4 gift basket ideas for best friend birthday she will love

4 DIY Birthday Gift Baskets for Her With Free Printable Tag

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Want to impress your best friend on her birthday? Here are 4 gift basket ideas for her that will have her screaming with joy. I also included a free birthday printable tag that you can add to her birthday basket.

You can also stick this gift tag on the outside of a regular paper gift bag if you choose to go that route.

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The free printable gift tags will be available at the end of the post.

P.S: This post contains affiliate links from Amazon and other retailers. If you make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission. Pls check Privacy Policy and T&C for more information.)

DIY Birthday Gift Basket for Best Friend

If you were wondering what to put in your best friend’s gift basket then these ideas will give you plenty of inspiration.

Do you know the best part about gifting someone a gift basket instead of just one plain gift? There are so many big and small things in a basket that provides the recipient both with the momentary joy and with things they can enjoy for a longer time.

I included four examples in this post, but you can truly make this your own and personalize it according to what she loves.

I used paper doilies to build some contrast, so my tag pops a bit more. You can skip this if not required.

I will also include some additional ideas that you can include in your gift basket.

4 gift basket ideas for best friend birthday she will love

Birthday Gift Basket #1

In the spirit of adding things she can enjoy right away and things she can savor slowly (until the next birthday comes and I knock her socks off with another spectacular assortment of big and small things), here are some things I included in the first gift basket.

items to add in gift basket for her

Smell Gift

Does she love anything that smells great? Well, who does not? I included some great smelling hand sanitizers that smell much better than the regular Purell that, let’s just admit, doesn’t smell all that great.

By the way, you can also include this hand sanitizer bracelet that is so much more convenient to use when stepping out without. No need for pockets or handbag just to carry a bottle of sanitizer.

These come in so many cool colors!! You will probably want one for yourself too.

hand sanitizer band

Speaking of sanitizers, check out these adorable designer hand sanitizer carriers. They are another great option to add. They are affordable and long-lasting.

designer lanyard


Candles are another great smelling and long-lasting gift that will remind her of you whenever she lights it. I usually check TJ max, and other local stores to find candles that smell amazing but do not burn a hole in my pocket.

For my gift box, I went with the small-sized candle, but you can totally buy the full-sized ones if you choose a bigger basket, etc.

Cute Magnet

I also wanted to add something fun to the basket. I came across this magnet that I fell in love with and I felt like she will also love it. It will look great on her refrigerator, work desk, office cubicle, etc.

Herbal Tea Bags

I wanted something that my girl could savor. Since she is majorly into self-care at the moment, I thought of including some nice flavorful herbal teas to go along with the candle in the box.

I could have given her a box of exotic sounding herbal tea sampler. But that would not stand out in the crowd of gifts she will get.

happy birthday diy gift basket

Birthday Gift Basket #2

gift basket with goodies

In the second gift basket, I included some pampering self-care items. I included mud mask, face sheet masks, sanitizers, herbal tea bags, lemonade ready-to-go packets, and some chocolate chip cookies.

Birthday Gift Basket #3

Do you love to check out all the latest and greatest with her at makeup stores like Sephora, etc. or discuss skincare with her all the time? If you said yes then these next ideas will have you excited.

Makeup Items

I included a tinted lip-balm and waterproof blue mascara for her. Both of these items I picked in shades that she normally does not wear because I totally wanted her to feel excited when she tries these on.

That is the key to gifting something the recipient would be excited to try- things they have not tried before!

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You can choose any chocolate of her liking. But oh my gosh, no other chocolate looks so good in gift boxes and baskets like the crunchy velvety Ferrero Rocher wrapped in golden wrapping.

Maybe it is me, but it definitely looks very festive. So that’s what I chose to amp it up a bit.

Birthday Gift Basket #4

small diy gift bag for birthday

Not really a basket, but a gift bag. I used a nice organza bag I had and included a few of my favorites from the items above to make this one. You don’t have to feel restricted to buying a big box or basket. 

Bags like these or any other paper gift bag can also be used to carry all the goodies together.

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10 More things you can add to your gift basket

1. Check out this lipstick carrying case, with a mirror inside, that you can personalize with her name

personalized lipstick case with mirror

2. Personalized makeup bag she can take it with her wherever she goes.

3. A personalized perfume atomizer so she can take her favorite perfume on the go without the hassle of carrying the entire big bottle in her purse. You can buy a cheaper version of this from Amazon, without an option to personalize.

personalized perfume atomizer

4. Trinket Dish that will keep her small items organized and look beautiful on her bedside, bathroom, or vanity table.

5. A pocket mirror with LED lights.

6. Depending on how big your gift box is, you can also add a live small succulent.

7. Flashlight ring for her selfies. We have all been there, trying to take a selfie in the dark, we turn on the flash mode and end up with a less than stellar selfie. It’s no fun. With this ring light, she can take her Instagram selfies even at night or check her makeup in her selfie camera.

Oh, if she finds Instagram inspirational for her room décor and style then also take a look at these Instagram inspired gifts for girls.

8. Organic lip balm set that will last her a year at least.

9. Mini bottle of bubbly is also a great addition to her festive birthday basket

10. Hand cream set, the best under $10 gift.

As promised, here is the free printable gift tag download.

Hope you enjoyed cruising through this DIY birthday gift basket ideas for a friend and this post has inspired you to put together a fantastic collection of items that will make her feel extra special on her day.

4 diy gift basket ideas for her that are perfect for her birthday

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