stocking stuffers for women

Small Stocking Stuffers for Women She Will Actually Use

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It’s the season of giving but surely you want to gift something that the recipient will find useful in some way. If you are trying to find some small stocking stuffer ideas for women that she would actually find useful you have to check out these unique ideas that you haven’t thought of.

These are great for women of different ages. I have kept this list budget-friendly while still making sure none of the ideas are junk that will land in the trash can.

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Useful Stocking Stuffers for Her

If you were wondering what to get her this holiday season here are 23 ideas that will provide you plenty of options to choose from. No matter if it’s your wife, sister, or friend that you want to impress these small ideas will not fail to delight her.

stocking stuffers for women

Funny Gingerbread Man Soaps

gingerbread man mini soap

One of the most adorable things about the holiday season is the cute gingerbread man decorations and food items.

If she loves to dive deep into the holiday spirit and decorate her house like there’s no tomorrow, these small gingerbread man soaps will make her smile. Perfect for her guest room bathrooms, kitchen sink, etc. And they smell great!!

Cotton Face Scrubbies

cotton face sponge

These reusable cotton scrubby pads will make a great addition to her evening skincare routine. They are gentle on the skin and machine washable.

Once she uses these cotton ones, she will forget about her washcloths. They come in many colors. Great for a young woman in her twenties and even for a mature woman in her fifties.

Car Essential

Everyone loves a nice smelling car and we can all agree that the delicate and natural smell of essential oils is so much better than any synthetic smell.

Check out these essential oil diffuser vent clips for a car that come with reusable pads so she can switch the aroma as she likes

Hand-stamped Spoon

hand-stamped spoon personalized

Not something you can buy off the shelf at a department store. The hand-stamped spoon can be personalized with her name. They come in a large variety with different text. You can even choose your custom text.

AirPod Case

If she never leaves her house without her AirPods then she would love this eye-catching marble carrying case. The case comes with a keychain so she can attach it to her house keys, car keys, etc. So convenient!

This case comes in different colors.

Butter Knife

funny butter knife

I love the writing on the butter knife. If she loves to laugh, this butter knife will make sure she starts her day with breakfast and a healthy dose of laughter.

Witty Notepads

notepads laid out

So witty! These notepads are small but packed with a punch. Each notepad has a different line. They are all hand made. They will make a wonderful stocking stuffer for sister, coworker, mom, friends.. etc.

Hand Lotion Set

Want to gift something that will last her a long time? This shea-butter hand lotion set comes with 6 travel-sized tubes that are easy to carry on the go so her hands are never dry.

Funny Notepad

funny notepad for her

Perfect for someone who just needs a good old grumble. The funny notepad will come handy when she needs to let it all out and lighten her heart. I can almost see myself gifting this to my mother actually haha.

Garden Stakes

bronze garden stakes

If she an avid gardener? If yes, she will love these customized garden stakes made of bronze that spell out the names of the herbs in the garden.

If you are tired of gifting her same old flowerpots, planters, and gardening accessories then you have to see this one.

Fuzzy Animal Socks

It’s not just a gimmicky idea. The warm, soft, and fuzzy animal socks are so adorable and comfy she will never want to take them off. Bonus, if she loves giraffes.

P.S: The animal socks come in other varieties as well.

Funny Cosmetic Bag

cute makeup bag

Funny gifts are the best, and the ones that are useful as well are winners! Love the writing on this cosmetic bag. If she is always talking about her new diet and fitness goals this bag will have her cracking up.

Portable LED Travel Mirror

So practical and necessary too! The LED light feature sets it apart from any other cutesy pocket mirror. For me, it serves two purposes – when I am out and about at night and need to look for stuff in my handbag and checking my makeup.

Perfume Atomizer

Great for any woman who is always on the go. Be it a professional or a college student she will get so much use out of it. Instead of lugging around her favorite bottle of perfume everywhere, she goes, she can use this pocket-friendly atomizer to carry her favorite scent with her.

Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer

Another one for the woman on the go or someone who is always traveling for work or pleasure. The travel-friendly toothbrush sanitizer is one of those things people don’t know they need and love until they use it.

If she is particularly big on hygiene and cleanliness she will enjoy using it.

If she loves to travel give her something she can take along with her on her trips. Check out these amazing gift ideas for travelers that can fly with her.

Novelty Matchbox with Funny Book Titles

matchboxes in a bowl

Is the recipient an avid reader or enjoys quirky, but useful, items? If yes, she will adore these hilarious matchboxes. Each matchbox is labeled with a clever spin on a book title. 

A nice entertaining addition to the center table or bathroom vanity.

Food Dice

dice with food options

If she is feeling tired of asking the family all the time ‘what they would like for dinner?’ or choosing for them then here is a simple solution entire family will appreciate.

The food dice takes all the guess work out of deciding the menu for the day.

Personalized Sleep Mask

sleep masks

Everyone loves personalized items because it makes them feel genuinely thought of. 

These soft satin sleep masks have a luxurious feel but not an expensive price tag. They block sunlight effectively so they make a great gift for someone who has to catch majority of their sleep during the day. For instance, people who work shifts and even new mothers!

Hair Tie Set

hair tie set

Simple and witty! I wanted to include a stocking stuffer that is really cost effective in case you have to buy a lot of it. For instance, for your team, ladies group, book club, etc.

The Christmas themed hair ties will definitely be used and not land in trash. 


spoon shaped bookmark

Great for the ones who love to read are in college, etc. Much better than a paper bookmark this quirky metallic spoon bookmark will last her a lifetime.

Speaking of a bookmark, check out these exciting stocking stuffers for book lovers she will absolutely love.

Organic Lip Balm Set

You can never go wrong with a lip balm set especially if it’s made from quality ingredients and has a variety of flavors. The kit includes 6 different flavors, each unique and fun. 

It is under $10, perfect for your wallet if you are planning to surprise her with a bunch of small gifts over the holiday period.

Beaded Wristlet keychain

wooden beaded wristlet keychain

No matter her age she will love to flaunt this wooden bead monogram keychain wristlet.

So convenient for carrying keys. It can be attached to a bag, luggage, or can be worn as a bracelet. Everyone who sees it will want one too.

Handmade Mini Notebook

mini notebook on palm of hand

I have to admit- this one picture does not do justice to how unique this mini notebook really is.

It is all handmade. The inside of the mini notebook is made out of different texture papers, like rice paper, hand dyed, mulberry printed, etc. It has plenty of pockets, arts, charms, etc.

A standout product for women who love to journal, keep notes, or love unique stationary. The entire shop itself is a feast for the eyes. The shop covers variety of themes which makes it easy to find something for every type of person.

Witty Wooden Spoon

A cooking spoon

A funny addition to her kitchen! If the recipient loves to cook, host, etc. She will love this cooking spoon with the hilarious writing on it. Great as stocking stuffer for grandma, hostess, aunt, mom, etc.

Personalized Leather Corner Bookmark

bookmark corners on top of book

For someone who loves to stay organized, loves to read or just likes a dash of luxury added to everyday mundane items.

These bookmarks are made out of leather and they can be personalized with the recipient’s name. It will make a cute small, yet meaningful, stocking stuffer for girls and women of almost all ages. I love that it comes in a variety of colors so if you order a bunch for all the friends or women in the family they each get a different color.

small stocking stuffer ideas for women she will find useful

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