Instagram Inspired Gifts

Amazing Instagram Inspired Gifts To Give Right Now

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Know someone who is always busy scrolling through their Instagram feed looking for inspiration or an Instagram blogger inspiring people with every new post? I have got a whole lot of Instagram inspired gifts in this post they would love to get.

These gifts are perfect for all ages, even teenager girls that are hard to impress. All occasions friendly, give them for Christmas, their birthday or for any milestone celebration.

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Home Decor Instagram Gifts

Is their Insta feed full of luxurious interior and home decor ideas? Help them re-create these looks for their own room/ house with these awesome gifts they will adore.

These gifts are so cool, your loved one might start posting pictures of these online before they even say thank you!

Shaggy Faux Fur Throw Blanket

I am sure you have seen it, they have seen it and everyone else has seen it too! Such a quintessential item for anyone who loves all the breathtaking home decor pictures on social media.

The luxuriously soft Mongolian throw blanket gift is a touch of glam and sophistication, fit for a social media fan’s room.

 Faux Fur Sheepskin Area Rug

Your gift can help them wake up every day in true Instagram fashion-stepping on to a soft sheepskin area rug as they take the first step out of the bed.

This rug does deserve a quick Instagram good morning post!

Shaggy Seat Rug 

The shaggy seat rug adds a tiny touch of glam and comfort to the regular chair. They will enjoy the cozy comfort as they scroll through their social feed.

It looks aesthetically pleasing any where it is placed- on a chair, floor, dressing chair, etc.

Hanging Photo Gallery

Gift them something unique to give life to an otherwise blank wall.

This hanging photo display is a great way to display their pics, and they can be creative and use it for much more than just pictures. They can add their to-do list notes, event tickets, etc.

Hanging Storage Organizer

Also, check out this hanging storage organizer. It is also great for dorm rooms.

Decorative Iron Rack

The hanging iron rack is another gift they will love to hang on their walls. It is useful, helps in organization, and it doesn’t take much effort to hang. 

They can hang all the stuff that keeps them motivated and inspired to be their best. Be it family pics, travel bucket list, cards from home, etc.

These come in so many pretty colors, you would want one for yourself too.

Photo Frame Wall Gallery

Probably one of the most famous and notable decor trends to come out of Instagram are the motivational prints- they look spectacular and, really, every one needs something like this to keep feeling zen.

I love this inspirational poster, it is the BOOSTER dose of positivity they need every morning to keep smiling all day long.

Felt Letter Board 

I love the ombre color on this felt letter board, it really stands out from the rest. 

Now they can spell their thought for the day and share it on their Instagram… along side their coffee mug. A perfect shot!

Emoji Pillows

Can’t write a text or a social media post without some emoji help? Emoji pillows are here to help the Instagrammers add some cool expressions to everyday mundane life events.

Insta Famous Suede Pillows

Not a joke when the manufacturer states – the pillows are Insta famous! Your Instagram lover would simply fall in love with these sensationally soft pillow covers.

Knitted Pillow Cover 

Whether they love trying their hand at DIY home decor or just love to scroll through countless images of throw pillows in their daily feed. They must have seen a lot of knitted pillow covers.

A soft knitted pillow like this one adds texture and color that elevates their room decor.

Lash Out Pillow

Perfect gift for the one who love makeup. The lashes pillow cover will not fail to wow them.

Cover Lips Pillow

Nothing says super glam more than a bold lip kiss gold print. This pillow definitely belongs in their home.

Throw Blanket Gifts

Yess. I made a section for the blankets since they are so popular.

Have they just moved into a new home, dorm, etc? Bet the recipient will receive a lot of compliments on their bedroom decor with these stylish throws.

Shaggy Throw

This shaggy throw is so gorgeous it definitely deserves it’s very own hashtag. They are a bit pricey but they are really worth the price!

They also make a great backdrop for all the cool selfies and OOTD posts.

Pom Pom Throw

The snuggly pom-pom throw is luxurious, sophisticated and cozy. Perfect for the days when your Instagram obsessed loved one just wants to spend the day in bed scrolling their feed.

Knitted Throw Blanket

The braided cable knit is truly adorable, It can easily become the star of the room. Their guests will not be able to stop admiring the blanket.

Beauty Gifts

Beauty is a popular niche on social media but it is nothing compared to how BIG it is on Instagram.

If your loved one happens to be a beauty blogger or buy their beauty products based on Instagram recommendations, these gifts are going to help them rock their make up game.

Personalized Lipstick Case

A personalized lipstick case is a sweet gift that is perfect for the woman of any age. The case is so chic and it also has a mirror inside.

You can gift it to a friend, coworker and even your mom. Great for birthdays, first day at new job gift, etc.

For more new job gift suggestions check out my updated congratulatory new job gift guide for men and women.

Unicorn Brushes

Unicorn trend is everywhere and if they have jumped on this bandwagon as well you have to get them these unicorn make up brushes that come in a travel case so they can carry it along with them on vacations!

Automatic Brush Cleaner

Everybody loves makeup but loathe cleaning makeup brushes…it is no fun! It is boring, takes too long but it is also incredibly necessary. 

This automatic make up brush cleaner will take all the hassle out and make their life so much easier.

Spill-Proof Ceramic Travel Mug 

A beautiful travel mug for the beautiful them.This mug is an excellent gift.

It is fun, cute, spill-proof and totally complements their love for coffee and mascara.

They will carry this mug everywhere they go!

Pink Makeup Brush Holder

It is beautiful to look at and can be easily taken on the go when they need to carry only a few brushes. Plus this makeup pouch will look amazing no matter where they keep it.

Makeup Carry Bag

This small makeup pouch is a must-have for carrying some makeup essentials to work, on an outing, etc.

It is small enough to fit in a normal bag and big enough all that they need on a day out.

A great way to keep all the small makeup items from getting lost in a large handbag.

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Audrey Hepburn Pocket Mirror 

A good pocket mirror is an essential for every girl. Oh, and did I mention the golden words from Audrey Hepburn printed on it!!

They NEED this one in their collection.

Lifestyle Gifts

Here are some of the most adorable lifestyle items I have seen on Instagram. They have a coffee mug, I am sure they do, but they don’t have these ones.

It is hard to pick the favorites from a plethora of mugs I saw on Insta but some really stood out that are completely worthy of taking those #lifeisgood selfies with.

Color Changing Llama Mug

Unicorns and llamas rule the internet right now. This Color Changing Llama Mug is made of ceramic and it changes color when hot liquids are poured into it. 

It can even tell them when it’s time to re-heat that coffee they forgot to drink.

Boss Lady Mug

I know.. another mug! But hear me out.. 

This one is a fitting gift for a go getter- someone who just started a new job, got a promotion, celebrating a professional milestone, etc.

And I love the fact that this one comes with a lid and matching spoon. The silk finished interior makes it look expensive too.

Speaking of coworkers, check out my funny gifts for coworkers post if you are looking for some hilarious Secret Santa gifts for office.

Monogram Cork Holder

Tiny little accents like this metal monogram cork holder is a perfect add-on to a bar, fireplace, book shelf, etc.

It is very affordable and fit for any occasion- birthday, housewarming, Christmas gift, etc.

Shot Glasses

Yup, these really are shot glasses!

Pineapple decor is a big hit on social media and these pineapple shot glasses is the most unique way to include the trend in their home.

Crescent Moon Necklace

Celebrity approved necklace that will make the recipient jump with sheer joy.

Crescent necklaces are trending in the fashion scene and this unique crescent moon pendant made of real white bone is really worth gifting. 

Statement Earrings

An earring set that includes all the trends into one set. An eye catching combo of acrylic resin and straw earrings that she can match with just about any outfit in her wardrobe.

They will never want to take their feet out these plush bunny slippers. They are cozy, comfy and soft like clouds and frankly they will not be able to stop taking cute pictures in these ones.

Kitchen Gifts

For the culinary genius who loves to post pictures and videos of their drool-worthy gastronomic creations on Instagram, these gifts ideas are just what they need to catch more eyeballs on social media.

Himalayan Salt Block For Cooking

Himalayan salt block cooking is definitely a trend that’s worth trying. It claims to have health benefits, and something about salt blocks makes me think they can make everything nice and balanced.

The block can be heated to cook food or cooled to serve food. Speaking of serving food, check out the serving plates below.

Serving Platter

A beautiful serving plate is a big part of the presentation and it is a well-known fact we eat with our eyes first.

The recipient can use this quirky platter to plate a variety of food and even write a few interesting lines to catch their follower’s attention.

Enameled Cast Iron Pot

The cast iron pan is a beauty. The recipient can use this to cook a variety of things and it is non-stick so cleaning is a breeze.


Hope you found these Instagram inspired gifts for Instagram lovers and bloggers helpful!

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