thoughtful gifts for caregiver after a loved one passed away

Best Gifts for Caregiver After Death of a Loved One

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Caregivers are what we are most thankful for when the need arises and if you were looking for some thank you gift ideas for the caregiver who has selflessly taken care of your loved one right up until they passed away then you are at the right place.

These gift ideas are the perfect way to show your appreciation for their hard work and commitment whether they work at a nursing home, hospice, or as an in-home caregiver.

This gift guide is a mix of things you can do for them and some other material things that will remind them of your good words, generosity, and gratefulness that will fill their heart with joy.

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Thoughtful Caregiver Gifts After Passing of A Loved One

If you were wondering what to get for the caregiver after the death of a loved one then here are some handpicked ideas in different price ranges, so you can easily find something that fits your budget.

You can always send breakfast, lunch, snack items, coffee for an entire team at the facility but here are some ideas for when you want to do more for the ones you feel truly grateful for. For instance, someone who took exceptional care of your elderly mom, dad, spouse, etc.

thoughtful gifts for caregiver after a loved one passed away

1. Inspirational Message Blanket

A super-soft blanket with inspirational words of love happiness and health is the most perfect way to express gratitude for the one that selflessly provides support and care to the ones who need it the most because they need care too!

The uplifting words on the blanket set it apart from any other blanket or throw you can give as a gift.

The lightweight blanket provides medium warmth and it is made of hypoallergenic material so someone with allergies or sensitive skin can use it without any issues.

This blanket comes in more colors as well. It will last them for a long time. Perfect for a male or female caregiver.

2. Appreciation Gift

thanks for all you do chocolate box

You can never go wrong with chocolates. A little sweetness for the person who has brought you peace of mind (for months or years…) when you were not able to spend each passing moment of the day looking after your sick mother or father.

The thank-you chocolate box comes in different flavors. These will, no doubt, bring a smile to the recipient’s face when they open the box.

You can also check out this smaller box option.

small chocolate box that spells thank you

3. Thank You Gift Bag

sunshine thank you gift bag

This sunshine cotton bag comes with a bag of luxury handmade fudge inside. You can choose from many different flavors.

The text on the bag is what makes it stand out. You can order a bunch of them as thank you gifts for the staff at the nursing home or hospice.

4. Gift Box

thank you small succulent basket

Gift boxes are one of my favorite ways to delight the recipient. They come in a large variety, with a lot of stuff inside. But given the occasion, I chose a simple one with a live succulent and a scented soy candle.

It is an affordable gift, but it will let the caregiver know you will always cherish all the enthusiasm and energy they put into their work.

Since the succulent included in this gift box is a live one, it can live in their working space or home for years.

5. Self-Care Gift

self care spa gift set

Speaking of gift basket here is another one that the recipient would be pleasantly surprised to get and excited to try.

If you have come to know the caregiver personally over the course of time and formed an emotional bond then a self-care gift like this spa gift basket is a thoughtful gift idea.

Death of the loved one impacts the family, but it also affects the caregiver emotionally, EVEN if they are professionally trained for this. A self-care basket will comfort them as well.

The basket includes some fabulous items, and you can customize what you want to be included. You can also add a personalized note to express your gratitude.

6. Meaningful Keepsake

thank you for your kindness keepsake

Everyone wants to feel appreciated at their workplace, even a professional working in a caregiving facility. On days when they feel stressed and drained this little keepsake will remind them of how much they are adored by the families of the sick or the elderly residents in their care.

Check out this adorable clay keepsake and many others, like this one, that beautifully relays the sentiment. You can also personalize this with your family name.

Keepsakes like these are long-lasting than flowers or candies and it is perfect for those days when they need a little emotional pick me up. It will serve as a constant reminder of gratefulness the patient’s families feel towards them.

7. Metal Ornament

inspirational metal ornament

Is Christmas around the corner? If yes, this sentimental ornament will make her Christmas tree look even more brighter.

It is definitely one of those items that don’t cost a lot but fills the recipient’s heart with pride.

8. Cookie Gift Set

thank you flower shaped cookies

Unlike many other gourmet cookie boxes, these cookies come individually wrapped so they last a long time. Great for sharing with the team. These made to order cookie set looks adorable and the thank you sign is the cherry on top.

You can be sure anyone who eats them will love them. There are many other cookie designs you can choose from, like this scrub cookie set.

scrub shaped cookie

9. Caregiver Tote Bag

Tote bags are so versatile, especially the ones made of fabric. I have seen women use them to carry stuff to work, for grocery shopping, and running a million errands.

I picked this bag since it spells out some of the amazing qualities that make a caregiver the rock star that they are.

You can gift the bag as is or add one of the ideas from this list to the bag.

10. Appreciation Jewelry

caretaker necklace

A piece of jewelry like this necklace will always remind her of you and your beloved. It is delicate enough that she can wear it to work or when she is out and about.

The two pieces above caught my attention- the caretaker necklace with thoughtful words and this ‘thanks a ton’ necklace below.

thanks a ton necklace

11. Willow Tree Angel

The way they dedicate themselves to caring for others and comfort the patient and families all the time, they are no less than an Angel themselves. I am sure you will agree!

This hand-carved angel holding a thank you sign adds just the right sentiment. You can also add a handwritten note along with the figurine or some cash, gift card, etc. But we will talk about that later in this post.

12. Dried Fruit Tray

A dried fruit tray like this one is a healthy gift anyone will enjoy. Do not forget to add a heartfelt thank you note.

The fruit tray is full of delicious fruits like mango, Mediterranean apricots, kiwi, pears, etc. You can find plenty of variety online. However, the best part about this fruit tray, in particular, is that it can also be used as a wooden serving tray or a fruit bowl afterward.         

It is not a flimsy box that he or she will discard once the contents are all consumed.

13. Sculpted Magnet

Not everyone is adept at expressing their feeling with words. If you feel like you need a little help with the words that truly express how indebted you feel, then this sculpted magnet has just the right words to show how appreciative you are.

A unique and heartwarming gift that is long-lasting.

It is not an elaborate gift but if you would like you can always add more to it. For instance, something else you liked in this post, cash, gift card, etc. It depends on your budget.

14. Caregiver Flip Calendar

A gift of encouragement, this god’s promises for a caregiver flip calendar has verses from the bible, words of hope, prayer, etc., on each page that are heart-lifting.

If you were looking for a faith-based gift this calendar will not disappoint.

It is compact enough that they can carry it with them. They can also tear off pages to keep with them during times when they need to hold on to faith.

If you need some gift ideas for the family member who has taken over the role of a caregiver then check out these practical gift ideas for the family caregiver that will bring them comfort and joy.

15. Thank You Note with Cash

A monetary gift of any amount is always a welcome gift although it does not last as long as a physical product. However, under some circumstances, it might seem like the best option.

This might be the last time you see them so use this opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the person who has made sure you could live a stressfree life because they took care of an aging parent or spouse.

If you do consider going this route, then here are some nice thank you cards for you to consider.

appreciation card

How much cash should you give to the Caregiver?

Although there are no hard and fast rules regarding the amount you should gift but remember this might be the last time you see them. So, use the opportunity to give an appropriate amount that is on par with the emotional investment and time they spent building a relationship with your sick beloved.

It is always a good idea to base it off on some of the points below-

  • How long had they been providing service for your family member? Assuming you would gift more generously for longer duration vs a shorter duration.
  • Their seniority at the workplace if they are working at a caregiving facility.
  • Whether an individual performed their duties more compassionately than the others. This is a great way to reward those who go above and beyond their call of duty.

16. Reference/ Referral Letter

Anyone who has worked as a professional knows the value of a good reference.

Write a letter to their boss telling them how the individual made a difference to yours and your loved one’s life.

If they are an independent caregiver, not employed via an agency, write a recommendation for them where the next prospective employer can read it.

Most often people will only write a review if they have something to complain about. Your positive glowing review can do wonders for their confidence and career.

17. Gift Card

Gift cards are another great option. But there are so many varieties to choose from and if you do not know them personally it could be a challenge getting it right.

For instance, a Starbucks gift card almost always sounds like a good idea, but not everyone is a fan!!

Here are some gift cards to consider if you consider going that route-

  • A restaurant gift card so they can enjoy an outing with their family.
  • Visa/ Mastercard so they are not restricted to shopping at one outlet. If you know where they like to shop, then by all means a gift card from their favorite store is an excellent choice.
  • Amazon gift card is another excellent option since almost everyone shops there regardless if they are a prime member or not.
  • You can also give an Amazon Prime membership that will benefit them and their family. It is not just free 2-day shipping but everything else that comes with it that makes it a great choice. The membership itself can save so much money in other ways for a family, like free movies, TV shows, music, and books.
  • Depending on your pocket and how well you know them. A gift card with respect to their hobby or interest is also a nice gesture. For instance, if they like to go for yoga in their free time, gift them a yoga pass for their favorite studio.


An appreciation gift no matter how big or small is the best way to say thank you to the caregiver who stood by your family member till their last breath. I hope you found this guide helpful and have an excellent gift planned for the deserving recipient.

best caregiver gifts to give after death of a loved one

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