Practical and Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Patients

Best Post Surgery Gifts That Help With Recovery (Practical And Useful)

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A post-surgery recovery gift for a loved one is a thoughtful gesture, but it is often difficult to decide what to take. Flowers seem like the most convenient idea, but they don’t last long and crowd the room. Cards are another popular choice, they help uplift the patient’s mood, but that is only momentary relief.

Here are 39 practical after surgery gifts that provide more utility than flowers or cards. Get well gifts the patient can use or benefit from during his or her recovery.

P.S: I have also included some ideas that are the perfect gifts after knee surgery, heart surgery, and brain surgery, towards the end of the post.

P.S: This post contains affiliate links from Amazon and other retailers. If you make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission. Pls check Privacy Policy and T&C for more information.)

Post Surgery Recovery Gifts

If you are wondering what to bring someone going for surgery or recovering after then here are some gifts they will truly appreciate, regardless, if they are in a hospital at the moment or at home.

1. Spoon Full of Strength

a spoon full of strength

We can all agree that eating right is the first step to recovery and regaining their strength. This spoon is guaranteed to keep them motivated and on track.

This Get Well Spoon will cheer them up every time they pick it up to have a nutritious soup, cereal, or stir their coffee.

2. Bedside Storage Organizer

If getting out of bed is difficult for them at the moment, consider gifting them a bedside storage organizer that hangs by the side of the bed and has ample space to store all their essentials.

The bedside organizer keeps everything away from the eyesight and still close enough to reach comfortably.

It also keeps their bedside table space clutter-free and their room looking clean and organized. A clutter-free space is essential for maintaining positive mental health.

3. Tablet Stand

A flexible tablet stand can prevent shoulder pain and stiff neck that comes from reading on a tablet while lying on the bed. With the help of this nifty gadget, they can lie down comfortably to read or watch something without having to hold the tablet in their hands.

The legs of the tablet stand are flexible so it is easier to adjust on the bed and it fits almost all tablet sizes.

4. Get Well Soon Plant

A plant with personality is always better than a boring bouquet of flowers. 

The tickle me plant is a unique idea that promises to be a great companion if they have to spend a lot of time alone on the bed.

It takes only a few days to grow and it’s leaves fold when you touch or blow a kiss to it! The plant also produces pinkish flowers that will last longer than a bouquet. Even the visitors will feel entertained by the plant.

5. Healthy Recipes Book

A get well gift that will keep on giving!

Sometimes patients require a big change in their diet due to a new diagnosis or treatment. However, old habits are hard to break, and taste almost always wins over nutrition- a juicy burger sounds way nicer than eating plain salad for dinner, no joke!

Give them a book full of tasty healthy recipes that will help them transition to a healthier diet without compromising taste. 

A recipe book is also easy to take along to the hospital for a patient. They can kick-start their journey to better health by planning their recipes and meals in advance of their release date!

It doesn’t need much space and can be an amazing companion when the patient is alone in the hospital – who doesn’t like pictures of healthy food that looks tasty, yummy… and supercharged with nutrition!

6. Coffee Mug

This colorful mug will provide him or her with a healthy dose of encouragement, along with their coffee, every day.

7. Inspirational Wall Plaque

wall sign you are braver than you think

Reading positive words helps reinforce positive thoughts in mind.

Life can seem a bit when they are restricted in movement. A few positive words can work magic for anyone reading them especially for the ones who are hospitalized or recently discharged.

This inspirational wall plaque is a perfect gift whether he or she is going for surgery or recovering after in a hospital, nursing home, or at home. It does not take much space and comes in many beautiful colors.

8. Personalized Pillow

Let him or her know how much they are loved with a personalized throw pillow. A pillow with the names of the family members or one with family pictures is a great option.

It will keep them motivated and hopeful on their path to recovery.

9. Customized Photo Blanket

Gift any of the throw pillows above or combine it with a personalized blanket to bring them joy in colder months. The cozy blankets can be personalized with the recipient’s name, family pictures, etc.

All you have to do is find adorable pictures that will warm their heart. it is an excellent gift for elderly men or women.

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10. Electric Heating Pad

It is not uncommon to have cold feet during bed rest post-surgery. An electric fleece pad with controlled heat settings can bring them much needed relief they need.

The pad can be used on feet, back, waist, and abdomen and it comes in different colors as well!

11. Book of Jokes

Groucho Marx once said, “A laugh is like an aspirin, only it works twice as fast.” So help him heal with humor with this book full of clean and silly jokes that will keep them laughing for days.

This is a terrific gift to give if they are feeling anxious going into the surgery.

12. Coloring Books

Coloring books are all the rage at the moment and not wrongly so! Coloring has a lot of mental benefits but I will not get into that here, the topic deserves a big blog post of its own.

There are plenty of coloring books on the market. Some are focused on helping with certain conditions like anxiety, stress, etc.

There are more generic ones too that are not condition focused but still provide a lot of value like the “you’re totally badass” book. The other coloring book for adults is also phenomenal.

Coloring books are also an excellent gift for a patient that is bedridden or on bed rest at the moment.

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13. Back Scratcher With Massager Balls

This might seem like an odd gift, but it is sometimes difficult for even a perfectly healthy person to reach that itchy spot in the back by themselves so imagine how much a person with limited mobility is going to appreciate this one!

The best part about this wooden backscratcher is the four small roller balls in the back for massaging parts of the body.

14. Activity Book

A super fun activity book for adults both men and women will enjoy. It will keep them busy for a long time. The book is full of funny jokes, mazes, word scramble, spot the difference, etc.

15. Dried Fruit Tray

A great alternative to candy or just plain fruit. A dried fruit & nut tray is long-lasting so the patient does not need to consume these immediately as is the case with fresh fruits.

Dried fruits and nuts are known for all the nutritious benefits they provide to our bodies. They are good for health and taste great too. A combo gourmet dried fruit & nut box is even better!

16. Healing Blanket

A gift that will envelop them in warmth and positivity. Great for a man or a woman. It is the perfect gift to take to the hospital, nursing home, their home, etc.

If you were looking for a gift for someone feeling anxious going for surgery then definitely check this out.

This inspirational blanket comes in many colors and styles so you can find one that you think will resonate with the recipient.

17. Body Massager

Feeling tired and low post-surgery is very common in patients. Massage has many benefits that include eliminating fatigue and weakness, stress management, and recovery.  

Depending on the type of surgery he or she had, a massager can be a very thoughtful gift. It is always best to gift a full body massager that is portable and cordless so it can be used on any part of the body effortlessly.

18. Gel Pad Massager

This is a fantastic gift for your family member or friend who is recovering and has back pain issues. As opposed to the full-body massager, this device is very area specific.

Its small size and features mean it is very convenient to use.

The device can be controlled via an app, is discreet and comes pre-programmed with 4 pain relief programs.The best part is your loved one can wear this pain relief device even on the go as they start to move around or attend to regular chores.

The replacement gel pads are also very easy to find online, very convenient in the long run.

19. Salt Lamp

There are many well-known health benefits of a salt lamp. The hand-carved certified salt lamp looks great and its brightness can be adjusted.

Its light has a soothing and relaxing effect which makes it an excellent gift for a person who needs a lot of rest after surgery.

20. Magazine Subscription

Knowledge indeed is power!

A new diagnosis can open a floodgate of questions and doubts. If the diagnosis is life-altering, the impact of the news is even bigger and affects the patient emotionally as well. This can bring about sadness, a feeling of confusion, and negativity.

The more they learn about their problem the better they can prepare themselves to deal with it.

A magazine subscription that focuses on their condition is an excellent gift that will help them build a better understanding of their condition.

Magazines will also help them stay informed about the new treatment updates and devices that can help with their condition.

21. Book Authored By A Survivor

A book written by a fellow survivor or anyone journaling their road to recovery can bring them much needed positivity. Pick one based on their condition.

22. Laughing Pill

You have heard-Laughing is contagious, and it is backed by science too! They might not be in their best mood after surgery but this plushy laughing pill is going to make them laugh.

The pill, when squeezed, lets out giggles and laughter that can lighten up anyone’s mood in a pinch.

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23. Slipper Socks

She would love these slipper socks. The base of the socks is non-slippery to prevent slipping or falling and it will keep her feet warm too. She can wear it during her short strolls around the room if allowed to walk a bit.

Gift For Men

If he will be spending a lot of time in bed, here are some interesting gift ideas that will help him avoid boredom without spending all his time straining his eyes with TV, laptop, etc.

24. Foldable Game

The mini basketball game can be folded completely for easy storage and the basketball comes attached with a string so it would not get lost.

He can probably spend hours perfecting his shot on this handy game.

25. Puzzle for Grown-ups

Anything that can keep his mind active is a genius idea especially if he has been feeling a bit frustrated. A puzzle like this one, that does not have too many pieces that can escape his hands and fall to the floor will keep him busy.

Pretty sure anyone who comes to see them is going to try their hand at the puzzle. It is a great conversation piece that he would love to keep in his living room later.

26. Funny Socks

Does he love to crack up and make people laugh? For the young-at-heart kind of guy, anything that will make him burst into laughter is a gift he will love.

These animal paw socks are not expensive but that will not keep the recipient from appreciating it.

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Gift For Women

Whether you can or can’t be there in person a heartfelt gift is a great way of letting her know you are thinking of her all the time. All the above ideas are great but here are some especially for women that she will absolutely love.

27. Care Package

get well blessing gift box

Care packages are so much fun. They don’t include one gift but many that she can have fun exploring as time goes by. If you don’t have time to put one together by yourself check out this amazing get well blessing care package.

The best part is that they come in so much variety so you can pick and choose what you want the package to include according to your budget.

28. Heating Pads Set

a warm hug heating pads

Send her a warm hug with these microwavable heating pads. Relaxing and therapeutic these pads come with a lavender spray that helps calm the nerves.

These are perfect for days when she feels the aches and pain come through and needs a warm pad to relieve soreness.

29. Healing Bracelet

healing crystal bracelet for her

A healing crystal bracelet like this one will make her feel special. It comes with a card that explains what the crystal does and you can also find ones with different crystals stringed together.

She would love to wear it now, and forever! I love this store because you can order the bracelet according to the size of her wrist so it feels like it was truly made for her.

Post Knee Surgery Recovery Gifts

Here are some amazing after knee surgery gifts that the recipient will be glad to get.

30. Funny Feet Cookie Bouquet

Back On Your Feet Gift basket

A very tasty way of wishing them a speedy recovery. The funny cookie bouquet is just the right gift to make them and everyone around them laugh.

They would definitely love it!

31. Anti Fatigue Mat

As the name suggests, the Anti Fatigue Mat is a welcome relief to a patient. It is not only soft but it also helps ease the various aches and pains in the lower back, feet, or knees as they regain their strength.

It is a thoughtful gift especially for someone recovering from knee replacement surgery.

32. Leg Pillow

Recovery after knee surgery demands a lot of bed rest and it is important to keep legs elevated during that time for optimal posture and blood circulation.

A leg pillow gift beats a regular pillow any day and it also saves the hassle of constantly piling up pillows to prop legs up.

The Post Surgery Elevating Leg Rest Pillow memory foam elevated pillow is essential for maintaining proper blood flow in legs, relieve knees and reduce swelling.

They will thank you for all the relaxation and relief this pillow will bring to them.

33. Sock Aid

After knee surgery, the simplest of tasks like wearing socks can feel like a bit of a struggle. The person in need might not have someone to assist them every minute of the day.

Therefore a sock assist can be very helpful. There are many sock assist sticks but I chose this one on Amazon since it helps with both wearing and taking the socks off.

Post Heart Surgery Gifts

Your loved one would definitely feel nice to receive these get well soon gifts post-heart surgery that says you care about them.

34. Plush Happy Heart

A happy healthy heart plush that will remind the recipient to take care of their heart. It is so soft and cozy they will love to snuggle with it.

Whether they had minor heart surgery or a bypass this is the perfect way to show them that you care.

35. Recovery Pillow

heart surgery recovery pillow

If the plush heart is not what you like then check out this recovery pillow that is perfect for a man or a woman who has had a heart procedure done.

The pillow will help relieve the pressure from sensitive surgical areas. It can also be used as a support pillow.

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36. Heart Surgery Gift Basket

A gift basket comprising healthy foods is an excellent idea. Post-surgery, they will have to make dietary changes and your gift basket will help set healthy eating in motion.

Look for foods that are rich in antioxidants, protein, and cholesterol-free.

Although fruit and vegetables are the best, everyone wants to have a snack sometimes. Your loved one does not have to hold themselves back all the time with your tasty snack attack gift basket.

Here are some suggestions for the gift basket. It is also a good idea to consult with their caregiver before packing a basket. 

Post Brain Surgery Gift

Most of the ideas above make a thoughtful gift for a loved one recovering after brain surgery. However, depending on the status of their recovery, the below could be more suitable

37. Books/ Audio Books

Books can be a wonderful companion. Pack some books from their favorite genre so it is easier for them to pass time as they lay in bed.

Audiobooks are a better option if they have trouble focusing or reading at the moment.

38. Movie And Song Downloads

Download their favorite movies and songs on to a laptop or an iPad so it can give them company when they are alone.

39. Gift Of Time And Help

Recovery can sometimes feel lonesome.

The patient does not have much energy to go out and socialize making them vulnerable to negativity which in turn prolongs both mental and physical recovery. Taking care of regular household chores also feels like a tall order.

Friends and family are the most important factor when it comes to happiness so show your love and support by making time for your loved one and helping them with their daily tasks.

Your gift of time and company beats any other gift that you can buy with money!

Here are some ways you can help someone who is in recovery-

Things you can do for a sick or recovering loved one

Don’t Forget The Caregiver

Finding the right gift for the patient is important but often times caregivers are completely left ignored.

Even though this post is about gift ideas for the patients, but it is worth making a case for the family caregivers here.

Caregivers devote a lot of time and energy to taking care of the ill person. The patient would love to see something nice being done for the caregiver.

There are a lot of ways you can help out a family caregiver share the burden, one of which is time. But unfortunately, time is one of the luxuries that not everybody can afford.

If you don’t have time to give, that is okay… there are things that you can buy for the caregiver to make their life easier. Check out this post below.

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I hope you found a get well soon gift that will help ease the worry for a man or woman getting ready for a surgery or a post-surgery patient during his or her recovery.

Post Surgery Gifts That Are Long Lasting Than Flowers And Help With Recovery

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