Easy St Patrick’s Day Crafts For kids That Make Great Gifts As Well

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St Patrick’s day is right around the corner and while others are busy celebrating in bars you are home with kids looking for some activities that will make the day special for them (and does not involve watching TV or spending time turning the house upside down!)

Well, you are in luck, check out these 13 simple St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids that will also make the perfect gift for grandparents, neighbors, friends etc.

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St Patty’s Day Crafts & Gifts For Kids

The list includes ideas for kids all ages, from the ones you can’t imagine doing any paint related DIY with to the ones who are ready to take bigger challenges like creating a St. Patty’s Day wreath for the main door or build a Leprechaun trap with gold coins and goodies.

These St.Patrick's Day Crafts Are So much fun to make with kids! They can use it decorate the house, lay a trap for Leprechaun or give them as gifts to family and friends! Simple DIY St Patty's Day crafts and gifts that will be a hit this season!

1. Hand-print Leprechaun Craft

Check it out here on Simpleeverydaymom

Starting with some easy to follow crafts that you can hang around the house or stick it where ever you like. The kids will have so much fun creating their own hand-print leprechaun and the best part is Sam has a template file you can download from her post, yay! 

2. DIY Photo Shamrock

Check it out here on Simpleeverydaymom

Give me pom-pom anything and I am happy! I find pom-poms so versatile and thanks to Sam this photo shamrock craft is a great way of enjoying two of my faves together! All you need is a cute picture of your child and fluffy pom-poms.

I can totally imagine creating these with kids for their friends, cousins etc as a cute gift.

3. St. Patty’s Day Garland

Check it out here on Meandmyinklings

Create a fun St Patrick’s Day garland to decorate your fireplace or their room. It is so easy and fun to make and kids all age can enjoy making and hanging these. Laura explains how to make one on her blog.

4. Bottle Cap Necklace & Hair Bow

Check it out here on Artsyfartsymama

Make this adorable necklace and bow with your girl so she can flaunt it on St. Patrick’s Day. I love the combination of colorful beads, and the way the transparent beads in the middle add another dimension to it. Head on to Lindsay’s blog to check out how you can make one too!

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5. St Patrick’s Day Wreath

Check it out here on Findingzest.com

There are so many ways to decorate a wreath, and I love this minimalist one by Emilie. It’s unique and eye-catching. The green against the white woolen wreath is a must try this St Patrick’s Day!

6. Leprechaun’s Garden

Check it out here on Findingzest.com

Looking for a sensory bin that will engage the kids like no other? The green sensory bin is full of different textures and fun elements to allow kids to imagine and create while they engage their senses.

Emilie also shares great tips on how to create the perfect sensory bin for kids. You can’t go wrong creating one with her suggestions!

7. Treat Boxes

Check it out here on Artsyfartsymama

Nothing makes kids happier than candy left behind my a Leprechaun. Create these magical boxes with kids so the Leprechaun can fill them to the brim with chocolate coins. Follow some easy instructions from Lindsay to get your treat boxes ready in a snap!

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8. Candy Craft

Check it out here on Organized31

Susan shares fun and a frugal idea that will please the kids and the guests! If you are throwing a party at your place and want to give out some hand made favors then this one is a definite winner! The kids would love to give you a hand making these and passing them on to all the guests!

9. Mason Jar Craft

Check it out here on Crayonsandcravings

Jaclyn’s mason jar idea is gorgeous and can be used in so many ways-treats, decoration, party favors etc! I love Jaclyn’s trick to color the jars, makes it so much kid friendly. If your kids are old enough to handle paint they would enjoy making these.

10. Leprechaun Hat Treats

Check it out here on Organized31

I am blown away by Susan’s creativity! You will be very surprised at how she made these. Check out the amazing tutorial on her blog.

11. St. Patty’s Day Bark

Check it out here on Theinspirationedit

Do you love to Involve Kids in some kitchen fun? Angela has just the recipe that is festive and perfect to try with kids. 

12. Leprechaun Trap

Check it out here on Littlebinsforlittlehands

Looking for a great Leprechaun trap idea that just might catch that elusive creature then check out this STEM-inspired idea that is creative and kids would love to make one.

13. Simple Leprechaun Trap

Check it out here on Meandmyinklings

The simple idea will be a hit with little kids who are just trying their hand at catching the Leprechaun this St Patty’s Day. Learn how you can set a garden trap like this one too on Laura’s blog.

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