Simplified Blogger Gift Guide (Affordable Gifts They Would Love)

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Finding the most perfect gift for a blogger seems arduous since most people generally don’t have a good idea about what the bloggers need and what do they actually do. If you are out of ideas, no worries. Being a blogger myself, I have created the perfect Blogger gift guide to give you an idea what they would like.

Some of these are so affordable they would make excellent Stocking Stuffers for Christmas, Thanksgiving or a nice present for their birthday etc.

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Gift Ideas For Bloggers

Self Heating Travel Mug

The self-heating coffee mug is a genius gift. It lets you set the temperature and maintains it until the last drop.

But you ask- why is a travel coffee mug an ideal gift for a blogger who mostly works from the comfort of home?

Bloggers are often multi-tasking, running around completing household chores, publishing new content, managing social media… phew! Which also means their coffee is often cold by the time they reach for it, and the microwave reheated coffee just isn’t the same.

They will appreciate a gift that lets them set the temperature for their coffee and keeps it hot all day long.

Organizer Desk Mat

A multi-function desk pad that comes with a detachable phone stand, a pocket for keeping notepads or other stationary items, scheduling cards to write daily goals and a calendar, this mat is more than just a cute desk accessory.

They can have everything they need around them but still keeping their space clutter free. And there is no question that a neatly organized work space increases productivity and focus.

The mat is waterproof and comes with an anti-slip backing, and let’s face it who hasn’t had accidental spills on their desk…, not me! 

Soy Candle To Celebrate The Boss Lady

An organic soy candle infused with ‘hustle and caffeine’ is fit for the Blogger who is their own boss and does not fear the hustle.

(P.S: This company donates part of the proceeds to empowering women in need)

Desk Organizer Set

A desk organizer set like this 4pc wire organizer in rose gold is another great gift that they would love to have. The rose gold color really makes the accessories pop but not in an overwhelming way. They appear neat and can hold so much stuff.

They can even hang some of these on the wall to use for hanging clippings or important notes. So versatile and good looking, they will be happy to receive it. Don’t be surprised if they start placing all the pieces on their desk as soon as they open the gift!

Laptop Desk Tray

A laptop desk tray can be so amazing for their posture if they like to work on their laptop while sitting on the couch or their bed. And truth be told if you are going to work from home chances are you will end up sitting at places other than just the table and chair.

The design on the laptop desk allows heat to pass through so the laptop does not overheat and it can also be placed at an angle. A hidden drawer on the side can also be used for keeping stationary and post-it notes etc.

Throw Blanket

A throw blanket for days when they just feel like working from their bed (yes, that happens a lot!)

On cold days when they are watching their TV show while working on their social media, a cozy throw blanket is all they need to enjoy their day. But not just any simple blanket, gift a throw blanket worthy of its own Instagram caption.

And speaking of working from their bed, the next one is for them if they like to work while sitting on their bed or sofa.

Also, love this rose gold glitter ombre fleece blanket… how cool is that?

Class Pass

A Classpass is a great substitute to a monthly gym membership and the best part is they can choose if they want to go for a yoga class for relaxation or a cardio spinning class when they want and where they want. They can choose a different location every time or drop by their regular spot.

It is ideal for a blogger since like most other people the work hours are not set in stone. Every day is different, one day they might not have time to even brush their hair and the other day they have a few hours to spare.

Magazine Subscription

Bloggers are constantly looking for a source of inspiration for their next idea so a magazine subscription, depending on what they blog about, is a great gift idea.

Most magazine subscriptions are so affordable these days and this is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Getting a new magazine each month full of inspiration is like getting a treat they would love you for.

Inspirational Wall Art

An inspirational wall art to adorn their work corner!

Speaking of inspiration, a dull work space is … just a work space. But a work space that motivates them to do better is the kind everyone needs in their life. People love to decorate their work desks at their office and it is the same for a blogger or really anyone who works from home.

Gift them a framed piece of wall art to make their work area as amazing as them.

Kate Spade Notepad Folio

Gift them a Kate Spade Folio the blogger would love to keep on their side all the time. The folio comes with a notepad, sticky notes, and calendar. It would help them keep all the madness of multitasking and wearing different hats all day long under check.

An organizer can be such a big help for just about anyone and even more so for the ones who are always planning new content and activities for their blogs.

Selfie Ring Light

Do they take a lot of pictures? A selfie ring light is so much useful not just for selfies but even at times when they want to take a close up shot of their food etc. The light is super affordable and incredibly useful.

Cozy Comfy Slippers

One of the biggest perks of working from home is you don’t have to wear uncomfortable shoes or heels all day long. You can just spend all day wearing a cozy pair of slippers!

Gift them an adorable pair of comfy shoes they would want to wear right away and tell you how incredibly cute, comfy and warm they are. Check out these really cute ones above I found on Amazon.

Lip Balm

A pineapple and brown sugar lip balm to keep their lips moist so the beauty blogger always looks good on camera. The balm has beeswax and vitamin E, it is moisturizing and tastes so good you would want one for yourself too!

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Hand Cream

A good hand cream so they can keep their hands soft and smelling good while the type, create crafts, shoot videos, being superwoman etc.

Made out of organic Argan oil and Shea butter, these moisturizing creams are Paraben free. A quality gift they will remember you by every time they put it on.

Bath bombs

A bath bomb gift set is the perfect gift for the frazzled blogger who needs some downtime.

A nice bubble bath is one of the necessities to keep the stress at bay. Your bath bomb gift will give them the feel of luxury on days when they just want to take a break from social media and soak in a nice bath for some spa time.

Blogger Spa Basket

Since they often forget to take care of themselves when they are multitasking between family and blogging. A thoughtful gift idea is to make a self-care or spa gift basket for them that they can enjoy even when they are glued to their laptops.

They will also enjoy it if they are a beauty blogger because these products are gift-worthy amazing and very highly rated.

Listed: Soft Carol Fleece Bowknot BowExfoliating Jellyfish Silicon BrushDear Darling Water Gel Tint, Iceland Hydrating Eye Stick, Petite Bunny Gloss Bar, Snail Jelly Face Mask


A t-shirt that lets them wear their passion, literally! They would not be able to stop smiling when they see the t-shirt. They will probably rock it outdoors just as much as they would indoors.

Coffee Mug

A coffee mug that certifies their status as the best boss babe out there.

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Personalized Laptop Skin Cover

Black, Pink, White Stripe Damask Laptop Skin

They are on their laptop all day, so a beautiful laptop skin is a perfect gift that will make them feel happy every time they see their laptop


Makeup Organizer


A makeup organizer makes life so much easier, especially a makeup organizer that is big enough to hold a lot of products. Plus, this organizer looks to fashionably elegant that they would love to keep it on their vanity table!

Himalayan Salt Cooking/ Serving Slab

If they love to cook and post recipes online,this Himalayan Pink Salt Slab for cooking and serving is for them. It is a unique gift they can try new recipes on and thrill their social media followers. The salt slab also doubles as serving tray , this will really take their Instagram food photography to another level.

Consider adding a recipe book so they get all the inspiration to cook, grill, chill and serve on this new find!


Fiverr Gift Card


Because this one-man show needs to outsource sometimes as well and it does not come cheap. But Fiverr makes it affordable to hire help for just about anything from website designing to graphic designs etc.

A Fiverr card is perfect if you have no idea what they are outsourcing or what they need help with. Fiverr has so many freelancers to choose from with verified reviews and competitive pricing, making it the best outsourcing platform for a new or seasoned blogger alike.

If you want to give them a  gift that helps with their blog than buy this gift card instead of gifting them an expensive theme or website hosting package etc that they might not need or like.





Blogger gifts that a blogger can actually use in their daily life. Gift ideas they would appreciate and love. Give your blogger loved one something special and useful this time! #bloggergifts #bloggergiftguide #bloggerboss

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