Tattoo Artist Gift Ideas

23 Best Tattoo Artist Gifts They Will Thank You For

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If you are looking to buy tattoo artist gifts that would thrill any tattoo fan you are at the right place. The tattoo artist gift guide is chock full of useful gifts they can use in their daily life.

The best part is these 23 gift ideas fit any and every budget. Great for birthday, anniversary, housewarming and even for Christmas stocking stuffers.

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Tattoo Artist Gift Ideas

1. Business Card Holder

Business cards are one of the best ways to ensure their clients remember them and also spread the word. A Custom business card holder will keep their cards shiny and new, and the sugar skull on the case is cherry on top!

2. License Plate

They take pride in their profession and they certainly deserve a Tattoo Artist customized license plate. This is especially great if they just started their professional gig. It can make a great new job or first day on the job gift.

3. Cap

The tattoo artist cap they would love to wear to work every single day and even during downtime when they are out and about not thinking ink. A cool gift they would love to rock.

4. Sailor Jerry Poster

A must-have for anyone who eats and lives tattoos! The iconic Sailor Jerry Poster contains all the vintage cool tattoos from the past.

The poster will hang beautifully at their workplace so the customers and colleagues can admire it, or at their home.

5. Skull Coffee Spoons

Do they own their tattoo shop? A great addition to their business decor, the customers would love the Skull Spoons to stir their coffee. So apt for a tattoo business, these might end up on user pictures of their store on social media!

6. Wine Sleeve

The purple tattoo wine sleeve and the black sleeve are both eye-catching and useful. The sleeves are guaranteed to make a statement at parties, beaches, BYOB restaurants and wherever they carry a fine bottle of bubbly.

7. Tattoo Artist mug

They will thank you for the tattoo artist mug!. It is the perfect birthday gift for a tattoo artist. Their new favorite coffee mug will bring a smile to their face and those around them at work.

Their colleagues would want one as well…

8. Lighter

If they smoke, you can’t go wrong with this one.

The Pocket Lighter is high quality and available in 4 different finishes. The lighter is windproof, durable and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

9. Vintage Tattoo Book

Entertaining and informative, the vintage tattoos book is a great addition to a tattoo fan’s library or coffee table.

They will really enjoy revisiting the history of tattoos through time and learning about the art’s evolution. A true masterpiece that will be appreciated by the receiver.

10. Tattoo Artist Couple Gift

If you need a romantic gift for your tattoo artist significant other, this personalized couple pillow cover is the one to give. It can make a great Valentine’s day gift or fit to any other occasion.

11. Travel Mug

They will relate to the message on the travel Mug for sure! It speaks their mind and keeps the coffee hot to go!

12. Hoodie

Looking for a gift for your tattoo artist boyfriend? The tattoo artist hoodie is stylish and full of personality. They can wear it to work or show it off when they are not working.

A great gift for someone who takes pride in their profession as a tattoo artist.

13. Light Pad For Tattoo Drawing

Light pads are tattoo artists best friend. They make tracing intricate design a lot easier than using a tracing paper. 

There are many kinds with varying prices but this LED tracing light pad is pretty affordable and has great reviews on Amazon.

14. Sugar Skull Luggage Tag

Is your tattoo artist a travel fan? This sugar skull luggage tag will make sure they can find their luggage in a jiffy at busy airports.

15. Playing Cards

If they love to play cards, the playing cards deck will combine their love for cards and tattoos into one. The cards are a great idea if you are looking for an affordable housewarming gift that does look cheap and the recipient will really enjoy it.

16. Studded Handbag

A gift that is full of style for the tattoo artist woman in your life. The metal-studded handbag gives off a confident look that will complement her tattoos.

The bag is also big enough to carry all the essentials she needs on a day out.

17. Jewelry Gift

A woman can never have enough jewelry! The sterling silver wire wrapped Sugar Skull Ring is minimalist in design but big on style. A sweet jewelry gift for a girlfriend or wife who is a tattoo artist or loves tattoos.

18. Tote Bag

They can carry their love for tattoos on their sleeves..err.. shoulders, literally! They can carry this tattoo inspired tote bag when running errands throughout the day or even to work.

19. Beginner Tattoo Kit

If your loved one is a beginner, a beginner-friendly tattoo kit with all the essentials could be the gift straight off from their wish list. The kit also comes with a case that makes storage and carrying easy.

20. T-shirt

A t-shirt with some humor for days when they just want to lounge and relax. The t-shirts are made of good quality fabric, great for gifting.

They would never want to take it off.

21. Magazine Subscription

Magazines are a great way of staying in tune with the latest trends in the industry plus they are also a good source lot of inspiration for new designs and techniques.

As an artist, they can use some inspiration too! Gift them a tattoo magazine subscription, it is a gift that will keep on giving!

22. Day Of The Dead Pop Socket

Are they always on their phone like the rest of the world? The Pop Socket will bring relief to their fingers and save their phone from the falls.

The design on the pop socket also speaks to their passion for color and design.

23. Bottle Opener

The Day of the dead bottle opener is made of stainless steel and will definitely earn them compliments. It is an affordable gift that will win hearts at each party they host!

24. Cigarette Case ID Holder

A cigarette case that is full of personality just like them. I love the vintage look of the case. Oh, and it not just carries cigarettes, it can also carry their id, money, credit cards, etc.

Convenient and compact, what’s not to love?

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I hope you found these tattoo artist gift ideas helpful.

21 Best Tattoo Artist Gifts They Would Love To Get. Budget Friendly and Full Of Unique Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For Housewarming, Birthdays And Even For Couples. #tattooartistgifts

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