Best Christmas Gifts For Grown Men He Will Actually Love

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Finding the right Holiday gift for everyone can seem like one big challenge, and even more so when it comes to grown men in the family. Therefore, I created this gift guide to make gift giving easy this Christmas.

Here, you will find the perfect gift for the grown-up adult men in your life that are really hard to impress because, it feels like, they have everything already.

Now, if you know me or have read through some of my previous gift guides then you know I have the knack for including something out of the ordinary –that some might call unusual– in most of my gift guides.

And yes, THIS one happens to be one of those guides that include one such gift! Excited to find out what it is? Then you gotta keep scrolling…

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Christmas Gifts For Adult Men

Holiday gift budget is tricky. I know. Therefore, I have included gift ideas that fit every budget, ranging from under $25 to around $100.

1. Personalized Gift For Him

A personalized Christmas gift makes the recipient feel special like no other.

A gift that is perfect for a man who is a baseball fanatic. This stainless steel baseball travel mug will keep his drink hot or cold for longer, and it can be personalized with his name.

The big smile on his face as he opens his gift will let you know you made the right decision!

2. Tech Gift For Men

Tech gifts are always one of the most sought after gifts for boys and men of all ages. He might own the latest Apple AirPods, smartwatch, etc. But you still have the chance to buy something that will outshine the rest in terms of utility.

This smart fingerprint lock is a safety solution that requires no key and no passwords. The smart lock allows storage of upto 10 fingerprints, superior charging, and it is waterproof so it can be used for both indoors and outdoors.

3. Engraved Flask

Put him in good spirit this Holiday season with a personalized flask. The glass flask can be custom engraved with his name, city, and state, or any other words of your choice. 

It will display beatifully on his bar, man cave or home office, etc. 

4. Biker Luck Riding Bell

If he is an avid biker then he needs one of these! The bell reads “Never ride faster than your angel can fly”. A good luck charm for the motorcyclist, it will bring your heart some peace of mind too while he is out and about enjoying his motorbike.

5. Cocktail Inspiration Dice

The dice looks simplistic, but it is anything but!

The cocktail dice is a clever idea that can result in over 1.5 million delicious drink combinations. Every one will want one for Christmas!

Laser engraved and made out of birchwood, it is a quality gift that evokes curiosity and packed with fun. Everyone can take turns rolling these to come up with a unique cocktail for themself.

6. Comfort Gift For Men

Made of food grade silicon, this anti-spill couch coaster is what he really needs in life to maximise his comfort when he is lounging, watching TV or working from home on his couch- we have all been there!

The smart couch coaster can be adjusted to hold coffee mugs, beer cans, bottles, etc., of different sizes and it can effortlessly grip any size sofa arm.

7. Hard Body Bucket Bag

The hard body tool bucket is not a soft bag that will tip over easily. Multiple pockets ensure the tools are stored properly and accessed easily. 

A great purchase for keeping all his tools efficiently organized, and perfect for a manly man.

8. Decanter And Shot Glasses

The gun decanter is a cool gadget for someone who loves to have a good time with family and friends. You have to check out the bond-esque briefcase the decanters come packed in!! 

The set comes with two gun decanters, matching shot glasses and a belt holster. It will be the star of any party and your husband/ boyfriend will have plenty of fun showing it off.

He will get plenty of compliments from friends and family.

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9. Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser

A great buy for anyone who loves antique cars or cool gadgets in his bar. The gas pump liquor dispenser is a great conversation piece that will be an instant hit.

The liquor container is divided into two compartments so it can be filled up with different liquids for serving shots and mixed drinks- how cool is that??

10. Chocolate Video Game Controller

funny gift for video gamer

Does he love playing video games? If yes, here is a gift idea that is even better than buying him a new game or gaming accessory. The video game controller is made of chocolate.

The perfect combination for a guy who loves chocolate and video games.

11. Comfy Slides

No more t-shirts for the sports fan! The comfy slides are what he would want to wear all the time unless he is off to work. 

These come in a variety so you can find one from his favorite team.

12. Gift for Techie

circuit board notebook

A quirky gift idea for a techie. Budget-friendly and unique the notebook cover is made out of real circuit board. He would love to use and display it on his desk.

13. Golf Gifts

Does he like to play golf? If yes, I have two gift ideas that are perfect for him.

Golf related items are usually pricey, but your wallet will love these.

The stainless steel golf ball marker and divot tool can be personalized with his name. It is a handy gift he can use while enjoying his favorite sport.

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14. Leather Golf Log

He would love using this refillable handcrafted leather golf log book. The book is compact enough so it is easy to carry in his back pocket. He can track his progress and record all his games with the help of your useful gift.

15. Rustic Organizer

rustic desk organizer

A rustic desk organizer for his home office or bedside table. The Edison light adds an elegant touch and it is also dimmable. He will be thrilled to use it.

16. Portable Car Jumper

And now for the unusual gift…

This device is a battery pack that can store enough power to jump-start a car. The compact battery pack is roughly the size of a cell phone, easy to charge and it comes with required cables.

It can be a lifesaver if ever the need arises!

He will appreciate the clever gift idea that certainly is not your run of the mill gifts. It is a bit unexpected but practical.

17. UV Sanitizer Box

Never before has cleaning and sanitizing been the top priority of families like it is now. But, let’s admit, there are so many things we want to disinfect that we can’t just simply wash, such as electronics.

This UV light sanitizer box is not only good for sanitizing smartphones, it can also be used to sanitize keys, earphones, toys, glasses, etc.

An electronics gift that the whole family can enjoy.


I hope you found this gift guide helpful for finding the most perfect gift idea for the adult man in you life. These gifts will bring a big smile to his face.

Christmas gifts for adult grown men that would make great holiday gifts. Surprise him with a gift that will actually make him smile. Practical and useful gifts, and one unusual gift that you would probably want to buy for yourself too!

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