3 Creative Easter Gift Baskets Girls Would Love

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If you don’t have time to pull up a labor-intensive DIY gift for your darling girl but still want to surprise her with something fun and unique then you will love these simple and creative Easter gift baskets for girls that are full of fun goodies for the girls.

Also, check out my other suggestions below that make wonderful Easter basket stuffers for girls.

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Easter Basket Idea #1

Every gift basket idea starts with a pretty basket. I chose this wicker basket that I got on sale from Michael’s and I stuffed it with some shredded paper as you would see below to raise all the fun stuff I have added to the basket.

Now let’s just talk about the pretty golden egg, I love how shiny it is and I promise you your girl would love it too.

There are so many things you can fill in this golden shiny Easter egg. For instance, a pretty cute bracelet, necklace, ring etc if you don’t want to load the basket with too much candy.

Does she love to write and draw things or note down nice memories from the day? A journal is bound to get her excited.

I chose a nice furry Alpaca journal that is so adorable she would love to carry it everywhere and show it to her friends.

I didn’t want the basket to be over loaded with lot of candy so I opted to keep a tumbler she could carry water or juice in when she is out and about or enjoy her favorite breakfast smoothie.

The temporary tattoo kit caught my eye and I just had to get one. This one is glittery and easy to manage. You can opt for a tattoo kit or choose a kid’s craft kid instead.

Girls love to play with makeup and that’s just how it is.  I would really recommend adding one in her basket. The fluffy pink brushes will make any girl jump with joy.

The Mermaid brush set below is a great choice for a girl who is above 10. The sparkling colors and fishtail would make all her friends want one too!

Don’t forget to add some of her favorite chocolate or candy in the basket because an Easter basket isn’t complete without some yummy sweets.

Easter Basket Idea #2

The second Easter Basket idea has the same goodies, just a different basket but I think you get my point- the basket can add or take away from the presentation.

This basket from Michael’s was less than $5, and it can easily be repurposed.

Here is top view of the basket.

Easter Basket Idea #3

I chose to personalize this basket a little by using some sticky crystal alphabets. It looks basic but still festive.

There are so many things you can add to the basket to make it a great gift for the girl. Check out other suggestions below-

The ring set is full of pretend dress-up rings she can spend hours playing with and feeling like a princess.

See her create pieces of jewelry with pop beads. The beads are lead-free and come in different shapes and sizes. Insert the beads together to create necklaces, bracelet, headbands etc.

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3 Fun Easter Gift Basket Ideas For Girls.

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