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Awesomely Funny Office Gifts That Promise To Make Coworkers Laugh

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You want to buy the ultimate funny gift for your coworker, but are running short of ideas that will make everyone at work laugh out loud? Here’s a list of work appropriate funny gift ideas that are on point be it Secret Santa, coworker’s birthday, farewell or Christmas, these ideas promise to tickle their funny bone.

This guide also includes several ideas for the hard to please supervisor that is super stingy with smiles.

These gag gifts are perfect for female colleagues as well.

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Funny Gifts For Coworkers

These 37 ideas are the type of hilarious gifts that are perfect for male and female coworkers. Something that will NOT fail to tickle their funny bone but also accommodate all sorts of workplaces and colleagues.

1. Giant Wine Glass

We have all been there- one glass turns into many and we lose track of time. This giant wine glass is something every one would actually love to have and use. 

2. Beer Bottle Cooler

For the coworker who loves beer. The prescription pill beer can cooler will keep their beer cooler for longer and people laughing for even longer!

It is the perfect affordable Secret Santa gift for a coworker.

3. Morning and Evening Cup

This reversible coffee and wine mug is just what they need in life. The coworker can enjoy a great start to their day and also a great ending with the help of just one utensil.

4. Hilarious Office Stationary

Got a colleague who is working on a rough project? These memo pads are going to put a smile on their face.

The hilarious memo pads aptly describe how sometimes a day at work can really feel like. They no longer need to verbally answer every time they get asked ‘How are you doing?’, they can just use the memo pads to answer.

Also, check out these affordable and interesting notepads below.

5. Fun Multi-Purpose Tool

The multi-purpose animal shaped tool looks weird but it is super functional.

The tool does so many things and fits easily in a pocket. It is also TSA compliant. Great for anyone who loves outdoors.

It comes in a variety of other shapes. An affordable find for the men at work.

6. The Exerciser

Affordable and funny, this is a small gift with a big laugh factor!

Great for dirty Secret Santa at work. This one has the potential to open flood gates of bad jokes!

7. Whiskey Soap

Who wants to wash off that lovely smell of whiskey when they come to the office in the morning? Some boring coworkers maybe, but not your teammates!

The smell of the Whiskey soap will help maintain the casual party atmosphere at work which is great for team building.

8. Cute One For The Ladies

Nope, you got it wrong! It is not a bubble tea mix for drinking, it’s a bubble tea sleeping mask.

This gift will have every female at work asking where you got it from? Also works great as a birthday gift, baby shower gift at work, etc.

9. GOT Music Box

Got a GOT fan in the team who just can’t stop talking about the show… even though it’s over? The GOT theme song music box will melt their heart.

Holidays are a great time to think about their hobbies, likes and wants. So if you know which show they like, you will most likely find them a winning gift.

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10. Starbucks Power bank

Got a coworker who refuses to drink any coffee other than Starbucks? If yes, this power bank is perfect for them.

They would love to show it off. oh, and it comes in matcha too, yes…no joke!

11. High Heels Stapler

For the fashionista colleague who never fails to step in to work in style and whose shoe game is always on point.

Also, for anyone with a flair for heels, a shoe heel stapler is a must have funny desk accessory.

It does not add to their shoe collection but it will make them love their work desk a tad bit more for sure.

12. Push Pin Holder

The voodoo push pin holder will get them a boat load of compliments… and some interesting questions…uhmm! It is a funny desk accessory that is a great conversation starter.

They will have more more people popping by their desk just to pretend play with the voodoo doll to get their frustrations out.

13. Witty Cocktail Book

A gift your coworker can use to drink away any office predicament combined with a dose of Shakespeare’s witty phrases.

The cocktail book is great for any colleague who loves to shake up cocktails, is a book lover or just loves to crack jokes.

14. Funny Candy Tin

Jelly Bean Tin with Funny Text On It.

A mint/candy tin box that will make them burst into laughter every time they take it out.

They can carry around in their bag or keep in the office desk drawer for times when they just don’t have time to walk up to the vending machine.

The chill pill tin box is super affordable, it’s a steal!

15. Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

A light-hearted desk accessory that is useful and interesting. The Einstein magnetic paper clip holder is seriously unique, and for the ones that love anything cute a sheep magnetic pin holder.

These are also a great conversation piece.

The desk accessory is bound to make anyone passing by their desk laugh, stare in amazement and ask ‘what is it’ and where did they get it from!

16. Funny Office Desk Nameplate

The nameplate is a hilarious gift for a colleague who has just been promoted or received recognition for their work from the higher-ups.

What better way to celebrate and acknowledge their good work then gift them a nameplate with a dash of humor.

17. Witch Doctor Notebook

A quick reminder why everyone looks forward to day full of meetings… NOT!

A quirky notebook that will have everyone nodding their heads. An excellent fit for a workplace where the manager loves scheduling long meetings.

18. Hidden Compartment Wine Bag

The tote bag with a hidden surprise.

The bag has a secret pocket to carry wine or any other beverage. The bag will be a big hit with the ladies at work.

It is perfect for the beach, cruise, picnic or wherever they may fancy carrying it.

19. Funny Desk Accessory

Some desk accessories are too ordinary to make a big impression, but here is a funny desk accessory that bleats out… I meant- beat out… any other office desk accessory.

The screaming goat is a fun novelty gift fit to lighten up the work atmosphere.

It lets out a bleat when someone pets it gently. It is so unique and fun all coworkers would love to get one next time around.

20. Moody Cards

The Moody cards are a humorous way for your coworker to let the department know what’s on their mind without shouting it through the roof.

They would love to put it on their desks.

21. Sarcastic Humor Book

The book is full of dark work humor that will make everyone chuckle especially the colleague with a knack for sarcastic humor that might or might not be deemed appropriate for work all the time.

This gift is definitely going to stand out from the regular chocolate, wine and coffee gifts.

22. Knock- Knock Notepad

Every office can use some light-hearted fun moments.

These citation notes are silly and funny, coworkers will love passing around these Knock Knock notes.

A gag gift that even the most hard to please coworker can enjoy.

It is also pretty affordable if you are looking for an inexpensive gift.

23. Golf Pen Set

If the coworker loves to play golf, the golf pen set will have them cracking. It is nothing short of a hobby gift.

The mini golf pen would look great on their desk and the pens are also good quality.

The best part is that they can take a few golf shots when they are a tad bit bored at work …not saying they don’t do much at work!

24. Funny Coworker Mug

We all have that one busy coworker whose desk is always full of visitors. This funny, realistic-looking, grenade coffee mug is for them.

Can also make a great gift for a human resources employee.

The mug will let everyone know they should leave him/ her alone. They will thank you!

25. Spicy Game

Do they love to pour sriracha on just about everything they eat? For the hot and spicy lover, here is a spicy game that is completely family appropriate.

If you were looking for a nice under $20 gift they can enjoy with their spouse and kids at home then definitely check this out.

26. Funny Dog Moody Cards

No one can help but laugh at the funny dog faces on these moody cards. A great desk accessory that keeps everyone around the cubicle chuckling.

27. Wine Tumbler

A funny office gift for her.

The wine tumbler is a great idea for a someone who is more like a friend and a big part of your coffee time (read- gossip time) by the pantry. 

She can’t use it at work but your gift will give her company when is enjoying a drink at home.

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28. Funny Retirement Gift

Is the coworker retiring soon?

Here is a gift for the colleague who is retiring soon. This will keep them smiling for a long time. It includes a lot of fun quotes, along with silly animal pictures. 

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29. Blah Blah Blah Button

No matter where they use it – at home or at work. The blah blah blah button is a gag gift they would love to use.

The phrase is recorded in 12 unique variations and each one is funnier than the other. It is simple but definitely unique.

30. Punching Ball

The punching ball will come in handy on days when nothing at work seems to be going as it is supposed to.

Great for relieving stress.

Irrespective of who you end up gifting it to, bet all team members would get some use out of this punching ball.

31. The Bomb Trophy

A bomb trophy for the colleague who is/was a bomb to work with.

An eye-catching desk accessory that’s a great compliment in itself.

The trophy will also make a wonderful funny farewell gift for the perfect coworker you will miss not having in the team.

Engraving is also free on the trophy so you can write a few words on it.

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32. Wall Poster

A wall poster to symbolize what your colleague thinks when someone from another department offers them unsolicited advice on how they should do their daily work.

This might just become your department’s favorite wall poster!

33. Funny Coworker T-shirt

The perfect t-shirt for someone who is always bursting with energy or cracking jokes all the time.

34. Funny Mouse pad

Make the coworker going through a tough project laugh out loud with a Stress Reduction Mouse Pad.

The mouse pads are so affordable, and the instructions are fairly easy to follow.

A silly but fun idea they will love to get for Secret Santa, as white elephant gift, office gift exchange etc.

35. Decision Paperweight

Make their day to day decision making easier with this funny decision paperweight , just don’t forget to add some goodies on the side so it is always ‘yes’ for you!

36. A Book of Jokes

Some funny, some informative- this book is full of information they didn’t know they sought or cared for until they read it.

Get them ready to impress all the teammates at work with some extraordinary information… that they probably did or didn’t need!

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37. Sushi Socks

A gift that is an excellent idea for a foodie coworker. These sushi socks will definitely make them burst with laughter.

The best part is these socks don’t exactly look like sushi rolls when undone so the recipient can actually wear it in their day to day life.

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