Non Boring Tattoo Lover Gifts- Not Your Plain Vanilla Gift!

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Boring and plain are not the words that come to mind when you think about gifts for tattoo lovers. For the ones, that have bodies adorned with expressive art- something unique, fascinating and artistic is the only gift that is worth giving.

In this post, I have created a list of gift ideas to thrill any tattoo lover be it a professional tattoo artist or an enthusiast. These gifts are budget-friendly, fun and perfect for every occasion – birthday, housewarming, Christmas, Thanksgiving etc.

Whether it’s a man who is a tattoo lover or a woman, this list has creative ideas for everyone.

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Gift Ideas For Tattoo Lovers 

1. Sugar Skull Tattoo Glasses

Listed: Frosted Sugar Skull Glasses

The frosted sugar skull tattoo glasses will become an instant favorite for your tattoo lover. The vibrant sugar skull pattern on these glasses makes them perfect for any parties or drinking just by them-self.

The frosted glasses really make the sugar skull design pop, they beat any plain vanilla beer glass hands down.

2. Coffee Mug

Listed: Tattoo Travel Coffee Mug

‘I have enough tattoos’- said no tattoo fan ever! If you know someone who continues to add to their tattoo collection, this coffee mug gift is sure to make them laugh out loud.

3. Stainless Steel Spoons

Listed: Stainless Steel Spoons

These sugar skull spoons really stand out and they belong in every tattoo fan’s house who loves coffee/ tea. A great housewarming gift or Christmas gift for the tattoo fan.

4. Vintage Tattoo Flash Book

Listed: Vintage Tattoo Flash Book

What’s so special about this book full of tattoos? This book is a collection of meaningful vintage tattoos from the time when tattoos were donned by sailors and outlaws only.

The book details how tattoos finally came to be recognized as a ‘form of art’ as it’s known today.

A great addition to any tattoo lover’s collection, whether it a tattoo artist or a tattoo enthusiast.  The book has a striking collection of tattoos that embody the history and evolution of tattoos. Your tattoo lover will not be able to put this one down!

5. Sugar Skull Wall Art

Listed: Sugar Skulls With Heart And Sugar Skull With Flowers

The dictionary page background makes the wall art more interesting and lends some character to the print.

What makes these tattoo wall art prints stand out is that each copy produced has a different dictionary page in the background!

Both sugar skull prints are excellent for gifting even to someone who loves plain black and grey tattoos.

6. Iconic Sailor Jerry Art Poster

Listed: Sailor Jerry Poster

From one of the most prominent American tattoo artist famously known as ‘Sailor Jerry’. Containing some of his most iconic tattoo artworks this tattoo poster is a must-have for every tattoo lover!

A tattoo fan can probably spend hours staring at all the classics on this poster. There are some old school gems in this poster that were a hit in the olden days but are not commonly found in the modern tattoo designs of today which makes it a collector’s item for a tattoo enthusiast.

This poster is an ideal gift for a housewarming or even a birthday.

7. Tattoo Design Book

Listed: Tattoo Design Book With 3000 Designs

Inspire their next tattoo with a book containing 3000 Tattoo designs that are a surefire way to help them pick just the right one. The book is also an ideal gift for anyone getting a tattoo for the first time as much as for a veteran.

8. Canvas Wall Art

Listed: Sugar Skull Wall Art

A sugar skull wall art is a perfect wall art addition to a tattoo lover’s home. Light background color makes the subtle sugar skull stand out beautifully. This is a great piece that would look good on any wall be it the living room, garage or even their work space.

9. Miley Cyrus Tattoo Sweatshirt

Listed: Miley Cyrus Tattoo Sweatshirt

Do they happen to be a Miley Cyrus fan? This sweatshirt will make their day. Wrap it up as a Christmas gift for the tattoo fan or surprise them on their birthday with the sweatshirt they will not be 

10. Coffee Mug

Listed: ‘Real Moms Wear Ink’ Cofee Mug

A coffee mug gift for the inked mom who loves her tattoo just as much as she loves her kids. It is a great mother’s day gift, birthday gift for any tattooed mom.

11. Tattoo Hoodie

Listed: Tattoo Hoodie

Not a fan of Miley Cyrus? No problem, this hoodie is also a great gift idea for them. The hoodie is very affordable and it comes in a variety of colors.

12. Pop Socket

Listed: Pop Socket

An artful pop socket to complement the intricately designed tattoos on their body. The pop socket is a good stocking stuffer idea.

13. Tattoo Themed Throw Pillow

Listed: Throw Pillows

The sugar skull floral cushion cover is the perfect gift for a significant other that loves tattoos, a tattoo lover couple or as a housewarming gift for a friend.

The cushion cover will look great on the sofa and even in the bedroom. It stands out from all the regular cushion covers, fitting for a tattoo lover’s home.

14. Tattoo Inspired Apron

Listed: Tribal Apron And Circus Strong Man Apron

A tattoo apron to complement their own tattoos while they show off their cooking skills!

If your tattoo fan loves to cook and entertain friends then this is the perfect gift to put a smile on their face. These aprons have a unisex appeal.

The strong man with tattoo apron is as timeless as their own tattoos.

You will see them wearing it at the next big house party for sure!

15. Tattoo Tote Bag

Listed: Tote Bag

The intricately designed tattoo inspired tote bag will flaunt their love for tattoos as they run errands through the day, even if their own tattoos are hidden underneath.

16. Tattoo Inspired Laptop Case

Listed: Laptop Hard Case

A laptop hard case cover inspired by tattoo designs they would love to put it on their laptop. But buy something that is not cheap like this hardcover case with vents for heat disbursement and full access to all buttons and charging spot without removing the cover.

You can also combine the laptop sleeve with a matching ergonomic wrist support mouse pad, like the one below, to make it a set.

17. Ergonomic Support Mousepad

Listed: Ergonomic Mouse Pad

If colors are you tattoo lover’s thing, this geometric pattern boho inspired mouse pad is the way to go! This mouse pad will add a splash of color and design to their workspace.

The mouse pad has wrist support to prevent wrist strain and anti-slip backing to prevent slipping.

The reviews on Amazon also speak for the quality of this mousepad.

18. Sunscreen For Tattoos

Listed: Sunscreen

Constant exposure to the sun is not good for skin and especially for tattoos. Tattoos fade faster when exposed to sunlight so it’s even more important to wear sunscreen. The Australian Gold sunscreen is made for tattoos.

19. Tattoo Aftercare Kit

Listed: Organic Tattoo Care Kit

Give them a gift that shows you care about them. Organic, Non-GMO and Petroleum free, this tattoo aftercare kit is essential for any tattoo lover no matter if it’s their first or tenth time getting a tattoo.

This product line was created after the creator herself had a bad reaction to an aftercare tattoo oil which motivated her to create something that is all natural and has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

20. Cross Body Bag

Listed: Cross Body Print Bag

A cross body print bag to match the style of a tattoo lover fashionista for whom the plain bags don’t cut it.

The print has beautiful colors and the floral patterns are tastefully designed, like a nice tattoo design.

This artsy purse will complement your tattoo lover’s tattoos no matter if they have colored or black and grey tattoos.

21. Print Leggings

Listed: Purple Leggings, Patterned Leggings, and Patterned Leggings

Speaking of a fashionable tattoo lover, these print leggings are made to express the love for tattoos! The leggings have a matte finish making the colors look richer.

They are certainly different from the monochrome regular leggings that usually fail to reflect the style of a tattoo enthusiast. Your tattoo fan will be delighted to receive these leggings as a gift.

22. Vacuum Insulated Bottle

Listed: Stainless Steel Bottle

It’s not just a bottle, it’s a great bottle.

The bottle is vacuum insulated, leak proof, sweat proof and made out of stainless steel. It is convenient to take it on the go even on hotter days. The bottle will maintain the water temperature for a longer period as opposed to a regular water bottle because of the insulated walls.

For an active tattoo fan who is always on the go, this bottle is the quality gift that will always be on their side.

23. Athletic Tattoo Socks

Listed: Tattoo Inspired Athletic Socks

For the tattoo lover who is always on the go. The tattoo inspired sports socks are made to fit their style. These socks are great for long walks, hiking etc.

These socks beat all the boring block print or mono-colored socks out there.

24. Shower Curtain

Listed: Shower Curtain

A fun and colorful shower curtain is the perfect gift for a housewarming party for a tattoo lover. Granted that this is not a gift for everyone or every occasion!

A shower curtain no matter how beautiful is only good for someone you know extremely well like a family member or a very close friend.

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25. Throw Pillow

Listed: Tribal Pillow Cover

The beauty of this throw pillow is the understated yet eye-catching design. It can seamlessly fit in a colored or black and white room decor.

26. Tattoo Duvet Cover

Listed: Bohemian Duvet Cover

A bohemian duvet cover is elegant and full of detail that is bound to impress a tattoo enthusiast.

27. Tattoo Fund Box

Listed: Tattoo Fund Box

Tattoo cost can run into several hundred and even 4 figures sometimes. If you can’t fund their tattoo, gift them a tattoo fund box with some cash in it. Others can also contribute till they have enough to splurge on their dream tattoo.

28. Tattoo Inspired Liquor Flask

Listed: Owl Liquor Flask And Day Of Dead Flask

Leakproof liquor flasks are an ideal gift for anyone who loves their drinks. The play of tattoo inspired colorful design on the flask makes it a wonderful gift for an inked loved one.

29. Incense Stick Holder

Listed: Owl Liquor Flask

If they love burning incense, this is the one to gift. With their love of skulls and bones, this incense stick holder is a conversation piece that will look amazing in their living room.

Betty Boop Gifts

This list will be incomplete without a mention of Betty Boop, the most famous icon from the 90’s. Betty Boop tattoos rose in popularity in the 90’s but after a sudden decline in popularity, they are gaining momentum again. Nonetheless, Betty Boop has a special place in every tattoo lover’s heart.

Here are some Betty Boop-inspired gifts that will melt any tattoo lover’s heart who is a Betty Boop superfan!

30. Betty Boop Insulated Travel Mug

Listed: Betty Book Travel Mug

The travel mug is adorable to look at, it will get a lot of compliments wherever they take it.

31. Betty Boop Slippers

Soft and comfy, these Betty Boop slippers are a great novelty item for any fan. These indoor slippers are pretty no doubt but they are also skid proof and washable making them a comfort item worth gifting.

32. Betty Boop Blanket

Listed: Queen Sized Blanket

This one is definitely for a girl that loves tattoo. The queen-sized blanket is soft and the classic Betty Boop art on it is spectacular to look at. It is a showstopper blanket.

Betty Boop designs are famous but none as iconic as the one with a red dress. Pair this blanket with a Betty Boop throw pillow to make it a complete leisure gift set.

33. Betty Boop Mason Jar

Listed: Betty Boop Mason Jar

A mason jar is a great gift idea in itself and a Betty Boop mason jar is the ultimate gift for the fan. They can use the mason jar at home to enjoy their favorite drinks or take it on the go and let the world know they are the biggest fan.

34. Betty Boop Car Accessories

Listed: Car Accessories

The Betty Boop merchandise is great but what’s even better is the car seat covers so the fan can personalize their car with accessories featuring their favorite.

The car accessories don’t have to be bought in a bundle. There are options to gift just the front and back mats, seat covers, steering wheel cover etc. Don’t be surprised if your Betty Boop fan tattoo lover starts to spend more time in their car than their house!’

Tattoo Artist Gifts

While most of the gifts will make excellent gifts for a tattoo artist, like – Sailor Jerry art poster, vintage tattoo book, and skull print glasses. Here are some additional ideas they would also adore.

35. T-Shirt

Listed: Tattoo Artist T-shirt

Every tattoo artist needs a t-shirt poking a little humor at their job. It’s a great gift idea for a friend or relative who is a tattoo artist or even for your own tattoo artist that you like to frequent as a token of appreciation, besides just the tip!

The t-shirt is available in different colors and it is made out of cotton so it is comfortable to wear.

36. Tattoo Artist Mug

Listed: Tattoo Artist Mug

Can anyone have enough mugs? Especially the ones that makes one chuckle!

This tattoo artist mug is a great gift idea for a professional tattoo artist or even an amateur tattoo artist! There is nothing but truth spelled out on this mug, your tattoo artist will agree for sure.

37. Tattoo Artist Apron Gift

If you are going to give an apron to a tattoo artist, there are two rules- lots of pockets and quality!

Although aprons are usually on the cheaper side, for your favorite tattoo artist or a loved one who is a tattoo artist, buy a nice apron as they deserve something that will look stylish and last them a good time.

Check out more amazing tattoo artist gift ideas here.

38. Tattoo Inspired Lamp

Listed: Tattoo Lamp

A beautiful tattoo lamp that they would love to flaunt in their living room or enjoy the company of in their bedroom/ home office.

The design on the lamp of a man getting a tattoo done sure will bring them many memories … probably of the time when they got their first tattoo done or got their favorite tattoo inked.

39. Tattoo Ink

Listed: Tattoo Ink Collection

Trusted by professionals, the MOM’s ink set will thrill any tattoo artist. These inks are safe, long lasting and stay vibrant for a longer time. Not cheap, but these will definitely put a smile on their face and earn you a big thank you hug.

Tattoo Gift Ideas

Tattoo gifts are so much fun to give and to receive but only if the recipient loves tattoos.

40. Tattoo Certificate

If you know an inked fan you know they don’t go to any random tattoo artist and don’t like to get their tattoos done without much research.

I had to prelude the tattoo gift idea with the above statement to stress the point that while a tattoo gift seems perfect for an ink enthusiast you must do a lot of research before presenting them a gift certificate for one.

So, if you’re still wondering whether a tattoo gift certificate is a good idea?

The answer is yes, it is a good idea if you already know where they like to get their tattoos done or if you know where they are thinking of going the next time. BUT not really, if you are clueless about their favorites. But there is a workaround!

The workaround is a cash card.  Give them a cash card loaded with how much ever you want to contribute towards their tattoo. Or better yet go with them to the tattoo shop and pay/ share the bill.

41. Temporary Tattoo Kit 

Listed: Temporary Tattoo Kit

All natural and organic this temporary tattoo kit is safe, even for kids.

This is not a replacement for an actual tattoo in any way but it sure is fun to try. This is a practical gift for someone who is always looking for the next place to get a new tattoo on and even for a beginner who wants to get their first tattoo.

The temporary ink allows them to try out designs on areas where they would like to get a permanent tattoo.

 42. Fun Tattoos To Try 

Even though they have a lot of glorious tattoos, but do they ever have enough tattoos?

Not everyone can sport a lot of tattoos or get a tattoo done where they would want because of work commitments so gift them unique and custom temporary tattoos that they can have fun trying on. These are so much fun to wear on a special occasion or when they feel like channeling a different inked look.

There are so many varieties to choose from, but don’t be afraid to gift them something different to try that you think they would love.


All of the above are excellent presents for tattoo lovers. Hope this list helped you find the perfect gift for your inked loved one.

Tattoo lover gifts that you need to see before you buy them a gift! Gifts ideas include something for every budget and type of tattoo lover.

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