Simple And Romantic DIY Valentine’s Day Room Decor

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If your guy is anything like mine then he would love this simple, yet romantic DIY Valentine’s room decor ideas. These non-cheesy DIY ideas and the best part is you can re-use most of these items for some other occasion as they don’t involve a hot glue gun, you didn’t expect to hear that, did you?

Oh, and all of these items (except the mason jars, but I would come to that later) are bought from Dollar Tree. I barely spent $20 and used the extra cash for the gift. Yay!

okay, so here is a glimpse of the decor, ready?

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Romantic DIY Valentine’s Day Room Decor

It is really so simple you can pull it off in a few hours! If you don’t have much time on your hands to go all out (hey, we all know life happens… no time after work or class).

And did I say that I made a video on how I made all this? You can scroll down straight to the bottom of the post if you prefer to watch than to read through the post.

DIY Wreath

For the wreath part, I only needed the wreath, heart-shaped beads, sticky heart-shaped stickers, and some regular thread. 

I love the heart-shaped chains, the only issue is wrapping it through the wreath. It felt nearly impossible to pass the hearts through the wreath without breaking it really, so I opted for wrapping the beads instead.

You would also want to check the wreath to make sure the front side is the better looking one since all wreaths vary and sometimes one side does look prettier than the other.

I used two different colors for the beads but it is totally up to you what colors you want and even how many you want!

Just remember to tape the ends of the beads to the wreath before you start wrapping the chains. Otherwise, the chain will just keep falling off. (Trust me! I tried to stick the ends in the wreath instead of wrapping and I had to keep doing it all over again.)

Next, use the thread (a basic thread that you use to sew) and start to crisscross it from underneath the wreath in whichever fashion you like. Remember to tape the ends as well in addition to just making a knot because they will slip off.

I used some thick tape and doubled it to make an extra piece that will go under the two opposite sides of the wreath like below. You need these if you want to stick the wreath on to something later. If you plan to hang it, you can skip this step.

I also used some cute heart stickers from dollar tree to add some oomph to the thread work. 

In the end, use some tape to bind the loose tape on both the sides on to the shelf or wherever you would like to hang it, like in the picture below.

DIY Mason Jars

The mason jars are the easiest to do and they are the perfect add on to the romantic evening. Planning to cook him dinner? Set these jars on the dining table for a memorable candlelit dinner. (Psst…I love candlelight dinners because it makes my make up look flawless!)

I used mason jars from my pantry, no really..nothing fancy. The golden lace is from dollar tree and so is the red crystal lace, it is a must-have! They glisten so beautifully from the soft light of the candles, you need to put them on these jars.

Again, all of this is taped to the mason jars! And there is a good reason for that- I want to use these jars later, business as usual for these jars once Valentine’s day is long gone.

DIY Photo Frame

I seriously loved the background of the photo frame so much that I decided to keep it like that but I added a few touches to the frame. I used simple tape and folded it in double so that I could stick pom poms on it. And then I used pearl strings on the border, they come with sticky backs and easily peel off.

The photo frame I used does not have glass. But the paper clip on it is unique and I can change pics on it as often as I like without having to open the photo frame. 

Chocolate Mug

I cannot imagine Valentine’s Day without chocolate and neither can my man so I got some heart shaped chocolate to fill the glass mug. The glass mug is from Dollar Tree and I used the same red crystal lace I used earlier to decorate the mason jar.

It is very minimalist and if you have a guy who loves the minimalist decor then this mug with a little bling is just enough of a treat for his eyes that will not fail to impress him.

The Love Book

If you must only buy one thing this Valentine’s Day then this book should be it! More like the Love Book that is famous on social media, this book is a simpler cousin with a lot of substance. It is unbelievable that I could buy something like this for just a dollar.

The book has various questions and prompts inside like – I love it when you __ etc that you can fill out and then read later with your guy.

If he didn’t know yet how much he is loved and why he would certainly know after he is done reading all the sweet things you wrote.


These candles were just a dollar each and I used them just as is because of all the lovey-dovey things printed on them already.

Thes candles are not scented but that is okay since these candles are a bragain ande I planned to use other scented candles as well. You will see those later in this post.

Wall Decal

This wall decal is adorable in person. It shines and reflects, just like a mirror and looks amazing in a candle lit space or any space with soft lighting.

The best part is this wall decal is a peel off kind of thing that does not leave any residue at all. So you can stick them on the wall for the day and peel them off later. Especially great for anyone living in a rental unit or has a guy obsessed with neat walls!

Heart Garlands

The heart garlands have the maximum pay off .. it takes almost no effort and makes a big impression. If you haven’t tried this yet, then you need to try it this year! 

I used red poster boards to cut out heart shapes. The poster is thicker than plain paper so the hearts don’t flip around when the fan is on.

The poster board was just a dollar, but if you don’t find it close to where you live, just use any red paper you can easily find.

Decorative Plate

Last, but not least, I used a decorative plate that I had bought a long time back from dollar tree and since used it for many occasions. I took it out once again this time to spread some glitter hearts (from dollar tree) and then I placed some scented tea candles in the middle.

The glitter hearts sparkle a lot with the light from the tea candles. It is really a romantic sight.

DIY Valentine’s Simple Room Decor Video

And here is the YouTube Video I promised earlier. Check it out if you want to catch a glimpse of the entire decor before you attempt it or simply to feast your eyes for a brief moment.

I kept all of these ideas easy enough that anyone can pull them off, even someone who is a beginner and has never done any crafts. These ideas are also perfect if you just don’t have enough time or don’t want to drill holes in the walls or want to re-use the things again.

I always use the things I buy for my crafts again and again. You would be amazed how much (and many times) DIY gratification you can get out of something that you spent only a dollar on!

If you liked these simple DIY room decor ideas for Valentine’s Day interesting do give them a try.

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