best hospital gift ideas that are perfect for young guys and elderly men

Best Gifts for A Man in Hospital That Are Better Than Flowers

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Men are hard to shop for anyway, but when you want to take along something thoughtful and memorable for a man who is currently in the hospital the task seems especially arduous. If you are not feeling up to the challenge, worry not, I am going to give you plenty of options to choose from that will bring joy and comfort to the patient and also make you feel better.

No matter if it is your son, nephew, boyfriend, father, or friend he will appreciate the gesture and your gift. The list also includes some well-thought gifts for an elderly man in the hospital.

I have included gifts in different price ranges to fit every type of budget.

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Hospital Gifts for Men

Here is a list of 17 creative hospital gifts a man would be genuinely excited to get while he recovers and beats boredom.

best hospital gift ideas that are perfect for young guys and elderly men

Gadgets for Men in Hospital

Yes, you can still take a gadget gift for the manly man even if he is stuck in the hospital. Here are some useful ideas to consider.

P.S: As you go through this list you will be pleased to find that most of these gadgets are not something that he can only enjoy during his stay in the hospital but even after he is discharged.

Adjustable Bed Table

This bed table functions as a laptop desk and the best part is that it is adjustable which is a great feature to have if he is going to use it on the bed. The legs also fold easily for easy storage.

Watching TV every waking minute of the day or staring into the small screen of his cell phone is never a good idea. And the generic side tables in the hospital are not big enough to hold anything but a food tray.

This tray is function and comfort that he will be thrilled to use even afterward.

Portable Neck Fan

He does not have the luxury to set his own room temperature at the moment, but this portable neck fan is a genius idea that will keep him feeling cool on days when he needs it.

He can use this nifty gadget afterward as well when he has fully recovered and enjoyed life out and about.

Rechargeable Portable Book Light

This handsfree lightweight LED light can be worn around the neck when he wants to read a book on nights when the sleep does not come easy and he is bored of watching TV.

It does not take much space at all and allows for three different settings- wide angle Light, spotlight, and spot & wide light.

Book Clip

Great for anyone who loves to read. The page holder is made from stainless steel so it will not bend or break easily like the usual plastic or paper types. He can read handsfree without having to hold the page with a tight grip.

It can also be used as a bookmarker by sliding it inside the page where he left off reading.

Back Scratcher

He will not have to struggle to get at that back itch again. This back scratcher has a long bendable arm that makes it easy to get to hard to reach areas.

It is also easy to scratch legs if he can’t bend too much. An inexpensive gift, but it is highly functional. He will enjoy it very much.

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Encouragement Gifts for Him

Anything that keeps his spirits up and encourages him is the best get well gift to take or send to the patient if you can’t visit in person. I have found some unique ideas that are exactly what he needs to get through this difficult time.

Soothing Stone

You probably have heard about the mental health benefits of having a soothing stone, if not, here is a crash course for you. Soothing stones are very therapeutic, and they help calm and soothe the mind.

They are also called worry stones.

These stones have a slight indentation in the center, so it is easier to move the thumb back and forth over them. The motion takes the mind off of the negative, especially a stone like this with an encouraging positive message engraved on it.

Relaxation Gift

lavender stress relief sachet

Lavender has been known to help with sleep and relaxation. I love the message on this sachet and if he is tired of the various unpleasant smells in his ward, he would really enjoy having this by his side on his bed.

He can also rub this sachet on his pillow or bedsheet for a better sleeping experience.

It is always a good idea to check with the staff before you take anything like this for the patient.

Inspirational Socks

These adorable socks will keep him feeling like a Rockstar on days when he is not feeling his best. The positivity socks will affirm to him what he needs to hear every single day.

The socks have ‘I am Strong’ printed on the toe area so he can read it anytime he looks at his feet which is pretty much all the time if he is stuck with just lying on the bed all the time.

There are other variations of text on these socks that are also worth checking out.

Stamped Spoon

motivational message spoon

He will have a big smile on his face every time he uses this spoon. Since words have a profound effect on our subconscious mind this engraved spoon full of positivity will make an excellent gift for him.

Every time he eats with this spoon, he will feel his strength develop.

It is perfect for every type of guy regardless of age, young or elderly, he will love this unique get-well gift.

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Keepsake Wallet Card

inspirational wallet card

Recovery takes a long time, and it doesn’t end when a patient is discharged from the hospital. This personalized keepsake motivational card will remind him of his strength on days when he feels like giving up.

He can keep the card by his side and carry it in his wallet later on.

Boredom Buster Gifts

Laughing is the best medicine. So, help him beat the boredom and speed healing with some lighthearted gifts that will keep him entertained and feeling lively.

Healing Through Humor Jokes

A nice gift for someone going through recovery this hilarious book is full of jokes. If you are longing to see him smile and laugh you should definitely get him this book.

Another funny book I would like to mention here is the ‘Man Walks into A Bar’. The book has over 6000 jokes, one-liners, etc., that will have him rolling with laughter (not literally, of course).

Engaging Read

The greatest book of useless information is exactly what the name suggests. It is packed full of facts and silly statistics no one needs to know, but it will prevent boredom alright.

Did you know paper can be made out of asparagus or there is a place in Maryland called Monkey’s brow?

Now he has the opportunity to learn about all these useless facts that he can entertain his friends with once he is out.

The book will be a great companion to him during his stay and the perfect conversation starter for his coffee table later.

Beer Bottle Dispenser

beer inspired dispenser bottle

Bet you never thought you will find a beer gift to take for the guy in the nursing home or hospital.

You and the recipient will be pleasantly surprised to see this creative beer bottle dispenser. It comes filled with soap but you can easily swap that for sanitizer so he can keep it next to his bed.

Bottle Candle

beer inspired candle jar

He will probably do a double-take before he realizes you didn’t actually bring him something you are not supposed to. The beer bottle candle by his side will remind him of all the good days at home, make him smile, and keep him feeling hopeful about the future.

He can light it when he is back in the comfort of his home. Which is one more reason why he would want to get better fast and leave?

Gifts like these are perfect for a friend you are wanting to cheer up.

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Motivational Stress Balls

The whole environment of the hospital and the slow recovery can be so stressful. Stress-relieving balls are the perfect way to divert attention, keep muscles strong, and feel the relief when he can’t go out into nature for a relaxing walk.

I chose the ones with some lighthearted quotes on them to keep him motivated.

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Comfort Gifts for Hospital

Here are some ideas that will bring him loads of comfort.

Organic Dehydrated Fruit

Donuts and candy are not exactly the kind of treats you want to take for a patient. But if you are looking for a healthy treat for him that will satisfied his taste buds then organic dehydrated fruit sans additional added sugar is a delightful snack to take along.

It is a good idea to take some extras so he can have them by his bedside for snacking.

Mattress Topper

The fastest way to recover is restful sleep and good nutrition. Speaking of which, hospital beds are not always the comfiest.

If he has been having issues adjusting to the bed, then this cooling memory foam topper that contours to body curves is what will bring him a lot of comfort.

A foam topper like this also provides good support which is essential for someone spending the majority of their day on bed.

Bed Caddy

A clean environment no matter where you are always helps with sleep quality and inner peace, both of which are important for a recovering patient. This bedside caddy is big enough to store all his gadgets, a book or two, personal use items, etc.

The caddy does not require some special kind of installation. It is the perfect gift for him if he can bend over enough, without issues, to reach the caddy.

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Hospital Care Package for A Guy

Do not think that guys don’t appreciate a well-thought care package. In fact, everybody loves em! For guys, you just have to be a bit more sporty…sort of… and pick things that are a combination of comfort and fun.

I would start with the basics like hand sanitizer (I bet you saw the beer bottle idea above… so much fun), some hand wipes that he can use to wipe his hands and face to freshen up a bit without getting up from the bed, pair of socks, and I would highly recommend including packages of organic dried fruit that is NOT doused in sugar.

If he does not have any food restrictions surprise him with an unexpected tasty treat like these donuts flavored jellybeans… mind-boggling, I KNOW.

Worst Gifts for Men in Hospital

I usually do not include a section like this in my guides, but I felt compelled here since me and my husband both have endured long hospital stays personally. So, if you were wondering what type of gifts you should not take to the hospital then here are some suggestions.

Bouquets & Teddy Bears

While flower bouquet and teddy bears look cute, they are not that inexpensive, and for the money spent the recipient does not get much value.

Before you spend a good $30-$50 on a bouquet or a soft toy, I recommend buying a gift from this list that will last longer and prove useful even after the stay is over.

New Pajamas

It is not a complete NO NO but do hear me out. Most people with extended hospital stays do not care much about a new set of pajamas.

If he is not restricted to wearing only hospital gowns he would feel just as thrilled to wear his own that give him a feeling of being at home.

Sweet Treats

We all know it’s not a good idea but sometimes we feel compelled since we know how boring hospital food can be. If you want to take something sweet there are some healthier options out there that are a better substitute, like the ones I mentioned above.


I hope you enjoyed these hospital friendly gift ideas for the man in your life that needs some TLC at the moment. These gifts are perfect whether he is staying long term or short term since most of these items he can use at home too.

Hospital gifts for guys

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