The Best Colleague Farewell Gifts That Leave A Memorable Impression

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Want to ditch the boring and give a farewell gift to your colleague that they will appreciate and remember? Check out these 37 unique goodbye gift ideas that include something for every type of coworker, even the one you are happy to see go- no judgments here!

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Colleague Farewell Gift Ideas

I have included gift ideas for all budgets so whether you are looking for a send-off gift for your supervisor or teammate- male, or a female or a funny farewell gift, you will find an appropriate gift in this guide.

 1. Trivia Book

A trivia book that is full of unique, fun, and astounding facts is the perfect desk accessory that will help break the ice at the new job and it also makes a great farewell gift.

 2. Personalized Tumbler

A good quality laser engraved customized tumbler is a gift they will actually love to use. The tumbler comes in a variety of colors and two sizes.

Personalize it with their name or a sweet message.

3. Compass Necklace

A new job or even end of a career, like retirement, is a new journey that makes this necklace the perfect sentimental parting gift for a coworker. It is even better if the recipient is relocating to a different city, state, country, etc,.

Wish them the best of luck for their journey and all-new adventures to come with a compass necklace.

Speaking of retirement, check out these amazing retirement gifts for a female coworker and some unique retirement gifts for a male coworker.

4. Gin Lover Kitchen Towel

The beer kitchen towel is such a unique gift this one image does not do justice to it!

The beer towel is the ultimate gift for anyone who loves beer. The towel is filled with interesting information about beer. It will look great on their bar table, kitchen, and make an excellent conversation piece they will be proud to own.

Oh, and this towel is also available for other drinks such as gin, whiskey, tea, etc. It is a must-see!

5. Accessory Organizer

personalized glass watch box for men

Male colleagues are hard to shop for that does not mean you have to resort to just handing him a gift card.

A storage organizer box, like this one, will last him a long time. The glass top makes it easier to see the contents inside. It is an elegant box that will store his essentials and something he will actually love to use.

6. Hourglass

An hourglass looks stunning on a desk. This personalized hourglass is perfect for someone leaving to start their own venture or making a career switch.

 7. Office Desk Name Plate

Send them off with a customized nameplate with a fun twist. You can customize the nameplate with a nickname they got from the team, a heartfelt goodbye message, a funny one-liner, etc. 

The nameplate is available in a lot of different colors. You can also find an affordable option here.

 8. Personalized Compass Keyring

So affordable, and it conveys the message beautifully. The compass in the keyring is a meaningful addition. Great for male or female. If you were looking for a small thoughtful gift then you have to check this out.

This funny keychain above is another one I like.

Another keychain that will convey your feelings wonderfully without sounding too cheesy is the one below.

 9. Travel Scratch-Off Map

They can keep it at home or display it in their new office. The travel map will be a great conversation starter at their new job, they will thank you for this one!

An ideal gift for the coworker who likes to travel a lot and share stories from his or her adventures in the office. The travel scratch-off map is the perfect present for them.

10. Mini Golf Pen Set

They love to play golf and scribbling notes in their planner/ notebook- well, here’s the perfect gift for them- A mini-golf pen set.

It’s a fun little thing to do at the new job if they get bored and miss the good old colleagues, which they probably will!

11. Farewell Coffee Mug

coffe mug with funny goodbye message
coffee mug with farewell text on it

Farewells don’t have to be dad, add a dash of funny to your gift with any of these two- you will be missed and work- you =shit mugs. The coffee mug will remind them of the funny banters, laughs by the coffee machine, etc.

Not all bosses are a pain in the #@# …! If you really treasured working with your boss, you should let him/ her know exactly how you feel with this hilarious coffee mug.

12. Wine Carrier Bag

The portable leather wine travel bag is just as eye-catching as it is functional. They can carry two bottles of wine, easily in this bag,  to the beach, picnic, party, and even to a BYOB restaurant.

The design is practical. The bag can stand on its own, has a padded divider, and it also folds so storage is super easy. You wouldn’t believe it but it’s under $20.

13. Appreciation Gift

gift basket with a thank you note

Good coworkers are rare. If they helped you progress in your career then they deserve an appreciation gift, like this gift basket. Tell them you are grateful for all they have done for you with a simple gift like this.

P.S: The succulent included is a live plant, not plastic.

14. Thank You Gift

candle with thank you text

No matter how long or short they worked in the current workplace. A memorable thank you gift like this is something they will always cherish.

15. Funny Spoon

Great for a teammate you have worked with for years. Wish them well for their journey ahead with a coffee spoon full of encouragement.

The spoon below is also an excellent parting gift for a teammate or a junior employee who always stands out from the rest.

spoon with inspirational text

 16. Beer Chiller Sticks

If they love ice-cold beers, and who doesn’t’! They would love this gift. The beer chiller sticks is an affordable gift that does not break the bank but still appreciated by the recipient.

A BIG plus- it comes packed in a nice box, all you need to do is to wrap it with a nice wrapping paper.

 17. Business Card Holder

personalized business card holder

They will need new business cards soon, so why not gift them a new business cardholder. The personalized business card holder for women comes in many colors and it is very eye-catching. She would love to use it.

The PU leather and steel business card holder is a great option for men. It can also be personalized with their name or text of your choice.

18. Portable Wine Bag

The drink bag comes with a hidden spout and can be used for carrying any drink, not just wines. Great Gift for the co-worker who loves their drink and loves to make drinks for other people.

They can carry wine and other drinks more easily and even discreetly (if they need to). This is great for taking out for picnics, beach, cruise, etc. A gift they will cherish for a long time.

19. Kate Spade Planner

A fancy and ideal farewell gift for a co-worker who always has a planner by her side. The designer Kate Spade planner is the one she would love to show off and use at her new workplace.

20. Brain Teaser Wooden Puzzle 

What helps break the ice in a new workplace? A unique conversation starter and there is nothing better than a puzzle they can flaunt on their desk.

The brain teaser puzzle is an unusual, but intriguing, desk accessory that will have new colleagues flocking to their desk to try their hand at it.

21. Portfolio Folder

A portfolio case they can carry with them to important meetings and business travels.

This portfolio has a clean design and a space for all the essentials. It also comes in a variety of colors perfect for men and women.

22. Anti-Slip Desk Mat

The anti-slip desk mat is no ordinary desk mat, it comes with a detachable phone stand and a pocket on the left of the mat.

It is also anti-slip and waterproof. Perfect for a colleague who takes pride in keeping their desk clean and organized all the time.

23. Moody Cards

A funny farewell gift for the coworker who never fails to crack a joke or two. The moody cards will have them cracking for a long time to come. A great desk accessory for their new office as well.

24. Congrats Gift

new job gift box set

Say congratulations with a dazzling gift that will make them laugh and also excited to check out the box. The congrats box includes not one but many small treats which makes it so much fun.

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25. Notebook

The best way to let them know you will miss them is to really tell them or express it in written words. This simple notebook conveys the message beautifully.

26. Desk Accessory

What better way to wish them luck for the new job than to gift them a fortune cookie.. a metallic long-lasting fortune cookie that is!

You can personalize this cookie with a heartfelt message and your name. It will be so much fun to watch the recipient open the box with a confused look on their face.

They will have a big smile on their face once they realize how clever your gift is.

The cookie opens up so it can be used as trinket storage or paperweight.

27. Funny Wall Poster

For the coworker who is always right…almost!The wall poster is a funny going away gift that will have them and their new team laughing.

Holiday gifting can get expensive real fast! Check out these affordable DIY Christmas Gifts For Office under $5 that look festive but don’t hurt the wallet. The post includes free printable gift tags!

28. A Bracelet

This jewelry gift is not for just a regular colleague but only for the special one that feels like a BFF rather than a coworker.

A sentimental farewell gift for a coworker like this is both emotional and memorable.

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29. Wine Tumbler

There is always that one colleague that feels like your partner in crime. The wine glass is a great way of letting them know you will miss the daily gossiping sessions with them. P.S: This tumbler comes in many colors!

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30. Desktop Punching Ball

A funny farewell office gift for the coworker that also relieves stress. The desktop punching ball is a great conversation starter for the new workplace or a great desk accessory for their home office.

 31. Personalized Chopsticks

Is the recipient a big foodie or loves Sushi? If yes, the personalized chopsticks will put a big smile on their face. You can choose any text you like for engraving.

32. Baby Groot Plant

If they love to decorate their desk with plants they would love this goodbye present and who doesn’t love Baby Groot! The Baby Groot Planter is adorable, a great desk accessory, or house planter.

33. Wine Suit Travel friendly

If you decide to give a wine bottle or a liquor bottle as the parting away gift, give it in STYLE! This wine suit bottle protector is a smart gift idea for someone who wears a suit to work and even if they don’t they will still be impressed by this wine sleeve.

The wine bottle protector is not just a funny sleeve but is actually travel- friendly. The leak-proof sleeve can be used to pack a bottle of wine in luggage. It comes in a set of three so if you wish you can keep a bag or two for future gifting.

34. Cute Cat Tea Spoon

The cat teaspoons are adorable. They are a perfect going away coworker gift for someone who loves cats.

35. Framed Picture Of The Team

No matter how short or long a time one has spent in the team, farewells are always emotional. A framed picture of your team is an excellent way for them to remember the team and all the good times they shared with their fellow colleagues.

Halloween is just around the corner and if you need some gift ideas for work check out these budget-friendly Halloween gifts for coworkers that will be a big hit at work.

36. Magnetic Brooch

Great for id badges and holding glasses. The magnetic brooch is stylish, sturdy, and is a brilliant gift for the coworker who is always looking around for their missing glasses.

37. Brain Teaser Business Card Holder

The wooden business card holder looks like a great decorating item for the desk, but it will also burn a few brain cells to put it all together which makes it more interesting.

For any coworker who always likes to experiment with new ideas the business card holder is definitely the gift to give.

38. Farewell Card

funny goodbye card for coworker

Don’t forget to send them off with a signed card from the team that will send them down the memory lane every time they look at it. It can be a card with a sweet message or an absolutely funny one, like this Trump greeting card.

39. Gift Cards

Gift cards are undoubtedly the last resort gift if you don’t have enough time. Some of the best gift cards to give are Amazon, Best Buy, Macy’s, Target, Starbucks, their favorite restaurant, etc.

However, farewells are special, and probably the last time you will see the colleague until your paths cross again so give preference to other gift ideas over a gift card unless, obviously, you have a good reason to choose a gift card.


I hope you found this exhaustive farewell gift guide for coworkers helpful.

Finding The Right Farewell Gift For A Colleague Seems Hard But I Have A List Of Farewell Gifts That Your Coworker Will Love And Remember. The List Also Includes Some Funny Office Gift Ideas, Check It Out Now

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