cancer survivor gifts for men of all ages

Best Cancer Survivor Gifts for Men That Say Congrats

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It has been a struggle, but it is finally over. It is the end of his cancer treatment and there is no other way to express how happy you are then with a survivor gift for him. So, if you were wondering what are some good cancer survivor gifts for men? Here are some genius ideas he will be most excited to get.

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Cancer Survivor Gift Ideas for Him

We celebrate many milestones in life but this one beats all of them. A milestone like this deserves a fantastic gift that will acknowledge his fight against cancer and his subsequent victory. Here are 17 handpicked ideas that he would cherish forever.

cancer survivor gifts for men of all ages

1. Engraved Stone

engraved river stone

The perfect way to memorialize their win. The river stone can be engraved with text- up to 2 lines, color, and font of your choice so use this opportunity to write him a heartfelt congratulatory text or a word of your choice.

The stone will not disintegrate with time, unlike most objects. It will look great anywhere he decides to display it, like in the garden, living room, etc. He can even use it as a paperweight at his work desk.

2. RX Cookie Jar

Cookie Jar with RX print

If you were looking for a way to add a dash of humor to the joyous occasion this RX cookie jar will have him cracking up. Who does not want a prescription suggesting two cookies a day!!

But seriously, he has spent a major chunk of time looking at medicine each day, going for treatments, etc. They deserve a light-hearted gift that does not undermine the gravity of the event but also makes him smile a lot.

Oh, and if you are planning to take the jar with you don’t forget to add some of his favorite cookies – store-bought or baked by you- to sweeten the surprise.

3. Memorialize the Date

date printable

Everyone remembers their birthday and anniversary (well, most men!). They have so many mementos and souvenir gifts to remember these special occasions by. So, get him something that will commemorate the date he was declared cancer-free.

I found these date printable ideas that you can order with or without a frame. They come in different sizes and layouts so you can easily find something that fits your budget and style.

I love this custom date print that allows you to personalize it with a few lines of text.

4. Date Engraved Keychain

The text and the date on the keychain can be customized. The keychain is another excellent way to recognize the date he received the big news.

It is an affordable, yet meaningful gift. Whoever said a meaningful gift has to be eye-wateringly expensive was certainly wrong!

5. Hand Stamped Congrats Spoon

congratulations spoon

A creative way to wish him congratulations is this spoon that literally spells it out. He will remember your good wishes every time he uses the spoon to scoop his morning cereal, stir coffee, enjoy soups and so much more.

Not something you can find at a regular department store. This really is a unique item, and it is affordable, just under $25.

The spoon has a slight vintage feel to it that adds to its character. Each spoon is made to order so if you like the spoon to spell out something else this seller can accommodate that request.

6. Inspirational Gift

inspirational wall art for survivors

An inspirational piece of décor like this wall sign is a great end of cancer treatment gift.

Let him know you truly care about his journey and his success with these simple words that will keep him inspired to stay on track with is health goals.

A thoughtful idea like this also takes away the pressure to come up with just the right words when you want to express how truly happy you are for the recipient.

7. Sweet Surprise

chocolate and flower congrats bouquet
box of chocolate spelling congrats

Good diet and exercise are important. But no celebration is really complete without chocolate. Although not as everlasting as some of the other ideas on this list but it certainly does not lack the WOW factor.

You can always buy his favorite gourmet chocolates and call it a day. But that is not how you celebrate a glorious occasion.

If chocolate is the way you decide to go, then here are two options I would like to recommend. Chocolate box with congrats spelled out– you can customize it with words of your choice and the eye-catching Ferrero-Rocher bouquet.

They are both wonderful. Perfect for the man who has everything.

8. Healthy Gift Basket

He has come a long way, but it is not the end of the road. Chemo can have short term and long-term effects. Most cancer survivors still need to observe their diet and feed their bodies mindfully even after they have received the good news.

If you were looking for a nutritious edible gift, then a dried fruit and nut sampler tray with a selection that tastes great and provides essential vitamins and minerals to his body is an excellent choice.

Unlike most edible items, this basket does not have a short shelf life, so he does not have to rush through it.

The best part is he can use this tray as a serving platter or cutting board even after the contents are consumed. You can also add a message to the recipient at checkout.

9. End of Chemo Gift

cancer survivor socks

These funny socks are the best goodbye to chemo gift. He will love to flaunt these socks each day every day. You might have to buy him some extra pairs!

10. Engraved Dog Tags

engraved dog tags for men

A genius way to honor this long-awaited occasion is to gift him these custom engraved dog tags. He will love these especially if he is in the service.

The tags are made of stainless steel. Perfect for boyfriend, husband, or father.

11. Giggling Plush Pill

They say laughter is the best medicine! Not that he needs his meds, but this plush giggling pill will always keep him laughing. When squeezed it bursts into uncontrollable laughter.

It is great on its own or if you are planning to make a gift basket for him this plush pill will be a great add-on.

Speaking of soft plushies, here is another great idea.

These organ plushies come in a variety so no matter what type of cancer he suffered from you can find a light-hearted happy healthy plush implying the full recovery of the organ, like this snuggly lung plush, that will bring a smile to his face.

For some more hilarious gifts check out these funny get well soon gifts that will make him laugh hard.

12. Adventure Begins Mug

let the adventure begin ceramic mug

The worst is over, and the best is yet to come! Most people experience a new zest for life after they have gone through a life-altering experience.

He has so much to look forward to and this coffee mug is the perfect way to remind him to live each day to its fullest. A new mug for the new him!

This sturdy ceramic mug is microwave and dishwasher safe, unlike most mugs that have a print on them.

13. Positive Energy Blanket

It is a well-known fact that words influence our subconscious brain. This healing blanket is covered with words that are healing and full of positiveness. The uplifting words on the blanket set it apart from any other regular blanket.

Getting back to normal life after chemo treatments takes time and if he is still feeling tired and fatigued from the treatments then this blanket will bring him a lot of mental peace every time he wraps himself in it.

It is a fantastic gift especially if you cannot be there in person with him to celebrate or offer your support through his recovery.

14. Book of Jokes

He and his family have spent enough time worrying and now is the time for all of them to sit back laugh a LOT. There is no better way to have a quality family time then laughing silly and enjoying some good food which is where a book of good jokes will come handy.

The book is a collection of funniest jokes, quotes, and cartoons from Reader’s Digest. He will greatly enjoy this if he still restricted to bed because of weakness.

Speaking of bed rest, check out these gifts for men on bed rest that will help him with his recovery. The guide includes all sorts of ideas that are better than flowers.

15. No one Fights Alone Socks

no one fights alone socks

Unconditional love and support from family and friends have undoubtedly played a big role in his journey. Continue to show your support for him with these ‘No one fights alone’ socks.

He would also love wearing these socks as a sign of his gratitude towards everyone who has stood by him on good and bad days providing big doses of encouragement when he needed it the most.

It also acknowledges the efforts of a family member who took over the role of caregiver for the duration.

The bracelet below is another option if he likes wearing a leather bracelet.

leather bracelet no one fights alone

It is not just the sufferer but the family members as well who struggle to be the best caregiver possible when someone falls sick. Here are some useful gifts for family caregivers full of appreciation that they actually deserve.

16. Cancer Awareness Bracelet

cancer awareness bracelet

Speaking of bracelets, there are awareness bracelets for different types of cancer that he can wear as a show of solidarity towards others fighting the same condition with whom he has bonded over the course of his treatment.

These bracelets come in many colors and styles each meaningful in their own way.

Looking for some gift ideas to take for a man stuck in hospital? Here are some unique and fun hospital gifts you should take for a guy.

17. A Bag of Wishes

Not all memorable gifts are physical objects that you can buy off the shelf. Some things we treasure the most in life are handwritten or handmade with love.

If you are planning to throw a party for him ask all the attendees to write a handwritten note for him. Add all the notes to a nice gift bag and gift it to the recipient.

His happiness will double and triple as he reads all the notes one by one after the party is over. A moving gift, he will cherish these notes forever.

After all, it always feels so good to know how much you are loved, no matter your age.

18. Experience Gift

Depending on his recovery and how he is feeling an experience gift will make him feel rejuvenated. It can be anything that he likes or something new and unique he has not yet tried.

Some of the ideas to consider are -voucher to an upscale men’s saloon, membership to a cycling club, golf lessons, beer brewing classes, and if he is young at heart kind of guy you can also consider gifting voucher for a jet ski rental, etc.

A voucher for a weekend getaway is another nice idea so he can spend quality time with his wife and kids.

Also, check out these amazing after-surgery gifts for men and women that will bring them comfort.


I hope you found these ideas helpful. These ideas are some of the best things you can take for a man finishing chemo or anyone celebrating their cancer survivorship.

congratulations gifts for a cancer survivor man

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