The Ultimate Girl Boss Gift Guide

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For the woman in your life who is the ultimate girl boss- confident, headstrong and not afraid to chase her dreams. Here is a gift guide to help you find the right gift for her.

Perfect gift ideas for the busy woman who is an entrepreneur, a professional, a mom, a businesswoman or any woman who is always on the go!

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Gifts For The Girl Boss

Self Care Gifts For The Girl Boss

Fig & Honey Organic Lip Balm

If the Fig & Honey doesn’t sound tasty enough, there are a plenty of other reasons to gift this organic lip balm. It is 100% natural, has zero alcohol, provides SPF protection and the company uses blended fruits and veggies to make this amazing lip savior!

Lip Balm Trio

I know I suggested a lip balm already. However, you can’t blame me for adding this, very affordable, lip balm trio from Anthropologie.

The packaging makes it so gift-worthy. I would totally use the tube to store candy or small items in my purse after the lip balms are done.

In case, you can’t tell the flavors from this pic, they are- vanilla and fig, sweet vanilla cinnamon, and whipped cream and pear.

No, you didn’t read the dessert menu of a fancy patisserie just now, the flavors really are that bougie.

At-Home Microdermabrasion System

Does she take pride in taking care of her skin or has she been complaining about her skin lately? This at-home microdermabrasion system is a quick facial that will have her feeling her best in just 4 minutes.

She will be thanking you for this gift that will keep on giving and earning her compliments wherever she goes!

Heated Foot Massager

Is she on her feet all day running the world? The heated foot massager is just what she might need if her feet hurt at the end of the day and dipping feet into a basket of hot water just doesn’t seem to work anymore.

The massager works on the back as well.

Organic Solid Lotion Bars

Chemical-free and paraben-free, this set of organic and natural solid lotion bars is so gift-worthy.

The girl boss will enjoy all the goodness of the moisturizing ingredients that are in these bars and the mild scents- Rose & Ylang-ylang, Lavender, Citrus and Matcha green tea Jasmine!

Kombucha Brewing Kit

If her health is one of her priorities, this Kombucha brewing kit will bring her so much delight.

The benefits of Kombucha are too numerous to list here, but this starter kit includes everything a beginner needs to master the art of brewing Kombucha (and save all the money they spend on expensive Kombucha drinks in cafes).

Natural Bath Bombs

Vegan, non-GMO and infused with essential oils, the luxurious bath bombs are perfect for days when she wants to soak in all that she has achieved and what’s more to conquer in the future!

Also, check out these affordable bath soaks that come with an adorable pom-pom hair band.

Wearable Gifts For The Girl Boss

Apple Watch Band

The sparkling apple watch band looks so festive, almost like an expensive piece of jewelry. It is not an everyday look, but great for special occasions when she wants to wear her apple watch to an event.

Plush Robe

A plush robe she would love to wrap herself in on days when she is conquering the world from the comfort of her home. The bathrobe is super plush, soft and comfy.

It is also perfect if she travels a lot, the robe is an easy cover-up for hotel stays.

Fuzzy Slippers

The adorable fuzzy cozy slippers will be the perfect companion for her feet after a long day at work.

These slippers come in so many amazing colors, it wil be tough to choose just one!


Dazzling earrings they can wear to special occasions and celebrations make a wonderful gift. Timeless pieces should be considered over what is fashionable at the moment so they can enjoy wearing them for a long time.

Personalized Bracelet

A delicate piece of personalized jewelry like this hand-stamped bracelet is just the piece she can wear daily and even to special events.

The name bracelet can easily be stacked with a watch, Fitbit, etc. 

Initial Necklace

A delicate good quality initial necklace will never go out of style. It is perfect as a birthday gift, Valentine’s day gift, etc.

Pashmina Shawl

Pashmina shawls are world-renowned for their soft feel and warmth.

This colorful Pashmina shawl bursting with all the pretty colors will become her favorite accessory to flaunt during the holiday season.

You really need to see all the gorgeous colors and patterns this shawl comes in!

Flask Bracelet

A stunning piece of jewelry and a flask tied into one! If she loves big bold jewelry and alcohol, she would love this bracelet flask!

Although advertised as a bracelet flask for alcohol it can also be used for carrying just water!

Engraved Lipstick Case

Want to gift her something really unique that will stand out from the rest? 

This engraved lipstick case is not only eye-catching but it can be engraved with the recipient’s name. She can carry her favorite lipstick in this case that has a mirror inside so it also works as a pocket mirror.

Mermaid Blanket

This gorgeous mermaid blanket will be immediately put on and highly appreciated.

I love the pattern on this blanket and the way it seems to hug the body without being uncomfortable. After a long day at work, all she would want to do is to get into this blanket to watch TV or read a book.

This blanket comes in so many vibrant colors, some even come with glitter on them… if she likes it. 

Home & Organizing Gifts

Makeup Bag

Every girl needs a makeup bag that is small enough to fit in her tote bag but large enough to carry all the make up every day essentials.

This mini cacti makeup bag is cute, affordable, waterproof and it will keep her small makeup items from getting lost in the bag.

Perfume Atomizer For Travel

Perfume atomizer set is a great idea for a woman who loves to wear perfume every day. The atomizer set will make it so much easy to carry a variety of perfumes when she travels without the extra weight.

The atomizer comes in different colors to help distinguish perfumes without having to open all the bottles.


Speaking of perfumes, if you are looking to add to her perfume collection check out the this luxurious floral fragrance. The bottle is inspired by Marc Jacobs’ iconic handbags.

She will love the fragrance and the attractive perfume case.

Eyeshadow Kit

Help her elevate her style with this Tarte Eyeshadow Kit. Great as a holiday gift or a birthday gift.

The kit is the perfect combination of colors and it is paraben, mineral oil and gluten-free. The shadow itself goes very smooth on the skin and blends effortlessly.

High Quality Make Up Brushes

Is she starting a new job/ college? She will reapply appreciate this high quality professional make up brush gift set.

These brushes are handmade and this set includes essential brushes and much more. The set comes wrapped in a pretty bag, so she can easily carry the brush set with her.

Makeup Brush Cleaner

The amazing reviews this make up brush cleaner and dryer has speaks for the quality of the product.

We all know the importance of keeping makeup brushes clean, but unfrotunately it also sounds like a chore.

Help your girl boss keep her brushes clean with this time saver brush cleaner and dryer. She will thank you for this!

Vintage Travel Suitcase

She will get compliments wherever her travels takes her. It is a unique piece that will stand out from the rest of the mundane suitcases at the airports!

Check out all the amazing colors this adorable vintage travel suitcase comes in! 

Zero Waste Straws

Is she a headstrong environmentalist? She would love this set of zero waste stainless steel straws.

What I like about this set in particular is that each straw in the set comes with a travel cases so she can take the straw wherever she goes.

It is a well- thought gift for anyone who loves conserving nature.

Coffee Mug

Every girl boss needs a coffee mug in her life that puts a big smile on her face every morning. The Boss Lady mug is exactly that!

The ceramic mug comes with a golden stir spoon and lid to match. The cherry on top is the packaging. It really makes it look gift worthy.

Roll Up Jewelry Organizer

As pretty as this roll up jewelry organizer is, it is massively useful as well!

The organizer has enough space to carry jewelry when she is traveling and it folds into a nice cylindrical wallet that no one would guess it is hiding jewelry inside.

Trinket Dish

This trinket dish will keep her precious tiny jewels like rings, earrings. etc., all in place when she does not have time to pack them in. The Kate Aspen trinket dish is elegant and the Alpaca trinket dish is fun and playful.

Bedside Caddy

The bedside caddy is one of those items one does not realize they need until they use it. The girl boss can keep her bedside table free of clutter with this caddy.

The caddy can hold magazines, books, tablets, etc. and it is a must have if she happens to be a minimalist!

Felt Letter Board

Felt letter boards look amazing no matter where you place them. She can use this felt letter board to spell out her goals, her favorite quote and so much more. 

Laptop Bag

Now she can carry her laptop in style when traveling. The color makes a great statement and it is light and portable.

This laptop sleeve will protect her laptop from dirt and scratches and keep it looking new for a long time.

Inspirational Water Bottle

The BPA free inspirational water bottle that will keep her hydrated and focused all day long! The bottles are eye-catching and the time marker is a good reminder to keep drinking water all day. 

Electronic Gifts


Anyone who is always on the go nowadays and has multiple electronic devices needs a powerbank. This powerbank just happens to be great looking and compact so it is easier to carry around in a purse.

One of those things that doesn’t seem like a regular gift, but it is very practical.

Wireless Bluetooth Beanie

Not your usual beanie! This functional beanie does more than just protect her from the cold weather. The smart beanie comes integrated with detachable stereo speakers and microphone.

She can listen to music on the go and take calls without having to look for earphones. The best part- it actually does what it says, no gimmick!

Hot Pot

A hot pot that does it all and saves time – boil eggs, cook instant noodles… you name it! This electric hot pot has two heat settings that allows food to cook fast or slow cooker style.

It looks amazing on the kitchen counter and it is a gift everyone would love to get.

Noise Canceling Headphones

The high-quality headphones will ensure she can listen to music without any disturbance. The headphones connect over bluetooth so no hassle with wires and one charge can give up to 30 hrs of playtime.

If you were thinking about gifting a noise-free headset, this is the one to give!


The new Kindle on the block has great reviews and this is the gift to give if she is a voracious reader. The new Kindle has a bigger screen which makes it easier to read, it is waterproof and has a light body so it is easy to carry around.


A gift of health, literally!

Airfryer has so many health benefits plus she can also make small meals in it without having to switch on the BIG oven. This compact Aifryer looks great on the kitchen counter and does not take much space at all. 

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

For a busy woman, the robotic vacuum is a must-have item. This robotic vacuum cleaner not only sweeps and vacuums but it can also mop the floor! It also picks up pet hair effortlessly. 

This gift idea is a bit expensive but if your budget allows, it is really worth it!


Hope you enjoyed browsing through the list that has ideas for the ultimate girl boss who is a woman professional, business owner, successful entrepreneur or any girl who rocks at what she does! 

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