30th birthday funny gifts for women

Funny 30th Birthday Gifts for Women that Promise To Make Her Laugh (19 Ideas)

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Want to ditch the mundane boring ideas and instead buy her an unforgettable hilarious gift for her 30th birthday? If you screamed ‘YES’… great! You are reading the right article.

I know, it is hard to come up with a funny gift idea for women that is tasteful yet makes her burst into laughter. But worry not, I have made the job easier for you with these handpicked ideas that do not cross the line but still stand out from the rest of the boring gifts she will get on her milestone birthday.

The best part is that no matter how silly these gifts seem they are all functional. I stayed away from cheap gimmicky ideas that will land in the trashcan in a few days after the novelty fades off.

She will love these creative ideas especially if she has been dreading turning 30, which in all honesty is most women.

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30th Birthday Gag Gifts for Her

If you were wondering what to get your best friend, girlfriend, sister, or even coworker for her milestone 30th birthday then here is a list of 19 gag gifts that will keep her laughing for days.

30th birthday funny gifts for women

1. You Smell Ripe Soap

you smell ripe soap

The most hysterical way to congratulate her as she gets older. The ‘You Smell Ripe’ soap is made with quality ingredients and smells delicious- it smells like mango, who does not love that?

She will not be able to stop cracking up when she reads the catchy print on the soap.

The best part is that it will not just sit in her drawer until it is forgotten. She will love using this moisturizing soap for her bath time.

2. Burrito Blanket

Turning 30 does not mean she has to leave all her quirkiness behind. Help her feel silly, fun, and cool with a blanket that will elevate her cozy bedtime to another level and make her crave Mexican food too.

She would want to stay wrapped in this blanket all day.

By the way, if she is really into Mexican food, consider adding a Margarita mix to your gift bag or pop in for her birthday party with all the ingredients to make mouthwatering Mexican inspired cocktails for everyone.

3. Funny Coffee+ Wine Glass

Multipurpose is the name of the game if she is a busy woman who does not have time to waste looking around for a coffee mug or wine glass when she needs it.

The two in one coffee+wine glass can be by her side from morning to evening. She will get plenty of questions, comments, and compliments – all good- whenever someone sees it.

It is not just a novelty gift either, made for display only. She can ACTUALLY use it!

SO genius and thoughtful, all your friends would want one too, and maybe you would want one as well.

4. Turning 30 Socks

funny 30th socks

Add the fun in thirty with these adorable socks that she would love to wear around the house and show off every chance she gets. Great for a daughter, sister, or girlfriend who has someone at home teasing her around about turning 30.

Hard to believe these snappy socks are under $20. She will get so much use out of them.

Looking for an inexpensive gift idea for your girlfriend. Check out these under $25 gifts for her that seem more expensive than what they cost.

5. Sleep Mask

sleep eye mask

Perfect for the girlfriend who can doze off at the drop of a hat. The padded silk mask is smooth and luxurious which makes it a nice gift for the sleeping beauty.

The catchy print is what makes it even more gift-worthy. She will love to wear this every night, and no one will dare interrupt her sleep with this mask on.

If purple is not her color of choice, check out the many other colors this mask comes in and it is very affordable.

6. Delicious Recipe Book

She has matured, garnered new skills, accomplished a lot in her 20’s but that does not mean she gets to throw in the towel just yet. There is plenty more left to learn in her 30’s.

Here comes a recipe book that will elevate her basic chicken dinner skills to five-star dining experience so she can throw more sophisticated dinner parties at home with confidence and never having to pick up the phone to order fast food delivery for her parties and calling it a day.

The name of the book will keep her laughing and inspired in the kitchen. The book can be a great conversation piece she can display in her living area or kitchen.

7. 30th Birthday Apron

kitchen apron for her

It is quite possible that she has never owned or owned-but-never-used an apron before in her carefree 20’s but it is time to appreciate the finer things and some kitchen essentials in life.

Whether she is really good at baking or not, she will smile every time she reaches out for this apron.

8. Personalized Wall Art

wall art print

Ok, it is time to be creative! I love this wall art idea. It is customizable so you can add your own words to define the recipient. Go FUNNY, go cool… spell out her fun quirks and traits that truly make her unique.

The same qualities in her that you know will keep her just as awesome in the new decade.

I bet the rib-tickling end result will make her laugh till she cries. She would lovingly display this memorable gift in her favorite corner of the house.

9. Birthday Tumbler

Age is not a constant, but friendship can be! Let her know that aging might bring about a lot of new changes, but your friendship will stay the same even if she hits a few more milestones in this circle of life.

An adorable gift for the bestie, this vacuum insulated tumbler is great for hot or cold drinks so she can enjoy a variety of drinks in it.

10. Emoji Chocolates

funny emoji chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate. They make a great gift for any occasion but this one comes with a twist. The ultimate gift for the one who has been complaining and feeling sad about her approaching milestone birthday.

Let her know no matter the age she is still ‘THE SH**’ with these funny poop chocolate emojis.

If you are feeling extra daring, you can also check out this other chocolate below. Based on her temperament you might get a hug or kick for this one.

funny birthday chocolate

11. Personalized Face Socks

hilarious face print socks

Make her feel extra special on her big day with personalized socks with her cute face on them. Pick your favorite photo or photos of her- plus points for finding the most hilarious ones and attach it to your order.

The seller will send you a proof before the order is processed, which is so amazing.

Finding the perfect birthday gift for a coworker is tough. But here are some clever birthday gifts for coworker she will actually love.

12. Silly Birthday Card

joe exotic inspired birthday card

Most people don’t give each other paper birthday cards on their birthday anymore but that’s what makes giving one so ‘exotic’ in the first place.

No matter the age, the recipient will definitely feel important and exotic with this card that is sure to make her chuckle.

13. Birthday Cake

What is a birthday without a cake? But not just any ordinary cake will do. This occasion demands a cake she and the party guests will remember forever.

I am not talking about a beautiful glorious cake but rather a hilarious one.

There is plenty of inspiration you can find with a quick search online from silly to clever, whatever you have in mind.

14. Unique Birthday Candles

funny candles for birthday cake

Speaking of birthday cakes, a birthday celebration is not complete until the candles on the cake are blown. Send her the most ridiculous birthday candles she will most likely have a hard time blowing…because she will just keep laughing every time she sees them.

Apart from their funny shape, the candles smell great. You can add a naughty or nice message for the recipient with your order.

15. T-shirt

fun t-shirt for birthday girl

Is this a friend you can count on to participate no matter what your plan is? If you said yes, then you know this t-shirt is the perfect gift for your boo.

A great way of making her realize age is just a number but in our hearts and mind, we always remain the same to our close friends and family.

16. Birthday Toilet Paper

30th birthday toilet paper roll

Planning to kickstart her day with a lot of giggles and a big surprise? She will not be able to stop laughing once you surprise her in the morning with this toilet paper roll.

Put it in her bathroom and just wait for her to roll it.

17. Flask with Pink Strap

She will love this flask. It will look great on her bar, etc., and she can also take it along with her on her travels.

Thanks to the shoulder strap she does not need a bag or a big pocket to carry this around, which is a big convenience- ask any woman! No matter what she is into- cocktails or apple cider vinegar, she can enjoy any drink in this flask.

18. Wonder Woman Blanket with Sleeves

She can enter the new decade feeling like a superhero with this wearable wonder woman blanket with sleeves. She can use it as a costume for her party or lounge in it on her sofa.

The blanket has an opening in the back to allow for full coverage in the front. The long loose sleeves will keep her feeling warm while she attends to chores, reads her fav book, or watches TV.

If you were looking for an inexpensive gift that will make a big splash, then definitely check this out.

Is she a geek at heart or someone who wants to get her hands on the latest and greatest gadgets? Check out these tech gifts for women that will blow her away.

19. Getting Older Candle

hilarious 30th birthday gift for sister

Here is one for the sister you love to tease all the time. I wish I had come across this candle when my own sister was turning 30. Oh well! I’ll probably buy a similar one for when she turns 40.

 The handmade candle is made out of soy, so it burns clean and has a burn time of up to 50hrs. If she has a funny bone in her she would crack up.

If you want something similar for a friend but want to bring it down a notch, then check out this other candle.

hilarious 30th birthday gift for friend

20. Funny Gift Set

You can’t go wrong with this gift- a set of funny wine coasters, plus a pair of socks to match. The catchy one-liners add to the uniqueness of the coasters. 

She would love to display these on her coffee table. Perfect for any grownup gal who is moving on to the sophisticated wine from tequila shots.

if you are looking for a holiday gift then also check out these small stocking stuffers for her that you haven’t thought of.

21. Discreet Wine Tote Bag

Speaking of wine. Here is a sneaky idea she would use for years to come and love it each time she uses it.

An ingenious way to carry wine or drink of her choice discreetly. This liquid dispenser tote bag looks like any other tote. Nobody would ever suspect it is a wine bag.

The bag comes in many colors. It offers more functionality than merely more pockets to store stuff.

She can carry her fav drink to picnic, beach, cruise, etc.


I  hope you were able to find the perfect funny gift for her from this list. These ideas definitely beat dropping into her party with a bunch of balloons and a bottle of wine. Kick-off a new decade of her life with a  grown-up gift that is as sensational as her

19 Funny Gift Ideas for Her 30th Birthday

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