Insanely Cute Easter Gifts For Girls She Would Love To Get

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If you are on the hunt for adorable and fun Easter gifts for girls then this list is all you need to see. Great Easter gift ideas that little girls would love to get and they don’t burn a hole in the pocket.

The best part- she will enjoy these gifts even after Easter is long gone! Perfect for a granddaughter, niece, etc.

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Easter Gifts For Girls

Scratch Off Mini Notes

The Scratch Art Box of Rainbow Mini Notes comes packed with brightly colored scratch art notes and a wooden stylus. The kids can create drawings or write sweet messages on the cards with a stylus to reveal beautiful colors underneath.

A fun way of creating memories! kids can give the notes to grandparents or stick the notes on the refrigerator. A non-messy activity for kids that can be packed and ready to take along on road trips, long flights or even to doctor’s office!

Makeup Kit

Is she always sneaking into mummy’s vanity drawers? The kid-friendly, non-toxic, FDA approved and washable makeup set is just what she would love to find in her Easter basket!

The kit comes packed with all the essentials she would love to try on!


The Cute Pink Bunny Mug is plastic-free, FDA approved and Lead-free and she would not want to part with it.

It comes with a creative stainless steel Paw Spoon that will make eating time so much more fun. A great alternative to plastic mugs and she can enjoy juice, milk, etc in this cup.

The mug is great for cold and even warm drinks and it is also dishwasher and microwave safe.

Cute Shoulder Crossbody

The dress-up will be so much fun with a soft fuzzy purse that comes jam-packed with goodies to make every little girl happy.

An affordable gift that will not burn a hole in your pocket but makes a great gift for the little one.

Personalized Mermaid Blanket

Her blanket will never get mixed up and lost again! The personalized mermaid blanket will add a whimsical touch to her magical day at home, daycare or at school!

If she loves mermaid stories then she will fall in love with this blanket.

This blanket is the quintessential add on to her storytime.

Bunny Ears Pencil Case

Throwing an Easter themed party for kids? The cartoon bunny ears pencil case is the sustainable gift they would love to use and use it for a long time!

This one will not be lost in the toy chest, forgotten and unused!

Bracelet Set

The bracelet set contains three different charms so she can wear one or wear all. The funny charms are the perfect accessory that will keep her entertained and add pizzazz to her outfit.

Color Changing Unicorn Pendant

No ordinary pendant, this cute unicorn pendant changes color according to change in the body temperature! Almost magical, the little girl can spend hours enjoying the changing colors. 

The pendant comes with a map that states what the different colors mean.

Easter Basket

Personalized Easter Basket makes a great Easter gift! She can carry it around for egg hunt and use it to store all her goodies from the day. You can also add some decorated eggs or some chocolate bunnies to make the gift even more special.

The basket can easily be re-purposed to store her toys after the Easter festivities are over.

Unicorn Sequin Bag

An eye-catching unicorn gift that sparkles and shines. What’s not to love? All her friends would want one too! The sequin unicorn bag is perfect for school, playground, traveling, camping, etc.

The bag is just the right size for a little girl so it is easy to carry.

Duffel Bag

Want to gift her a cute travel bag she can take for her slumber parties or weekend trip with the family? This duffel bag is everything little girls love, and it is just the right size too!

Beaded Shoes

Beaded butterflies on this glittery high top sneaker make them so much cuter. These shoes will be her fashion statement piece to flaunt.

Journal For Children

Great for all girls over 8 years old. This journal for children is geared towards developing a growth mindset, confidence, learning from mistakes, and promoting social-emotional learning.

A great tool for the young that will help them get ready for the road ahead. Parents or grandparents can help them fill up the pages and spend some quality time with each other.

I love the illustrative pages and prompts. A great alternative to toys, candy, etc.

Temporary Hair Color

The temporary hair color chalk is so much fun to experiment with and it washes off easily with shampoo.

They can create a variety of hair color combinations to match their mood without any damage to their hair. The gift provides hours of enjoyment and fun!

Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

An exciting addition to her room. She would be absolutely thrilled to get a musical jewelry box of her own with secret compartments and enough space to store all her tiny jewelry and kids’ makeup! 

Unicorn Bag

The blush pink unicorn purse will make her feel and look dazzling! She would never want to part with it.

Bunny Indoor Slippers

The cute Bunny House Slippers are fur lined for comfort and softness. The indoor slip-on slippers come with an anti-slip sole and they make a great gift.

Handmade Doll Brooch

handmade brooch for young girls

I love handmade everything! If you are looking for something truly unique for a child who already has everything then this cute handmade doll brooch is the one you should not skip. 

The doll comes in a huge variety, not an easy decision to make! She will love wearing it, attaching it to her bag, purse, etc.

Standing Pencil Holder

The zipper Pencil Case is great for storing all her stationary and the best part is it can also be used as a pencil holder when it stands!

A great Easter gift she can take to school or keep it on top of her study table at home. 

Animal Ear Hair Towel

The microfiber bath towel hat is a useful gift that will make drying hair after bath time a breeze. It is especially a great gift for little girls with long hair.

Great for wintertime as it helps dry hair faster than regular towels!

Headband Headphones

Great for airplanes or traveling. She can take these Silky Headband Headphones anywhere with her.

The headphones are volume limited and the speakers can be removed to use it as a sleep mask or just a cute headband.

The headband is adjustable and washable.

Rabbit Mittens

Looking for an Easter bunny themed gift she would love to wear all the time? The bunny knitted mittens are soft and adorable.

They come with a hanging halter string that connects the two gloves so they are easy to wear and she will never lose her favorite mittens again!

Coloring Book

Coloring books are a great activity for kids and the bunny-themed coloring book is just the right one for Easter. Add these egg-shaped crayons to make it extra Easter friendly.

This Easter coloring book is another great option!

Kids Water Bottle

The Rabbit Bottle is really going to excite the kids! The bottle is adorable to look at but it also of great quality.

The bottle is insulated to maintain the temperature of its contents. Great for school or traveling. The bottle is also leak-proof.

Hair Accessories

Surprise her with a Hair Accessories Set (18pcs) full of all the cute little things she would want- hair clips, pom-pom hair ties, etc. This box full of exciting accessories is the one that every girl would want to have.

Mani-Pedi Kit

Great for 8-year-old girls and up! The mani-pedi kit will be a hit at her playdates. The kit includes nail paints, stickers, glitter, plastic tweezers, etc.- all the essentials required to pull off a successful nail salon themed party.

P.S: The nail paint peels off easily so clean up is not a mess!

Animal Socks

Bunnies are the go-to choice for Easter but these Cartoon Animal Socks will also win hearts. Each pair is a different animal and she can pick a new favorite animal sock to match her outfit and mood every day.

All In One Easel

The Easel will not fit in the basket but the little girl would be overjoyed to see the big Easel that comes with a dry erase board, paper roll, paper, and magnets so she can play however she likes! A great way to spark Kid’s creativity.

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Rainbow Crossbody Bag

So she can store and carry her small things with her wherever she goes. The rainbow crossbody bag will provide her hours of joy just wearing it around and acting like a grown-up.

Bedsheet Set

The cute bunny print really makes the bedding duvet cover set perfect for the occasion. The baby pink color of the duvet will match any color on the wall and fit any room decor theme the little girl loves at the moment!


I hope you found this list of Easter gifts for girls useful and were able to find just the right gift for your granddaughter, daughter, niece, etc or any little girl for whom you want to make this Easter extra special. Great for girls aged 3-10

Find the perfect Easter gift for girls that your princess would love to have. Surprise her with gifts she would cherish even after Easter is long gone. Make Easter egg hunt all the more fun with these gifts. The gifts are perfect for Easter basket stuffers for girls.

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