Photography Gifts That Are Super Affordable & Fun (Practical Gift Guide)

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Looking for an amazing gift for a photographer is not an easy job. You can’t help but think of the most obvious -DSLR camera, tripod or lens. However, these photography gifts don’t come cheap and you don’t even know what would fit their current gear.

That is why I created a list of affordable gift ideas that fit all budgets and great for beginners and even professionals. These gifts not only complement their love for photography, they will also love to use and flaunt these in their day to day life.

In this list, you can find ideas for Christmas, birthday, etc.

P.S: This post contains affiliate links from Amazon and other retailers. If you make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission. Pls check Privacy Policy and T&C for more information.)

Affordable Photography Gifts

Gifts For Photographers (Under $20)

These inexpensive gifts for photographers don’t cost much but they would still impress everyone from a beginner enthusiast to even a professional photographer.

1 Camera Image LED Lamp

Hard to believe something so elegant and well-thought can be under $20. This wood-framed lamp has a LED camera image that looks like a hologram when lit up. It is definitely a display piece that can be used as a night light, desk decor, living room, etc.

2 Artful Organizer

This is a fun addition to their work area or desk. This organizer is sturdy, eye-catching and large enough to store a lot of big and small items.

The camera style pen holder is another item that will add more fun to their work desk. They will be thrilled to use any of the organizers.

3 Inspirational Wall Art

A piece of inspirational wall art that showcases their passion for their hobby or profession can bring any wall in their home to life. This black and white piece is the perfect motivational gift for a beginner.

4 Throw Pillow

A throw pillow not only adds comfort and style but it speaks of their passion as well.

5 Photography Inspired Mug

I thought I would not include a mug on the list. But can someone really have enough mugs? – Especially the kind that come with funny or interesting phrases or quote!

I was about to include the Camera Lens Stainless Steel Mug. It is very attractive and it is definitely the type of mug that is worthy of a gift for a photographer.

But some other mugs also caught my eye.

Like this inspirational mug with super apt words for a shutterbug and the colorful camera mug.

6 Lens Aperture Inspired Wristband

A lens inspired wristband is inexpensive but it can be a wonderful addition to their wardrobe.

The bands will reflect their hobby and personality even when they are not carrying a camera around. This can be a great stocking stuffer for Christmas.

7 Photography Inspired Key Chain

Most people carry a boring keychain, like my older self. Gift them a keychain they will love just as much as they love photography.

Yes, it is not really an expensive gift and if it does not seem enough of a gift on its own feel free to combine it with some other gift ideas from the above to make it more substantial.

Gifts For Female Photographers

Although the above gifts are not gender-specific, the below ideas are especially a great fit for a female who loves to click pictures.

8 Photography Inspired Tote Bag

Yes, I could have suggested a bag especially built for carrying a camera and camera equipment. But I feel you should buy such bags only if you know what equipment do they usually carry and what type of bag they would like.

However, a tote bag is something they can use and appreciate in their daily life. I love this tote bag, it is the perfect size to carry around while running errands.

9 Wall Art

A decor piece like this colorful colorful wall art will brighten any corner of their house. It makes for a lovely housewarming gift, birthday gift, etc.

10 Personalized Blanket

A cozy gift she can wrap herself in as she unwinds at the end of the day. The best part about this blanket, apart from the great quality, is that you can personalize this cheerful blanket with her name to make it extra special.

11 Photography Inspired Jewelry

Delicate and meaningful, a camera necklace like the silver tone necklace or the gold tone will not be a piece of jewelry that she will store away in a drawer. This necklace will be opened and immediately worn!

The gold tone necklace comes in other shades as well. Dainty pieces like these can be worn easily with any outfit and to any occasion.

12 Bracelet

They can wear their love for photography in so many ways- as necklaces, like above and even in other forms of jewelry like bracelets.

Go for a dainty bangle bracelet or one with some bling, like the one below.

You can also gift these items as a set.

13 Camera Inspired Scarf

The lightweight closed-loop camera scarf can be combined with several outfits when she is out and about capturing great shots in her day to day life.

Practical Gift For Photographers

Here are some gifts they can use in their day to day life.

14 Anti Theft Anti Slip Camera Strap

A gift that will keep the camera safe and also makes it easier to carry around. This camera strap is great for gifting since it is not just a regular strap. This is an anti-theft and anti-slip wrist strap that makes it comfortable to shoot from various angles.

A functional gift for a professional or a beginner photographer.

The best part is you don’t need to worry if it will fit their current gear. It looks great and it blends well with the usual camera colors.

15 An Instant Portable Photo Printer

Although they are not built for printing out images from digital cameras, they do a good job printing pics from the phone, that too good quality pictures!

I particularly like the HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer because it is a trusted brand and the number of great reviews it has on Amazon speak volumes about its quality.

It is easy to carry and connects over Bluetooth and you can also add ‘extra sticky back photo paper’ so they can create beautiful displays out of the printed photos.

16 Travel Mug

On days when they have to travel to click beautiful photographs, the travel mug will keep their drink hot and save it from spilling.

17 Portable Remote Controlled LED

Proper lighting or the lack of it can make or break a great shot. Gift them a light wand that can help them take a shot in any kind of light.This light wand is portable, rechargeable and remote-controlled.

Your photography buff will be delighted to have a functional gift that makes every shot worth a million bucks.

18 An Instant Camera

A perfect novelty gift for a beginner or someone pursuing it as a hobby.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 camera is so much fun packed into a mini camera.It prints pictures in 90 seconds (polaroid style) and it is too attractive to just look away.

The range of colors it comes in is also refreshing- a break from the usual black, silver, red, etc mattified colors.

I don’t even want to restrict it to just teenagers. I have even gifted it to someone in their early 40’s and they were delighted.

19 Store And Sell Pics Online

Probably one of the best gifts you can gift to a budding or professional photographer is a service that not only gives them unlimited storage on the cloud but also an option to sell their pictures if they like! Woohoo! Extra Cash…

If you haven’t heard about SmugMug then you really have to check it out. They have affordable plans for unlimited storage, printing, creating stunning galleries to showcase their work, and even sell these pictures online!

SmugMug makes it all so easy. Click here for a free SmugMug 14-day trial, and save 15% on a new account.

20 A Photography Lesson

Photography Lesson Gift Idea For A Photographer

True, some people are natural when it comes to capturing great shots but that doesn’t mean that they stop learning new techniques.

Whether they pursue photography as a profession or a hobby everybody can use a lesson to take their skills to the next level. It is a skill that can benefit from nurturing.

A photography lesson has the biggest payoff than anything else you can gift to them. It is the ultimate gift.

Gag Gifts For Photographers 

These gag gifts are hilarious, your loved ones will agree.

21 Funny T-Shirt

With these t-shirts, your photography buff is sure to get a lot of compliments every time they wear it.

I love both T-shirts- the camera shutter t-shirt and the evolution of a photographer t-shirt, which is also pretty funny.

Clothes, like these t-shirts, can be a great statement piece, especially if they don’t like to wear any jewelry.

22 Toilet Paper Holder With Polaroid Paper Roll

The gag gift comes with a polaroid toilet paper holder and colorful refill to let them take care of their business completely… pun intended!

23 Camera Roll Cuff Links

Want to gift them something special they can wear to a big photography event, or not. These cufflinks are definitely a conversation starter.


These photography gifts are meant to personalize some of the things they use in their daily life to reflect their love for photography as a hobby or profession!

I am sure your photography lover would appreciate your thoughtful gift that celebrates their love of photography irrespective of its price.

Gift ideas for someone who loves photography don't have to be an expensive camera, tripod or lens. I have created a list of fun and unique gifts that don't burn a hole in your pocket and still make a great gift for a photographer or photography enthusiast

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