31 Funny Boyfriend Gifts That Will Have Him Laughing Hard

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Here is a list of 31 funny gift ideas for your boyfriend that will make him laugh his socks off. These hilarious gifts are perfect for the man who enjoys goofy things and has a good sense of humor.

The gifts are suitable for all occasions, including birthday, anniversary, April Fool’s day and even Valentine’s day.

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Funny Boyfriend Gifts

1. Decanter With Shot Glasses

He would love to play bartender with this hilarious but unique Gun decanter that comes with shot glasses. A non-gimmicky, yet funny gift that is ACTUALLY useful.

The decanters and shot glasses come packed in a briefcase that looks like it’s straight out of a James Bond movie. A gift he would love to show off at all the parties. 

His friends would want to buy one for themselves as well once they see it.

2. Animal Tail Blanket

YES, this blanket is for grown-ups!

For the boyfriend who is a kid at heart… and even if he is not, he will still enjoy this blanket a LOT! The animal tail blanket is made of minky soft fabric so he will never complain about cold feet again.

A perfect TV partner- when you are not there.

The snuggly comfy shark blanket has glow in the dark eyes, and great reviews on Amazon, AND it is machine washable, so much easier to maintain.

3. Personalized Cookie Jar

Does he love cookies? I know, it’s a rhetorical question… who doesn’t? But if he starts to melt at the sight of cookies this funny personalized cookie jar will make him very happy.

The jar is a good idea to make him laugh, but don’t forget to fill it up with some goodies before gifting.

It will also make a nice Christmas gift, just add some gingerbread cookies, etc., to give it that festive feel.

4. Meat Tenderizer

Nope, it is not a prank gift! The Thor Hammer Meat Tenderizer is real and it is functional. If he likes to geek out on Avenger movies, this one will have him heading straight into the kitchen. Which you’ll probably love. Yay!!

5. Happy Birthday Toilet Paper

Surprise him on his birthday with a funny 2 ply birthday toilet tissue paper that would make him burst out laughing even as he attends to the not so funny, but most important morning activity.

Looking for a birthday gift that will make him feel special? If so, check out these spectacular birthday gift ideas your boyfriend will be thrilled to get on his big day.

6. Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

A hilarious addition to toilet humor. Use the talking spindle to record a funny message or a few funny lines for the love of your life. The recording will play every time the paper rolls.

Pair it with the birthday toilet paper above for a birthday surprise that will have him rolling with laughter. Hopefully, not on the toilet floor.

7. XBox Chocolate Controller

His reaction would be priceless when he opens the gift to find two of his favorite things combines into one !! The chocolate XBOX controller looks exactly like the original.

Perfect for the guy who loves to play video games and can’t live without his XBOX. You have three options to choose from- dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. So there is a flavor for everyone.

8. Face Butt Soap

An out of the ordinary gift, but the cheek-to-cheek cleaning Butt Face Soap is a gag gift that will definitely be used by the recipient. And apart from just making people laugh, it smells really good.

9. Desktop Basketball

The funny desktop basketball game is just what he needs for days when he is bored out of his mind at work or needs a stress buster. The ball is tied with a thread so there is no chance of losing the ball.

The game is not as easy as it looks, it needs to be mastered before he can impress his colleagues or friends. Bet they would want one too for themselves!

10. Beer Holster

He will laugh and be amazed at how genius this gift is. The beer holster is a man’s best friend as he grills, works around the house, outdoors, etc. The holster fits both can and bottles with ease and prevents slip or spill.

Now he can have his beer at arm’s length as he works!

11. Gin Tonic Glasses

Gin Tonic drinks would always come out perfect. The glasses are fun to look at and come in a set of two, perfect for a couple!

12. Coffee And Wine Glass

A reversible mug and glass combo he can enjoy before and after work. A clever idea that is actually pretty hilarious.

13. Star Wars Waffle Iron

Does he love Waffles and Star Wars? Kill two birds with one stone with this Star Wars waffle maker. Weekend breakfast will never be the same again, who knows he just might start getting up early to impress you with his tasty Star Wars waffles!

The waffle maker is a great anniversary gift that both of you will enjoy a lot.

14. Furry Feet

Playing footsie in these furry slippers will leave you both laughing hysterically.

These ugly slippers are more than just a fun novelty gift. The slippers will keep his feet warm and soft and they also come with an anti-skid bottom to prevent any slips.

15. Personalized Briefs

No better way to brand your man than to buy him personalized underpants. Let him know who is the boss!

A naughty gift that’s great for celebrating milestone events like Anniversary or romantic occasions like Valentine’s day.

16. Unique Boxers

rooster boxers

I would leave the interpretation of this beauty to your imagination, BUT all I wanna say is he would love the compliment! The boxers are ultra-comfy and wait till you check out some of the other ones they have, all equally hysterical.

17. Christmas Pajamas

hilarious Christmas Pajamas

Are you looking for a hilarious Christmas stocking stuffer or gift idea for your sweetie? If yes, check out these Christmas pajamas he would love to flaunt throughout the holiday season. The interesting pattern will definitely catch everyone’s eyes.

18. Oversized Funny Beer Glass

Now he would not need to get up in the middle of the show to go get another bottle! The Oversized Beer Glass is a perfect funny gift for the beer fan who is never content with just one beer.

19. Funny Book

A book filled with life’s 150 intriguing questions and answers. Whether he likes reading or not, he will not be able to keep this book down.

A great conversation piece that will be a great addition to his coffee table and even bar.

20. Reusable Gas Neutralizers

The Activated Carbon Fart Pads is exactly what you think it is.

A great gag gift perfect for April fool’s day or his birthday. The best part- they really do work! He will not be able to stop laughing and you can also breathe a sigh of relief!

21. Biggest Back Scratcher

A great gag gift that is actually very practical, most guys would agree! The Big Back Scratcher is just what he needs when you are not around to give your love a good back scratch.

Read all the amazing reviews it has here.

22. Hilarious Girlfriend Pillow

Do you travel a lot for work or are you in a long distance relationship? The girlfriend pillow is a fun gift for long distance lovers or any couple who don’t get to see each other as often as they like.

The pillow will give him comfort and company when you are away and also listen patiently to his silly jokes.

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23. Toilet Time Golf Game

Turn his bathroom time into fun time! The mini golf is great for a golfer. He can practice his craft while taking care of his business. The multi-tasking gag gift that every man wants to get their hands on.

24. Hand Shit Cream

Show his hands some love with some Hand Shit cream that is moisturizing and smells great- which he will only find out once he opens the jar after overcoming his initial hesitation.

25. Prank Gift Box

Want to make him laugh but still want to gift him something nice you bought at a store? The hilarious prank gift box is just what you need.

He might need a little bit of convincing before he is willing to open the Earwax Candle Kit gift!

He will do a double-take once he sees what is written on the gift box.

These boxes come in so many variations, all of them are super funny, check it out!

26. Urinal Shot Glasses

The laughable urinal shot glasses are actually made of ceramic which makes them look like the real deal. The amusing gag gift might gross some out but they will definitely be the star of every party.

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27. Cereal Killer Spoon

Is your boyfriend a cereal killer? If the second love of his life, after you, is cereal, this spoon will make a great gift. The cereal lover will be thrilled to have this spoon to scoop up his favorite cereal.

28. Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

Want to gift him a funny gift he can keep at his work desk? The Albert Einstein magnetic clip holder will amuse him and all his colleagues.

Funny gift for workaholics, it is eye-catching and impressive. This gift will not fail to make people laugh.

29. Sexy Notepad

If you are looking for a romantic gift, don’t miss checking out this romantic, yet fun notepad he will delighted to get.

30. Football Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones are usually square or round-shaped, but these football shaped whiskey stones are perfect for game days.

31. Giant Wine Glass

The giant bottle glass is perfect for the one who can enjoy the whole bottle just by themselves. This one is for him if is usually guilty of finishing up all the wine before you can reach the bottle.


All of the above funny boyfriend gifts will make him laugh. I hope you found the one that is perfect for the love of your life.

Funny boyfriend gifts that will have you both laughing hard. Hilarious gifts for him that he will love to use again and again. Perfect for his Birthday, Anniversary, April fool's day or even Valentine's day.

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