Secret Santa Gifts That Make The Boss And Coworkers Laugh

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Want to take something to your Secret Santa party that all coworkers will find irresistible? These Secret Santa gifts are hilarious, functional and unique, they will be a big hit at the gift exchange.

Your gift idea will be one of the most stolen gifts if you happen to be participating in dirty or naughty Santa.

Be careful, this idea list is jam packed with so many interesting finds, it would want to make you buy more than just one.

But don’t worry, you can bookmark this page or save this post to your social media so you can get back to it when the Holiday season rolls around again the next year.

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Affordable And Funny Secret Santa Gifts For Coworkers At Office

Secret Santa Gifts Under $10

If you thought finding a unique gift under $10 will be an impossible task then get ready to be blown away!

Hilarious Desk Cards

A collection of 48 funny pages that every coworker will relate to. Every one at work will be laughing hard at the truth of it all. If they don’t get their hands on this one, they will probably want to buy these to display at their desk too. 

Shot Glass

The hilarious shot glass is just the medicine prescription required after a long day’s work. The prescription printed on the glass is a helpful reminder of how many shots to take to feel better.

Fun Dirty Santa Gift

The amusing sticky notes don’t come with a big price tag, but they will be everybody’s favorite gift to steal if you happen to be playing a round of dirty secret Santa.

Lip Balm

The humor, quality and affordable price of this balm makes it an excellent option for the gift exchange at work. It is not gender specific, so anyone can use it.

Citation Notepad

A citation everyone would love to get! The creative notepads come in a variety of other themes, they are a MUST- see item. This one picture really doesn’t do justice to these clever notepads.

Some of the fun citations include- personal overachievement, chronic punctuality, good parking karma, etc.

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Funny Pocket Mirror

A great buy for an Apple nerd! The Macbook pocket mirror is a genius gift idea. It resembles a miniature Macbook complete with a non-functional keyboard.

A unque gift everyone will be curious to try. It could also be really good for pulling a few pranks at unsuspecting colleagues at work.

Cotton Candy With A Difference

Nobody wants a zombie chasing after them, but zombie farts is a different case. They will agree after they have tasted .. the zombie farts cotton candy!

Everyone in the party will try to steal this drop dead delicious gift.

Smores Maker

Your coworker will no longer need to pay a visit to the vending machine to get their sugar fix. The handy-dandy smore maker is a dream come true.

Now, they can make smores in a microwave in the comfort of their workplace, and treat other coworkers too while they are at it.

White Elephant Gift

You are the best judge of where to draw the line! All workplaces are different and if you are up for a naughty Secret Santa gift, that actually sounds naughty, then check out this mint tin.

Christmas Reindeer Popper

The simple popper will add so much fun to the Christmas festivities at work. The popper is just as much for adults as it is for kids.

This Christmas themed reindeer popper comes with 6 foam balls enough for team mates to enjoy a good competition team building exercise.  

Secret Santa Gift For Ladies

It’s not that hilarious, but it has a BIG surprise factor. They will probably assume these are tiny wine bottles, but wait until they realise these cute wine bottles are lipstains.

The kit has great reviews, you would want to buy one for yourself too! 

Funny Cat Mouse Pad

Got a coworker who loves cats? If so, they will probably laugh until they cry when they see this funny mouse pad

You can find similar ones for dog lovers, etc. 

Secret Santa Gifts Under $20

All of these gifts are mostly under $15, and only a few are close to the $20 mark. 

Pink Santa Gift

Every one would scramble to get a piece of this tacky candy… of course, only if the winner decides to share the prized balls with the curious onlookers.

Unique Recipe Book

A recipe book cover has never made anyone laugh so uproariously as this book full of delicious chicken recipes.

Funny Secret Santa Gift For Boss

Some stress relief and a lot of humor, the doll will have all the coworkers trying out their luck trying to stick the pin into the activity they want the most!

A great gag gift for the boss who loves to laugh with the team. The voodoo inspired doll includes the pins as well.

Novelty Cubicle Sign

It’s not a get rich quick idea, but if the coworker gets a lot of questions all the time…they will love to hang this answer desk rate sign in their cubicle. 

Bath Salts

Bath time will be more fun for a dirty coworker this Christmas. Santa will definitely approve of this quick fix bath soak to turn naughty into extra nice. 

Bath Balls Set

You probably know the perfect coworker who would appreciate this hilarious gift.

Oven Mitt

The funny oven mitt will make everyone burst out laughing for sure- doesn’t matter if they have pets or not. The recipients family is going to love having this insulated mitt in their kitchen.

I know I added a mitt to the list already but I really couldn’t help adding another one of these here.

The entire collection of these mitts is so amusing, I practically had to stop myself from adding a bunch of these.

This is a great all occasion gift ideas, such as housewarming, and even a coworker’s birthday gift.

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Drink Markers

Covenient, adorable and so much fun to use, these drinking buddies come in variety. They can hang on drink glasses, as markers, and help party guests avoid any mixups.

HR or Administrative Assistant Gift

Great one for the agony aunt, err… human resource or administrative assistant, and maybe your boss, who spends precious time every day- unwantingly- listening to people complain.

He or she will have a lot of fun with this complaint department sign.

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Bottle Opener

A cool item that will get rave reviews from every one. The Thor inspired bottle opener resembles Thor’s hammer and has amazing user reviews.

If you need more funny gift ideas for your coworker then check out this gift guide full of hilarious gifts for work that will have your colleagues laughing out loud.

Wine Glass

The ultimate wine glass that magically turns just one serving of wine into ENOUGH wine. A really unique product that will have every one laughing.

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Hope you were able to find a hilarious gift for secret santa or white elephant gift exchange at work.

Affordable and fun Secret Santa gifts that are guaranteed to make your coworkers laugh. Perfect gift exchange ideas suitable for white elephant, pink Santa, etc. Appropriate for female and male coworkers.

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