Best Christmas Gifts For Book lovers They Actually Want (Gift Guide)

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If you want to gift something special to the book lover in your life but have run out of ideas this gift guide is here to help. Here are some amazing Christmas gift ideas for book lovers that will resonate with them for years to come.

P.S: This post contains affiliate links from Amazon and other retailers. If you make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission. Pls check Privacy Policy and T&C for more information.)

Book Lovers Christmas Gift Guide

1. Folding Book Lamp

The magical folding lamp is a gift with a big wow factor. If you thought you couldn’t surprise your booklover with a gift that will make their jaw drop then you haven’t looked at this lamp yet!

The portable folding lamp is USB rechargeable, can be folded to a 360 degree angle, waterproof and tear resistant. It can be used as a desk lamp, night lamp and even outdoors! 

It is a must-see gift idea.

2. Lewis Carroll Loose Tea Tin

Anyone who is a fan of Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland would jump with joy upon receiving this loose tea tin. The tea is infused with rose petals to mark the entrance to the garden where Mad Hatter had his tea time.

I love that the book lover can use the tin for storage once they are done with the tea.

3. Harry Potter Gryffindor Bracelet

A Harry Potter bracelet they would love to wear all the time. The shiny beads glisten as they catch light and the adjustable bangle provides a comfortable fit so you don’t have to worry about buying the right size. 

Alex and Ani is a brand well known for creating quality accessories that are always enjoyed by the wearer.

4. Book Row Bracelet

I know I added a bracelet to this list already, but this eye-catching bookrow bracelet.

The colorful row of books will match any outfit and any occassion. They can display their love for reading with this beautiful accessory.

It will also make a great gift for a librarian, teacher, professor, etc.

5. Literary Gloves For Bookworms

The literary gloves are a great Christmas gift for those who love to read. Much more than just a novelty item, the recipient can wear these as they flip through the pages of their -yet another- favorite book! 

They come in a lot of varieties, and the Alice in wonderland and Edgar Allan Poe gloves are two of my favorites.

6. Booklover Scarf

Any Jane Austen fan would be thrilled to have a ‘Pride and Prejudice’ inspired scarf. Anyone who sees it would want one as well. 

It is a must-have and they would love to show it off. The bookshelf scarf is another one that would be a great addition to their wardrobe.

7. T-shirt Gift

An inspirational t-shirt any booklover would love to wear every single day, you might have to buy more than just one for them! The inspirational t-shirt will

8. Game Of Thrones Bookend

A favorite with book lovers and TV watchers alike, there really isn’t anyone that does not share an appreciation for Game Of Thrones.

For the fan who has read every page of the series and can’t stop talking about it, this bookend gift will earn you praises.

9. Book Design Jewelry Organizer

A clever book-shaped jewelry organizer that is both, beautiful and functional. It can hold a lot of jewelry items like earrings, necklaces, and rings.

The perfect gift for any girl or women, who loves to read.

10. Bedside Storage Organizer

Is the bedroom their favorite place to read? Many bibliophiles love to read a chapter or two or half a book before bedtime or have multiple books on their bedside table.

A sturdy bedside organizer will keep their bedside table looking clutter-free and their reading area neat.

11. Book Lover Tote Bag

A canvas tote bag can be used to carry groceries or haul books to the beach, library, school, park, etc.

The book lover will have no problem finding new creative ways to use this tote bag. Two of my favourites in this category are the All Booked Up bag ans the cafepress reading girl tote.

12. Coffee Mug

A mug that can give them company during reading time and morning coffee. The Lewis Carroll mug actually includes all his ‘Alice In Wonderland’ original drawings and wording, it is a mug they will truly cherish.

Just another chapter mug is another great find if you are looking to gift them a coffee mug.

13. Shakespeare, Not Stirred Cocktail Book

Cocktail recipes inspired by Shakespeare’s book characters. A great way for a bookworm to wind up their day with a cocktail reminding them of all the plot twists and characters from Shakespeare’s novels.

14. Jane Austen Inspired Cook Book

Inspired by food featured in Jane Austen’s novel, the recipes in the book are contemporary versions of the actual recipes from the time the books were written.

This Christmas gift will really make them jump up in excitement, especially if they love to cook as well!

15. Book Inspired Throw Pillow

A wonderful book inspired pillow for their reading room or their cozy reading corner. The sense and sensibility pillow will speak to any book lover’s heart who is a fan of the author.

‘I have too many books’ pillow is a dose of humor with a pinch of truth. Truly, can a book lover ever have enough books!

16. LED Flex Reading Light

A reading accessory that every book lover who has lost track of time reading late into the night would appreciate. They can read comfortably at night without bothering others.

A great book light that is good to look at, sturdy and perfect for gifting!

17. Kindle Case

For the book lovers who have really come to appreciate the ease of reading and collecting books on Kindle over paperbacks. A new cover for their Kindle this Christmas will bring a big smile to their face especially a cover that reminds them of their favorite place in the world- a library!

18. Booklover Cutting Board

The ultimate gift for the fan of the series and someone who loves to spend time in the kitchen. They will love and appreciate and probably show off this GOT inspired cutting board at dinner parties.

19. Funny Book Inspired Coasters

Did they move to a new house? The coasters will be adored by all visitors, and not just the ones who adore books.

The combination of great workmanship and funny take on famous titles will have every one do a double take and then burst out laughing.

My favorites are – Moby Drink, Gone With The Wine and The last of Mojitos.

It is impossible not to laugh at these funny coasters!

20. Hogwarts Fan Purse

The purse comes in different colors for different houses of Hogwarts, and they all look good. It is a tough choice to make between all the different colors but if you know which house they relate to the most, then it’s an easy pick.

There are many bags inspired from Harry Potter, but this designer Hogwarts bag has enough space to carry the essentials. The bag looks expensive and well made, great for adults.

21. LOTR Inspired Pendant

A memorable gift for a J.R.R Tolkien fan, or anyone who loves the ‘Lord Of The Rings’. The LOTR inspired pendant is hand stamped and comes with a chain, ready to wear for the recipient. They would never want to take this necklace off!

22. Jane Austen Pouch

Another great find for the Auten fan. The zipper pouch is inspired by her famous books. It is big enough to carry all the small little things that otherwise get lost in the big purse.

A great conversation starter, they will get a lot of compliments wherever they take the pouches.

23. Library Design Tumbler

Now they can carry a cup of hot coffee/ tea to the library, park, beach, etc., to have a relaxing time outdoors with a book in their hand.

The library design tumbler is magnificent to look at, I also like the tumbler below, that at first glance almost looks like the side of a book.

Yes! it is a coffee tumbler.

24. Beauty & The Beast Poster

It is not the size and cost of the item, but the feelings it inspires that makes it worth gifting.

A classic poster of Belle reading will be a wonderful addition to their reading space.

25. Book Design Vase

The book inspired vase or utensil holder will look beautiful on their kitchen counter just as much as it will look great on their desk or mantel.

The exquisite bibliophile vase comes in three different colors with an Oscar Wilde quote in the back, that says- “With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?”

The picture does not do justice to this vase!

26. Hermione’s Time-Turner Necklace

The Harry Potter inspired necklace looks just as beautiful when worn as it does in the case it comes in. It is a great memorabilia gift for a Harry Potter fan who adores Hermione.

The necklace reads one of the most famous lines from the book that every fan remembers.

“I mark the hours, everyone, nor have I yet outrun the Sun. My use and value, unto you, are gauged by what you have to do.”

Need more Harry Potter inspired gift ideas? Check out these Harry Potter inspired gifts for the grown-up fan

27. Magnetic Poetry Kit

A literary gift that comes with over 200 magnetic tiles that will have anyone and everyone trying to put the pieces together to form poetry… and even hilarious sentences.

They can stick them to the refrigerator or to any desired metal surface. A fun gift entire family can enjoy.

28. Book Lover Spoon

Include a spoon with the coffee mug to make the gift a complete set so they can use the mug for more than just coffee… like enjoying mug cakes, ice cream, etc.

The spoon is such a unique gift that makes for a wonderful surprise fit for a Christmas day gift opening.

If you need some affordable stocking stuffer ideas for the reader, check out these inexpensive stocking stuffer bookworm gift ideas they actually need in their life.

29. Quotes From Jane Austen

A collection of quips and words of wisdom from Jane Austen’s novel, for the author always knew what to say. The pocket-sized book is easy to carry in a bag and can be enjoyed in the outdoors just as much as indoors.

30. Unique Book

Ok, so you weren’t planning on giving them yet another book, but hear me out! This book is not JUST another novel, thriller, etc. 

The unique book will be a wonderful addition to their collection. It is 704 pages full of captivating information that anyone with a curious mind will greately enjoy.

If you think this might be right up their alley, don’t be hesistant to gift it just because it is another book.

31. Quilted Throw

The quilted library book throw is a blanket everyone who loves books needs in life. They can literally wrap themselves in the world of books as they sit down to read.

The book blanket throw will look great laying on a sofa or hanging on top of a reading chair.

32. Literary Fabric Ottoman

I saved the most unique one for the last.

The sturdy fabric ottoman bench will be the most exciting addition to their living room, bedroom, reading corner, etc. The antique style fabric upholstery really adds to it’s looks.

It looks expensive, but it is affordable piece of furniture that costs under $100, and last them a lifetime.

They can use the bench for storage, and also as an expression of their love for written words!


Hope you enjoy this gift guide and found the most unique gift for your booklover that will make them jump with joy!

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