DIY Easter Gifts & Crafts That Will Be A Hit With All

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Want to charm everyone with your DIY Easter gifts or want to make something creative with kids you can give away to family and friends? Here are some helpful and easy ideas that need only a few things and little time- I know, this should sound like a winner already!

Most of these items are easily available at any craft store and these are perfect for office, friends, kids, etc. Your colleagues, neighbors, and friends will want to make these too!

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DIY Easter Gifts & Crafts

DIY gifts have an authentic feel to them that can’t be beaten, and they are the best way to make someone feel special or thought of. But let’s be honest not many of us really have time to undertake cumbersome projects which is why I kept these ideas simple enough that you can a.) find the things required for the diy easily, and b.) make multiple gifts in a snap.

No matter who the recipient is – your colleagues, favorite coworker, niece or nephew, neighbor, friend etc these jars will definitely make them feel special.

Adorable Easter DIY ideas that are great for Easter gifts and also double up as Easter crafts you can easily make with kids. An easy DIy for busy moms and little kids.

DIY Easter Bunny Treasure Jars

The first part of this DIY tutorial is making the adorable fuzzy fluffy bunnies that I added on top of the jars. I used the bunny kit from Dollar Tree. I will highly suggest these because they make life so much easier.

I love making pom poms but for this tutorial, I chose to buy the kit as it caught my eye when I was passing through the aisles full of lovely crafting stuff at Dollar Tree. If you are making your own, you can decide to make pom-pom bunnies big or small, depending on the size of your jar.

Easter Bunny DIY Pom Pom Kit

The kit comes with instructions to make the bunnies. Simply glue the face, nose, ears etc with a glue stick and you are good to go!

I noticed that not all the sides of the pom-pom balls looked even. So, I had to snip parts of it to make it appear rounder or choose a side that looked better than the other.

glue together pom pom balls to make the bunny

A quick note for the bunny ears. Place a dot of glue on the pom-pom ball itself where you want to attach the ears. I made the mistake of adding the glue dot to the bottom of the ears and then trying to stick them into the pom-pom at the right place. Guess what? the ears just plopped to one side.

Since the felt ears don’t have that much body or weight they need to be pressed vertically into the pom-pom ball. And make sure to hold it into place for a bit as well so they will settle just how and where you want them to.

The bunny is ready

And finally, pick a jar (you can also choose a big Mason jar if you like) and fill it with the recipient’s favorite candy or chocolate. I chose the chocolate eggs to make it go with the Easter theme. 

DIY Easter gift in a jar for office, neighbors or for your grand daughter. So easy, adorable and fun

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I ended up making two jars! That was on purpose too. The bigger one is for an adult and the little one is actually for a little girl. For the big jar, I stuck a carrot shaped candy bag (available at nearly all stores possible around Easter) and some shredded paper.

Together they create perfect jars that are full of tasty goodies stashed away by the Easter bunnies. 

These were so much fun to make and I hope you give them a try too. Make it for all the kids you have invited over on Easter or give them away as a prize for the Easter hunt or give them away as favors to adults.. there is so much you can do with these.. use your imagination!

You can also put a ribbon around the jars to make them look even more cute and festive.

Personalized Edible Gifts

Next up is a DIY that is both yummy and personalized, and still easy. Yay!

Take their favorite chocolate and remove the outside wrapper to add to your gift a mini element of surprise. They wouldn’t know what flavor it is until they open it and take a bite.

It is a great way of letting someone know you care about them and that you listen to all the important or not so important things they say to you.

Crafting supplies

For the next step, you will need some colored paper. I would highly suggest taking a softer paper instead of a poster board type of material. The harder material will crease as you fold it around. I ended up buying an assorted  A4 sized sheets pack from Dollar Tree.

You would also need some alphabet stickers to spell out the name of the recipient.

I chose ones with some glitter rhinestones on them. I think the glitter makes them sparkle and look great.

First, you would want to measure and size the paper you want to cut. After cutting the paper wrap it around the chocolate bar making sure it has a snug fit otherwise it will slide right off. 

Be extra careful as you wrap the paper around the thin inner wrapping of the chocolate as it is very easy to rip through it. 

Use some glue instead of tape to seal the folds of the paper. Glue will make it look less messy. If you have some double tape lying around it’s a good option as well.

glue together ends of the tape

To add some cuteness wrap a nice ribbon around the top and bottom or use your creativity and wrap it however you like.

I did choose to seal the ribbon with glue as well, a tape will be fine too.

DIY easter personalized chocolate gift wrap for office colleagues, neighbor, niece, grand children etc.

It can’t be personalized if you don’t add the name of the recipient on them. 

If you have good handwriting, then ditch the alphabet stickers as anything written with your own hand is always better than anything bought.

I am not really blessed with good handwriting so I chose to go with the stickers.

These chocolate bars are also a great gift idea for teens who have outgrown cuteness of Easter hunts and fluffy toys. 

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I can’t decide between one or the other as both of these DIY ideas are amazing. Pick one or make both to really thrill everyone. 

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