Female Colleague Farewell Gift Guide

Appropriate Farewell Gifts For The Female Colleague (Gift Guide)

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Have no clue what to buy as a farewell gift for the female colleague? This gift guide will help you find a going away gift that is both memorable, appropriate, and practical as well.

Whether you are a man, woman, or an entire team buying the farewell gift. This list has all scenarios and budgets covered!

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Farewell Gifts For The Female Colleague

Female Colleague Farewell Gift Guide

1. Kate Spade Organizer

The Kate Spade organizer is a great going away gift for the female coworker who is always organized and is often seen walking around the office with their agenda. It also makes a thoughtful farewell gift for a female boss.

A regular organizer would also do, but a Kate Spade Agenda is a gift she would appreciate and love to use.

2. Desk Accessory

The metallic fortune cookie can be personalized with a nice farewell message and your name. The best part-  it arrives packed in a Chinese take-out box that will have the recipient confused for a bit. 

The cookie can be opened and used as a trinket box or paperweight.

3. Wine Tumbler

Wish her well for the new adventures ahead with a stainless steel wine tumbler that is just as good looking as it is functional. 

The insulated tumbler is shatterproof, portable, and can be used to enjoy much more than just wine!

4. Coffee Mug

Is the colleague going away a good supervisor, team lead, or someone who excels at what they do? The ‘‘Boss Lady’ coffee mug is a true compliment to her talent and a great morale booster for her new job.

The mug comes packed in a beautiful marble print box with a soft silk interior. It comes as a complete set that includes a long golden spoon and a pretty lid. You NEED to check this one out!

5. Insulated Lunch Tote Bag

The Kate Spade lunch tote bag will earn her a lot of compliments at the new job! The bag is not just all looks, it is insulated to keep the food warm.

A quality functional gift she would be very thankful to get as a farewell gift.

6. Farewell Gift Basket

farewell gift basket

An adorable succulent basket that will let her know that the ‘work will truly succ without her’. I love gift baskets because they have a bunch of mini gifts instead of one big one so the recipient has so much more to enjoy. 

The box is also pretty eye-catching so she can always repurpose it as a storage box.

7. Id Card Holder/ Lanyard

If you always see her walking around the office with her Id badge in hand or hanging from her neck, this pretty lanyard will make the ideal gift for her.

The Designer Lanyard also has pockets in the back for cards. The style and the color of the lanyard are also very eye-catching, a work accessory she would love to carry around.

8. Wrist Support Pillow

wrist support accessory

whether she is leaving for a new job, starting her own new business venture, or retiring, she will definitely appreciate this wrist support pillow that is soft and cutesy. 

These pillows come in so many colors and even animal shapes that there is something for every type of person.

If she owns pets or loves animals, in general, she will probably give you a tight hug when she sees this lovely, and practical wrist support pillow.

9. Kate Spade Pen

A pen that is different from the rest. An accessory she can carry around in her purse or use at work, a Kate Spade pen is something she will love to use.

A great gift for a female colleague who enjoys the finer things in life. Also makes a nice birthday gift.

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10. Good Luck Elephant Jewelry Holder

A farewell gift does not have to be something they can only use professionally.

This elegant jewelry holder can make an excellent gift for a female coworker. The good luck elephant dish can be used to store her favorite rings and earrings she loves to wear often.

The sleek and attractive organizer will look great on top of her dressing table, bedside table, etc.

11. Good Luck Bracelet

Elephants are a symbol of luck, prosperity, and wisdom, which makes this bracelet an inspirational gift she will love to wear. This bracelet comes in so many different colors, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

12. Planner

A planner is a great professional parting gift for a colleague. 

They come in so many designs and styles that you can easily spend hours looking for the perfect one. I chose ‘You Go Girl Planner‘ and ‘Busy AF Planner‘ as they seem perfect for their new adventure.

13. Going Away Word Search

good bye puzzle

A totally unique concept! This going away word search is an exciting gift idea she will be super thrilled to receive. it is completely customizable.

This is how it works- while ordering you can choose up to 18 phrases that define your relationship with the person or even work associated terms (if it’s for a boss, etc). Give it a title of your choice and choose the color and style of the puzzle. That’s it!

Not really something you can buy off the shelf which makes it seem extra special and heartfelt.

14. Portable Jewelry Roll

A portable jewelry organizer that can hold all the jewelry items for a frequent traveler. If you often catch your colleague telling stories about her latest travels (or business trips) the jewelry organizer would make her very happy.

The organizer is super adorable but the best part about the organizer is that it folds into a roll so it is very convenient to carry in the luggage or purse.

15. Personalized Business Card Holder

personalized business card holder

The colleague will be getting new business cards soon so a new business card holder seems like a thoughtful gift.

This unique personalized business card holder is very attractive, and perfect for women of all ages. 

16. Liquor Flask

She will be asked where she got this liquor flask from all the time! The liquor flask comes in more than a whopping 10 colors. It can easily fit into a clutch, great for carrying wine, liquor, and even water (in style).

It comes packed in a nice box and a bag makes a great impression even before the recipient has opened the gift.

17. Wine Pairing Tea Towel

An intriguing gift for anyone who loves wine. The wine lover tea towel is a conversation starter she would love to show off to guests at her parties.

18. Compact Mirror

Not only the engraved message on this compact mirror very meaningful, but it looks elegant and expensive- even though it’s pretty budget-friendly.

19. Card Holder for Desk

business card holder for desk

I know I mentioned a business card holder but this handmade cardholder is for the desk. It is really unusual, and pretty! 

The detailing on the concrete succulent, and the color makes it one of my faves. You would want one for your desk too!!

It is affordable and something that she will always have a use for. 

P.S: This comes in many different colors and shapes, each just as beautiful as this one.

20. Business Portfolio

Whether they attend a lot of client meetings, sales meetings or travel for conferences, a well built complete PU leather business portfolio comes in very handy to keep all the documents safe and organized.

This portfolio comes with a tablet pocket, pen holders, calculator, 4 card holders, extra pockets, etc. It is an excellent office gift for women so they don’t have to carry multiple bags.

21. Thank you Gift

going away plaque

A great way to say thank you to her for all her work and wish her good luck for the future. An emotional gift that will probably bring some tears to her eyes- happy ones!

22. Charm Bracelet

You might not be able to gift this sentimental bracelet to just any colleague but you can give this as a farewell gift to your favorite colleague whom you are going to miss dearly.

We all have one colleague with whom we share a special bond. Someone that is always there when you need to vent or gossip. This bracelet is an ode to the chemistry that you have shared at the workplace.

Below is another bracelet your colleague will really love.

Funny Farewell Gifts for Female Colleague

23. Name Plate

For the colleague who the team could always count on. They might not be able to display it on their new work desk immediately but the nameplate holder will sure make the colleague laugh out loud.

You also have the option to personalize the nameplate desk holder to add your spin to it.

24. Wine Glass

A perfect parting gift for a colleague who was your daily gossip companion in the office. Someone you didn’t mind telling what was exactly on your mind.

The wine glass will have them laughing and you will probably get a BIG hug!

25. Funny Spoon

A hilarious way of wishing them congratulations and all the best for the new job! It is difficult not to love the writing on the spoon.

It seems like a small gift, but it is definitely a memorable farewell gift.

26. Coffee Mug

coworker funny mug

A funny coffee mug that will always remind her of the amazing people she worked with and bring a smile to her face.

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27. Group Picture Of The Team

A picture is an everlasting memory that makes a perfect farewell gift.

Frame a group picture of the staff for the colleague so they will never forget the amazing time they spent with the team.

You can turn it into a fun picture by using interesting props or keep it strictly professional.

You can also add a farewell gift basket including some of the suggested items above if the staff decides to pool money for the gift, which is usually the case.

Goodbye’s don’t have to be sad affairs, wish them luck and success for their future endeavors and send them off with a piece of the old workplace they can cherish for the time to come.

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I hope you found these farewell gift ideas for the female coworker/ female boss helpful. Saying goodbyes is never easy, especially if the coworker leaving is one of your favorites at work which makes it even more important that your goodbye gift is memorable.

All these ideas make a great going away gift. Pick one depending on your relationship with the colleague. Good luck!

Finding An Appropriate And Memorable Farewell Gifts For Women Coworkers Seems Challenging But Here Is A Gift Guide That Is Full Of Amazing Ideas. Whether You Are A Man, Woman Or Giving Farewell Gift As A Team. You Can Find Some Inspiration In This Blog Post.

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