31 Best Gifts For Arthritis Sufferers That Will Bring Them Relief

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If your loved one is suffering from arthritis and you want to gift them something thoughtful and useful that will bring them joy and also help relieve their symptoms then you are at the right place.

This gift guide for arthritis sufferers is jampacked with pain relief gift ideas, anti-inflammation gift ideas, feel-good gifts and gadget gifts that are undeniably better than flowers any day. Suitable for all ages, budget-friendly and also great as Christmas presents.

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Gadget Gifts For Arthritis Sufferers

Here are some gadgets for Arthritis sufferers that make a thoughtful gift. The purpose of these gadgets is to bring convenience to their daily life so they can attend to daily activities without assistance and feel a sense of accomplishment and independence.

Mounted Hair Dryer Holder

When even daily essential chores seem difficult, caring about appearance does take a back seat. But with the Hairdryer holder, drying hair would become so much more manageable and they will never have to sleep again with wet hair or wait for hair salon appointment to have their hair set.

It is easy to pivot the dryer in the direction they want and the dryer can be left in the holder so they don’t need to ask for someone’s assistance every time they need to use the dryer. 

Great for anyone with RA or osteoarthritis.

Fingerprint Lock

Joint pain or pain in the fingers can make a simple task of using a lock and key seem punishing. If they use locks at their work for their lockers or at home this Fingerprint Lock will make them smile.

It is durable and water-resistant. The best part is that the lock can store up to 10 fingerprints, so they also have the option to add fingerprints of a trusted resource at work or at home, and it also comes with two extra set of keys.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A Robot vacuum cleaner can help keep their space clean and so they don’t have to operate the often heavy vacuum cleaners. This robot vacuum cleaner can be controlled via the smart app and voice controls so it can be paired with voice control assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Voice Control Assistant

A voice control device like Echo Dot from Amazon can help make life so much easier since they can carry out most of the routine activities through voice command.

They can stream audio, control electronic devices, pull up information from Google, make phone calls, order products from Amazon etc without lifting a finger.

Tablet Stand

If they spend a lot of time in the bed because of pain, fatigue or surgery, a Tablet Stand will come in very handy. A tablet is a great alternative to TV and they can easily surf the net, make video calls or read books without having to hold the tablet for a long time.

The tablet stand works with any tablet on the market.

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Hand Massager

If the joint in their fingers are causing them a lot of pain and their hands are always cold, which is a common complaint from people who have Arthritis, a hand massager with heat compression can help with pain and numbness relief.

The massager provides gentle heat to promote blood circulation, soothe the muscles, reduce hand fatigue, numbness, and cold hands and fingers. The massager is cordless and easily portable so they can carry it with them if they have to travel. They also have the option to activate just the hot compress function independently without massage.

Feet Massager

If they are suffering from pain and inflammation in their feet, the Heating Pad would really them as it promotes blood circulation and relieves stress and fatigue.

It is controlled via an easy to use wireless remote so it can be controlled without having to bend over to press buttons. It has deep-kneading, built-in heat function with air compression and overheating protection. 

Heating Pad

Cold feet is one of the biggest issues with arthritis sufferers and a Soft Flannel Heating Pad provides the essential spot therapy instead of cranking up the thermostat. This heating pad is King Size and it offers three levels of warmth. It is also effective on any other part of your body.

The pad is machine washable and comes with a long chord which makes it user-friendly and easy to maintain.

No Slip Easy Grip Cup

Designed in collaboration with occupational therapists and rheumatologists, this cup is lightweight and has grooves on the side where the fingers can rest as they hold on to the mug. A great gift idea if they have an issue with their grasp and find regular glasses and mugs too heavy. 

Dressing Aid

The dressing aid device looks small but it is mighty useful in accomplishing mundane tasks like dressing up. The gripper and the hook side, both help to zip-up and button shirts trousers, dresses, jackets etc.

Dressing Stick With Grabber

Long Dressing Stick helps put on and take off clothes, even shoes and socks and it also doubles as a grabber.

Magnetic Bottle Opener

Ergonomic Bottle Opener can open any bottle and even cans effortlessly. The bottle opener is magnetic, so it easily sticks to the refrigerator wall for easy access. 

They will love this product if they have an issue with gripping and twisting bottle caps.

Electric Jar Opener

They will never have to ask for help opening a jar again!

The Electric Jar Opener uses very little energy and it is compact and lightweight. It can effortlessly open a jar of any size so it is one less stressful item off their list when they are trying to cook a meal or grab a quick bite by themselves in the kitchen. 

Might also help them open medicine bottles.

Electric Can Opener

Canned food makes our life easy, and that is just the truth. However, to pry open a can is no joke with rheumatoid arthritis. Gift them an Automatic Electric Can Opener, so they only need to push a button to get the job done. The blade cuts in the side of the can and on the top so it doesn’t touch the food or have very sharp edges.

The extremely helpful gadget is compact and does not require electricity to operate.

Hands-free Magnifying Glass

Do they love to read books? The small print and constant need to hold the book might be preventing them from enjoying one of their favorite screen-free past times.

Unlike regular magnifying glasses, this hands-free magnifying glass is perfect for reading, can be used anywhere, is lightweight and has LED lights so they can read anytime they like.

Folding Cane Seat

A gift that will help a loved one whose condition is keeping them stuck at home. The Folding Cane Seat will give them confidence and support to get out of the house. The cane opens up into a chair so they can have a seat whenever and wherever they feel like sitting down.

The curved handles on the chair will help push themselves up and out easily.

Electric Salt And Pepper Grinder

They can still enjoy freshly ground pepper and Himalayan salt on their food without pain. The Stainless Steel Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Adjust the grinding coarseness

Hands Free Card Holders

An unlikely gift, but they will be thrilled to receive a cardholder stand especially if they love to play cards but find it difficult to play with their condition.

Socializing can help keep depression away and playing cards provide an avenue for visiting friends and family to talk about something other than their health and spend quality time with them.

Doorknob Grips

The Doorknob Grips will make it easier for them to open and close the door which might otherwise feel like a struggle when they have a flare-up.

Anxiety, Stress & Pain Relief Gifts

These gifts will help relieve their anxiety and bring them relief from stress.

Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp

Depression and anxiety are common in patients suffering from arthritis. If your loved one feels very anxious at the moment or has trouble sleeping the certified Himalayan sea salt rock lamp might help provide the soothing comfort they need.

There are many known benefits of sea salt lamps. Salt lamps relieve anxiety and improve overall wellbeing. 

Weighted Blankets

Anxiety and chronic stress are hallmarks of arthritis that often keep the sufferer awake all night and that is why weighted blankets make a wonderful gift for them.

Weighted blankets provide a deep touch pressure simulation that provides relaxation to help them have a restful sleep. The gentle but firm pressure improves sleep resulting in positive health benefits. This weighted blanket is great for both summers and winters!

Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

Working around in the kitchen can seem daunting with various aches and pains in the body, but they probably still have to do it. Your gift will make it as comfortable as it possibly can be!

The Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Comfort Floor Mat has gel technology that dramatically reduces stress and discomfort while standing.

The mat is great for the kitchen as it is stain resistant and has a non-skid bottom.

Compression Socks

Compression Socks have a lot of benefits that make it a great gift for anyone with moderate to severe arthritis. If they have to sit or stand for longer periods of time at work these compression socks will boost their stamina, blood circulation, and recovery.

The socks apply gradual pressure to the ankle and foot areas to keep blood flowing in these areas.

These socks are made with a special fabric that is breathable and anti-bacterial so it wicks away all moisture/sweat keeping the feet dry and moisture free.

Arthritis Gloves

The arthritis gloves are infused with copper and provide the necessary compression and heat to relieve pain in the joints. They also support and help strengthen the muscles. 

These are great if they work on the computer a lot and always complain about cold fingers that make typing difficult. These gloves can be worn during day or night and they are machine washable.

Warming Mittens

The warming mittens with pain relief formula gel greatly help inflammation caused due to psoriatic arthritis. Filled with flax seeds the mitten have the goodness of various therapeutic oils that promote bone health.

The mittens are microwavable and the heat will help improve dexterity and prevent discomfort.

Cold Therapy Socks

Cold Therapy Socks reduce swelling and also help with pain relief. They can easily wear these to bed. The socks have full-length gel pads beneath and half gel pad on the top part of the foot area that provides all-around cooling to numb the pain.

Anti Inflammatory Gifts

Here are some suggestions that help with inflammation common in arthritis patients.

Fresh To-Go Juices

Studies have shown including fiber-rich foods in the diet can help reduce inflammation and it is one of the first lifestyle changes a doctor prescribes to arthritis patients.

Project juice has a variety of Fruits And Vegetable Juice options they can deliver to your loved one. The juices last a few days in the refrigerator so they can get their daily serving requirements without spending a lot of time in the kitchen chopping or juicing.

Herbal Tea

Herbal teas have many benefits and studies over the years have shown that turmeric can help reduce inflammation in joints, therefore, a pack of organic turmeric tea is an ideal gift.

And don’t worry, unlike coffee herbal teas don’t have caffeine so they don’t have an adverse effect on the sleep, instead, they have a calming effect that helps with sleep.

Snack Boxes

Healthy fresh fruits and veggie snack packs are a great way to get them to eat snacks that do well for the body. With fresh fruits and veggies on hand, they can easily avoid processed snacks.

Great for someone who suffers from chronic fatigue and therefore lacks the strength to get up and make a meal for themselves.

Nut Tray

Nuts also help reduce inflammation so a tray packed with healthy nuts is an excellent gift idea. Unlike most nut trays this nut tray has great reviews online.

Feel Better Gifts

Here are some feel better gifts to help cheer them up on difficult days

Fruit Bouquet

Lastly, a feel better gift like a fruit bouquet delivery or potted plants can help put a smile on their faces, and their caregiver’s face.

Gifts say a lot of things to the recipient, they convey your love and regard for them and they also let them know that you always keep them in your thoughts so send them a gift to remind them to smile because they are so loved! 

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Copper Bracelet

Whether copper helps alleviate pain is scientifically still up for debate but many people report improvement when they start wearing copper. Gift them this certified 99.9% copper bracelet if they are open to giving it a try.

Arthritis Magazine Subscription

A yearly magazine subscription for Arthritis Foundation will help keep them keep up with all the latest news and advancements in the field of arthritis. 

There is a lot of information online, some good and some bad. A legitimate source of information can educate them more about their condition, what to expect and realistic treatments.

It is extremely affordable. I would highly suggest a print version since they can make notes on the magazine, tear important pages to keep in their folder or read it through the magnifying glass I suggested above!

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I hope you found these gift ideas for arthritis sufferers helpful and were able to find just the right gift for your loved one.

Thank you for stopping by!

Arthritis sufferer gifts that will bring them relief. Gift guide include thoughtful gift ideas including anti-inflammatory gifts, pain relief gifts, well being gifts and gadget gifts that will help them in their daily life.

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