup can be used to steep tea, or even used as a trinket box.

28. Appreciation Gift

What better way to show appreciation for each and every team member than to give them a personalized gift. Good quality and budget-friendly, these are available on Amazon- easy to order and fast shipping!…yay!!

The tumbler comes in so many colors, so you can pick different colors for different employees or order the same color for the entire team.

29. Kate Spade Pen & Stylus

Kate Spade is everyone’s favorite and this white and gold polka dot pen is a stunner! The pen is a combo- it’s a pen and stylus combined

Unlike most pens, this one comes with a carry case of its own so it will not spoil the inside of their purse (…it’s not really an uncommon problem, trust me!) 

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30. Hand Cream Set Tin

Organic and infused with argan oil, and shea butter, these hand cream tubes come packed in a gorgeous box that can be reused for storage.

The hand creams are hydrating and nourishing, perfect for the cold winter months.

The tin is so pretty you don’t even need wrapping paper, just a nice gift tag and ribbon will do.

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Holiday Gift Bags

Don’t skimp on the packaging. If you really want to take it up a notch, pack their gifts in the most spectacular gift bags that scream Christmas, like the ones below.

31. Glow In The Dark Bags

You chose the most awesome gift but don’t just throw it into a mediocre gift bag and call it a day.

These affordable glow in the dark bags even come with white tissue paper. The recipients will be delighted (… and they will most probably reuse them).

32. Santa Pants Bags

Another option is these Santa pants gift bags that everyone will adore. These adorable bags are so festive and attractive, they will get loads of compliments from passersby. And for the low price, these can’t be beaten!


Hope you found this holiday gift guide for employees and staff member helpful.

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