Fun Halloween Gifts For Coworkers That Will Be A BIG Hit At Work

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Looking to take something other than the regular cupcakes, donuts, and cake for the office Halloween party? These Halloween gift guide for coworkers is full of fun and funny ideas that everyone will love.

These small, funny and unique gifts are perfect for every type of coworker and your boss. They would love to display these on their desks, to wear and even enjoy outside of the office!

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Halloween Gifts For Coworkers

Here are 24 office Halloween gifts that will be a hit with the office staff!

1. Zombie Farts

Not everything about zombies is scary! The recipients will agree once they open their bag of zombie farts

It is even gluten-free, what more can you ask from a zombie? Watch out for all the crazy office humor once the colleagues are finished with the bag.

2. Skull Coffee Spoons

Good thing these super affordable spooky skull coffee spoons come in a set so you can gift one each to a coworker this Halloween. The coffee/ teaspoon will definitely be a hit at work!

You will see all the team members stirring their coffee/ tea as with this spoon as they walk around flaunting their new gift to the rest of the office.

3. Skull Mason Jars

These cool skull glass jars come in a set, perfect for the team, and even your boss! They will all love sipping their drinks from these skull mason jars. These jars will get a lot of attention and compliments!

Oh, and these jars include lids and straws so they can use these for pretty much every type of drink.

4. Zombie Lunch Bag

Yes, it is ACTUALLY a lunch bag and they can use it.

The lunch bag is the most clever and quirky gift that will be a hit. They will get a lot of comments everywhere they take it. It is not just a gimmicky product- it is insulated and waterproof.

5. Hanging Ghost Decorations

What is Halloween without some hanging ghost dolls? All these dolls need is some board pins and they are ready to spook all the visitors to the coworker’s desk.

They would love to hang these dolls in their cubicles or from the office cabinets! They are really so spooktacular that everybody would want to get their hands on them.

6. LED Cork Lights

Great for not just Halloween but for the entire holiday season! The LED cork lights are a great idea for decorating any bottle elevating it to a centerpiece for parties.

They are very affordable too. Add them in a gift bag with candy corn or some other items from this gift guide.

7. Handmade Jack O’Lantern Soap

Include these Handmade Jack O’Lantern Soap in the goodie bags! The soaps have a light pumpkin smell that is perfect for fall weather.

Their families would love to have these adorable soft smelling soaps in the bathrooms. Also, check out these finger-shaped soaps that are creepy, but fun.

finger shaped soaps

8. Halloween Tote Bags

Even a Halloween gift can be functional! These Tote Bags are big enough to carry Halloween favors or collect candies as their kids go trick or treating.

The bags are also great for grocery shopping during the Halloween season. This is one favor they can use year after year.

9. Magic Springs

Perfect Halloween desk accessory that is also fun. The staff members would not be able to stop playing with these Magic Springs as they attend calls after calls or kill time at their desks… you know on a slow day!

10. Neon Stretchable Skeletons

Another desk accessory that will be a hit at the office. The Neon Stretchable Skeletons are so much fun to play with and toss around or just simply hang on the cubicle wall with tape or board pins.

11. Pumpkin Mini Stress Balls

The Pumpkin Mini Stress Balls look adorable on the desk and they are a great way to beat stress and enjoy Halloween and the start of the festive season.

12. Wizard’s Academy Bookmarks

Got Harry Potter fan/ fans in your team or someone who loves to read books? They would love these Wizard’s Academy Bookmarks.

The bookmarks are also ideal gifts for any book club members if you happen to be part of a book club at your workplace.

13. Witches Broom Pens

We all wish we could just fly away from work to our homes on a witches broom so we could beat the traffic and be at home in a snap.

You can’t give them a magic broom to fly on but you can gift them a Witches Broom Pen that keeps the daydream alive.

They might lose their regular pens here and there all the time but this one they will definitely keep close to them.

Also, check out the above spin on the classic witch’s broom pen. I love the colored striped print on the pens.

14. Halloween Earrings

Celebrate the festive spirit with some Halloween earrings all the female coworkers will love.

The earrings are small and adorable but not too childish. All the female team members can sport these during the Halloween parties at work and at home.

Do you know what else goes with these earrings? The devil horns headbands

15. Eyeball Floating Candles

floating eyeball candles

Skip the boring old scented candles and check out these cool spooktacular eyeball floating candles that adds a touch of horror to their home decor.

If you were looking for a unique, yet affordable gift for the boss then check this one out.

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16. Hocus Pocus Tea Towel

halloween tea towel

For the colleague who loves to cook this festive and funny kitchen tea towel is the perfect gift. This towel will be part of her season decor year after year.

17. Rubber Realistic Bats

These Rubber Realistic Bats will add the perfect touch to your Halloween office party desk decor. The bats are stretchy and realistic looking.

Spook your office neighbor by tossing these around for a good laugh and see who screams the loudest!

18. Wind Up Toy Assortments 

This is one toy both adults and kids love to tap. The assorted wind-up toy collection has all the important ones – Dracula, Frankenstein, skeleton, etc that are Halloween staples.

They are so adorable and entertaining that you would want to keep these all to yourself. The best part- there are no duplicates in the box so everyone gets a unique one.

19. Halloween Mini Notepads

The other notepads can please take a seat in the desk drawers! The Halloween Mini Notepads are just what all the coworkers would love to use this season.

They are also gender-neutral and not too out there so they are perfect for really every type of colleague- those who are full of Halloween spirit, and even for those who never learned to smile.

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20. Eyeball Erasers

The Eyeball Erasers are creepy to look at and fun at the same time. They can place it in a plastic stationary cup or even hang it with a string at their desk.

There will be a few geniuses who would play a few pranks with these eyeballs for sure once they get their hands on them so watch out!

So you got the goodies figured out, but don’t forget packaging is as important as the stuff inside. Here are some ideas that are just as cool as the gifts

Halloween Gifts Bags For Office

Here are some Halloween packages that would have them all thrilled even before they open the favor bags. Just add some candy and some favors from the list above and you are good to go!

21. Drawstring Candy Bags

You can’t beat the price for these! You get a whole lotta these for just $10

These drawstring candy bags really stand out and they are so adorable that everybody would want one. So colorful and fun- what’s not to like? They can even hang these bags in their cubicle after taking out all the goodies.

22. Favor Boxes

These trick or treat boxes come with gift tags and matching satin ribbons so you don’t need to add anything else to this wrapping. These are perfect for just throwing in some goodies and they are ready to be handed out.

23. Treat Boxes

The shape of these treat boxes really makes them look like a gift box. You can pack them neatly to make an elegant Halloween box.

They look so much fun, the coworkers would love to carry these boxes home with them.

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24. Candy Corn Treat Boxes

And finally, a treat box that keeps it simple and refined. The candy corn treat box comes with a handle so it is easier to carry and the flat bottom makes it easier to arrange all the goodies and candies inside.


These are all such great ideas to celebrate Halloween with your colleagues that you spend the majority of your week with. I hope you enjoyed this list and now have the perfect favors planned for your team.

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The best office friendly Halloween gifts for the coworkers they would love to place on their desks or wear!

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