birthday gift for female coworkers of all ages

Best Female Coworker Birthday Gift Ideas She Would Actually Love

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Would you believe me if I said finding a unique, memorable, and fun birthday gift for the female coworker is as easy as pie? After you check out all these amazing 25 gift ideas below you would agree too!

I have created a list of gift ideas for every type of colleague- the one that you would rather call a friend or a confidant and even the one that is more of an acquaintance. You will find plenty of inspiration for women of all ages in this post.

The best part is that list is super budget-friendly sans the cheap-looking products that no one appreciates.

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Female Coworker Birthday Gifts

birthday gift for female coworkers of all ages

1. Birthday Wine Glass

So she can toast to her birthday in style! The stemless, portable, and shatterproof wine glass is so versatile it can be used for any type of beverage from non-alcoholic drinks, juices, coffee, tea, etc.

The writing on the glass is sure to put a smile on the colleague’s face and she will get plenty of use out of it. It is the perfect birthday gift for a female coworker.

2. Foldable Small Jewelry Case

Different from any other jewelry case, this foldable jewelry case is practical and small enough to fit into a bag. Easy to take for business trips, vacations, or even everyday use.

The four separate compartments keep the jewelry from mixing up and prevent breakage. A memorable birthday gift for the colleague she will use and remember for years to come.

3. Kate Spade Organizer

Does she love keeping an agenda book on her desk all the time? Skip the ordinary organizers and gift her one that is so cute and stylish that she would love to flaunt it around the office and in meetings.

The Kate Spade agenda is chic and is sure to earn her a lot of compliments from fellow colleagues.

4. Adorable Computer Accessory

keyboard wrist rest

I have seen plenty of wrist support pads but none as adorable as this one. A wonderful comfort gift for a pet lover or anyone who appreciates unique things. 

It is not just cute to look at but it is also ergonomic, soft to touch, and stylish. Such an important item to have for anyone who spends a lot of time typing on the keyboard… which is almost all of us in honesty.

These keyboard wrist pads come in many shapes and colors so you can find one that feels right for her. It is machine washable, isn’t that amazing.

5. Beverage Purse With Hidden Spout

No one will believe, and neither would she at first, that this bag can dispense beverage!

For all occasions when she wants to carry (or sneak in …uhmm) wine or any other beverage without the hassle of carrying a separate bag or adding padding to prevent the bottles from clinking and breaking.

The beverage purse with a hidden spout can be worn like a shoulder bag and is great for carrying drinks to a picnic, cruise, concert, beach or even carrying homemade Sangria to house parties.. the sky’s the limit to how many ways she can use this bag!

A practical and unique gift she would be delighted to receive and use

6. Diamond Ballpoint Pens

The ballpoint pens will be a great addition to her work desk. The diamond tip in the back of the pen is a refreshing change from the same old boring ball pens that you see on every body’s desk.

An excellent gift for a teaching colleague, etc.

7. Make up Pouch

A pouch to store all her makeup and more. A simplistic, but useful birthday gift for the office colleague- this makeup pouch fits in an office tote easily and does not look cheap.

8. Personalized Starbucks Cup

personalized starbucks tumbler

For a Starbucks fan, a personalized re-usable Starbucks logo cup that will ensure her name is never misspelled or mispronounced (well, the wrong pronunciation might still happen …it happens to the best of us with very easy names) next time she visits her favorite coffee joint.

And she will save $.10 for bringing her own cup every time she orders her drink.

You can choose from a variety of colors. 

9. Rose Gold Stationary

For the girl who loves rose gold and pinks anything and everything, this office stationery set is a winner.

Every piece of the stationary is unique and looks rich. She will be thrilled to decorate her workspace with elegant accessories.

10. Colorful Scarf

This colorful scarf can be used in more than one way. It is light enough to flaunt in summers but when doubled, can also be worn during cooler weather.

The best part is this makes a nice gift for women of any age, from younger to more mature. A durable gift that will last her years.

11. Quartz Desk Clock

rose quartz desk clock

A small desk clock she will not be able to stop staring at- not to check the time, but to admire it! A classic piece, the quartz crystal clock is an eye candy and definitely feels like a luxurious gift.

It is well-suited for a senior colleague or teammate that seems to have everything or is hard to please.

Rose quartz is easy to like but this clock comes in a variety of other crystals so you can also choose one according to her birth month, which is extremely thoughtful.

12. Kate Spade Lunch Tote

A designer lunch tote that is more than just the brand. The Kate Space lunch tote is a quality gift that has an insulated lining to keep the food warm for longer.

For the female colleague who takes pride in bringing amazing packed lunches to work every day, the lunch tote bag is a practical gift.

13. Birthday Tea

She does not need to be a tea enthusiast to enjoy this tin full of delightful tea flavors. Even the ones who have not yet journeyed into the complex world of teas would love to sip this one.

The birthday black tea is different from regular teas, it is decaffeinated and has a berry-rich fruity flavor that is delicious and smells great. Your coworker would enjoy this tea even after her birthday celebration is long over.

14. Gift Box Set

birthday gift box personalized

A gift box full of many little surprises is so much more fun than opening just one gift. I love this birthday gift set.

These birthday gift baskets come in such a huge range with different products and a huge price range that you can go big and buy one as a team gift or you can go solo and buy a smaller one like this that is still as appealing as the big baskets.

14. Coffee Mug

A birthday gift full of appreciation for the coworker who is never fazed by the difficult tasks at work.

The chaos coordinator mug is a quality handmade and holds more than a regular-sized mug so it is perfect for adding toppings to the drink. The mug will give her a reason to reminisce and smile throughout the day and for the days to come.

If the gift is for your boss or someone who finishes every task she is assigned to like a boss, the Boss Lady mug set below is also a great fit.

15. Birthday Candle

Candles make great gifts and everyone seems to enjoy them. This great smelling birthday candle is a budget-friendly gift that will keep her apartment or maybe work desk smelling great for a long time.

Another great thing about this idea is that it does not seem too personal so it is suitable for someone you know too well or not so well, like a new team joinee, etc.

16. Birthday Chocolate

Happy birthday spelled out with chocolate

Noone can resist chocolate so edible gifts like these always seem to be fool-proof pick.

But instead of getting her box of gourmet chocolates from a regular store check out this custom happy birthday spelled chocolate box that you can even personalize with her name. 

Ideas like these make the recipient feel special and thought of.

17. Personalized Lipstick Case

double lisptick case with mirror
lipstick case personalized

The gorgeous personalized lipstick case is so elegant and luxurious looking, she will love using it. The case can hold two lipsticks- one for work an one for going out afterward.

It has a mirror on the inside so she will not have to take out her pocket mirror to check her lipstick.

The best part is the lipstick case is so affordable but looks expensive (the pictures don’t do it justice) he will never be able to guess!

18. Flavored Lip Balm Set

flavored lip balm set

A seriously fun lip balm set that will make her smile and excited to try all the amazing flavors. Don’t know about you but the name of the flavors makes me dream of a vacation.

The cute packaging is eye-catching, the catchy names just add to its charm. The balms smell heavenly, and they are made of quality ingredients- even better than any typical store-bought product.

19. Bubble Tea Sleeping Mask

For the one with whom discussing skincare products and gossiping about other team members are one of the fun daily activities, you look forward to.

The cute bubble tea wrapping of the sleeping pack looks adorable but the Korean sleeping gel pack is not a gimmicky product and it is definitely worth checking out.

Like all sleeping masks, it absorbs in the skin at night to reveal a well-moisturized skin in the morning so your co-worker looks refreshed and their skin shines when they come to work.

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20. Ombre Glitter Tumbler

glitter tumbler

Just like coffee mugs, no one can have enough tumblers especially when the tumbler is this strikingly gorgeous. The sparkly tumbler is perfect for making her feel special on her big day.

The tumbler comes in many sizes in case you were looking for something smaller. You can personalize this with her name and also choose a different color.

21. Wine Lip Tint

Check out these Wine Bottle Lip Matte Lip Gloss set that is under $15 if you were looking for an inexpensive gift. The price and the value are truly incomparable based on all the great user reviews on Amazon.

The kit includes fun colors that are perfect for the day and some darker shades that can easily be worn to a party.

On top of this, the product packaging is extremely eye-catching! This lip kit will also work as a farewell gift.

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22. Desk Decor

business card holder for desk

A non-boring desk decor item, that is also functional. It is hard to believe at first glance this concrete succulent is a business card holder but that is exactly one of it’s selling points.

They come in many other shapes and sizes. This one with its unique color and glitter rim just happens to be my favorite one. Something I want to buy for my work desk as well. 

Anyone who visits her desk is bound to notice the beautiful accessory.

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23. Shea Butter Hand Cream Set

Does she always have a tube of hand cream on her desk to moisturize her hands in the cold dry office air? If yes, then she would love this cream set.

The 12 pc hand cream set comes in travel size tubes with 6 different fragrances. It is well packaged and ready to gift.

24. Personalized Pocket Mirror

Another one of those personalized gifts that are super affordable and she will get plenty of use out of. You can also choose a different font according to your preference.

It has a regular mirror and a 2x mirror.

The pocket mirror looks elegant and comes in a range of colors. A great fit for a colleague of any age.

25. Gift Card

I know gift cards can seem a bit impersonal, BUT not when you find the one that the recipient is thrilled to get.

Instead of opting for a last-minute ‘nearest coffee joint’ gift card or a boring department store card check out this gift card that lets you try different perfumes every month. You have probably heard about it if you like subscription boxes.

Everybody loves to smell great, especially when it comes to the workplace. It is so much better than spending over $60 on a bottle she might not like.

With your gift card, she can pick and choose from a designer and niche scents every month. She will get so much value out of your exciting gift.


I hope you found these birthday gift ideas helpful and have found the perfect gift your coworker would adore.

I included a lot of ideas that can be combined easily into a bigger gift and some big-ticket items in case you decide to buy something as a team which is usually the norm. And also a lot of other ideas that are affordable enough to gift one alone.

23 Amazing Birthday Gifts For Your Female Coworker That Will Not Fail To Impress And Delight Her. The Gift Guide Includes Ideas For Colleague Who Is More Like A Friend And Even Someone Who Is Just An Acquaintance. Check Out All Ideas In My Post.

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