Inexpensive Boyfriend Gifts That Don’t Look Cheap (Under $20)

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Your relationship is blossoming but the budget is still tight? No worries, this gift guide is full of inexpensive boyfriend gifts under $20 that are cheap but don’t look cheap. Gifts so useful and adorable he will forget about the price!

I included gift ideas that are perfect for new relationships and even the ones that have already stood the test of time.

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Inexpensive Gifts For Boyfriend

1. Catchall Tray

He will never have to turn the house upside down to find his car keys, mobile, earphones or what have you!

A nice catchall tray by his bedside will help him keep things organized.The gift is cheap but he will never guess judging by how much use he is going to get out of this.

2. Personalized Watch Box

It’s a steal! The personalized watch box looks expensive but it is not. The well-made watch box has a glass top making it easier to see all the watches at a glance and the box will keep his watches safe from dust and scratches.

The best part? the box will look great on top of his dresser or vanity area and it could be used to store much more than just watches, like bracelets, cuff links, etc.

3. Couple’s Journal

A wonderful way to connect with each other on a deeper level and a great way to end the day rather than just falling asleep watching Netflix!

The unique couple’s journal has a question for every day with additional space for each person to write their answer. A simple gift that you both will cherish for life.

4. Gin Lover’s Towel

The gin towel will keep your boyfriend and anybody who appreciates gin occupied for hours.

The towel includes so much trivia on gin and some great cocktail recipes as well. Oh, and if they don’t like gin, check out the beer towel, etc., right here.

5. Pillow Cover

The adorable pillow cover is so romantic. It will also make a great gift for valentine’s day, your anniversary, etc.

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6. Multi Utility Tool

The multi-tasking crab tool is a great gift idea for a handy boyfriend. A great addition to his toolbox and it does look so adorable, totally gift-worthy.

7. Paw Shredder

The original bear paw shredder is the perfect gift for the carnivore boyfriend. It will save your guy the hassle, time and strength required to shred through a big chunk of meat or even handle meat on the grill safely.

It has so many uses, he will not be disappointed.

8. Heat Resistant Gloves

A useful gift that will protect his hands from burns. The heat resistant gloves are an excellent gift for anyone who likes to grill, cook or work around small fires a lot.

9. Organizer

If you are looking for an inexpensive anniversary gift for a boyfriend, the bedside table organizer is a great option. It looks good at the bedside and has proper compartments for all his things.

Also, consider adding an earphone organizer, like the one below, to make it easier for him to find his earphones and keep them tangle-free.

10. Phone Stand

Simplistic in concept but so darn adorable! The karate phone stand is the perfect desk accessory that will earn him a lot of compliments at work and also remind him of you of course!

Great for a workaholic boyfriend who spends more time at work than you like. Made of wood, the stand is durable and it will keep it’s look for a long time, unlike plastic.

11. Tic Tac Toe Shot Glasses

The tic tac toe shot glasses are great for parties, game nights or for a tipsy date night. They are really adorable to look at.

12. Snack Bowl

Did your boyfriend just move into a new home? The peanut snack bowl will be the perfect home goods item to gift.

The bowl is made of aluminum, a quality product that he can use when entertaining guests during Superbowl or any house party or show off on his coffee table.

Cool Tip- Fill the bowl with his favorite snack to make it more fun!

13. Beer Glass

The personalized pint glass gift works for any occasion be it boyfriend’s birthday, your relationship anniversary, etc. He will never drink his beer straight from the bottle again.You can also add a dash of humor to your gift with the beer glass below.

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14. Funny Book

New skills to add to his repertoire as he gets an year older! He will never feel overly dependent on a bottle opener once he has made it through this book.

Your boyfriend, and everyone around him will benefit from all the methods he will learn from this book.

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15. Personalized Golf Ball

Does he like to play golf? surprise him with a personalized golf ball gift that will bring a big smile to his face.

The balls come in a pack of 3 and they are not just any ball.

These balls provide accuracy and follow straight ball path and much much more. Pick your color and style to make the balls really stand out.

16. 100 Movie Scratch Off Poster

A budget gift that will keep on giving! With the 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster you will never have to spend hours finding something to cozy up to on Netflix.

The poster includes iconic films that you probably have not seen or seen together. If you love to snuggle up watching movies together, this poster will make you both happy.

17. Drink More Water Bottle

A water bottle that will remind him to drink enough water throughout the day. Great for any one who is always on the go or forgets to drink enough water.

A health gift that he would use everyday. You would want one for yourself as well!

18. Coffee Warmer

Not really romantic, but if you have a workaholic guy the coffee warmer will be much appreciated by him.

Nobody likes to sip on coffee that has gone cold! If he likes functional gifts over cute gifts, impress him with a gift that he can get really good use out of.

19. What I Love About You Book

Tell him all the reasons why you love him in a What I love About You book. You can both have fun reading all the reasons together.

It will let him know how much he is loved by you.

20. Romantic Engraved Spoon

Romantic and unique, the engraved spoon is perfect for stirring coffee or eating desserts, etc.  

21. Whiskey Stones

Is he a big football fan? if so, these football shaped whiskey stones are a fun gift idea he will be excited to use.

22. Stainless Steel Tumbler

Half the price of a Yeti tumbler but functions just as good! The Arctic tumbler is eye-catching and it’s stainless steel body of the tumbler helps maintain the temperature of the drink for hours.

Your boyfriend can take his freshly brewed coffee or tea on the go as he is rushing out of the house in the morning. The tumbler comes with a splash-proof lid, a reusable straw, straw cleaner, and its body is sweat proof for a better grip.

23. Neck Pillow

The NFL licensed neck pillow is perfect if he travels a lot. They also have these pillows with other NFL team logos so you can pick one from his favorite team.

24. Pillow Cases

Just under $10 the couple’s pillowcases are a super romantic gift that will make him think of you when you are away. His and her pillowcases will definitely turn the romance up a notch.

25. Keychain Bottle Opener

A keychain that can also be used as a bottle opener. He will no longer need to use his teeth- in a pinch- to open a refreshing bottle of beer. 

26. Personalized Bracelet

The minimalist and neat looking engraved leather bracelet will look great worn in it’s own and even pair well with a regular watch, smartwatch, etc.

You can also engrave the bracelet with a cute message that will remind him of your love whenever he wears it.

27. All In One Essential Oil Wash

All in one body wash has essential oils and it is paraben free. A natural all in one wash for him that has a great manly smell that even you would fall in love with. 


I hope you found this list of inexpensive gift ideas for your boyfriend helpful. The gifts are affordable but they will still make a mark be it his birthday, anniversary, housewarming, Valentine’s, Christmas, etc.

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