The Most Awesome Birthday Gifts For Your Bestie|BFF

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If you are looking for a unique birthday gift for your bestie/BFF that will make her jump with joy, then you are at the right place. I have handpicked some of the cutest, coolest and most useful birthday gifts for best friends from all across the internet to make every kind of BFF happy. 

These 31 gifts for best friend are a perfect mix of sentimental, personalized, funny and useful gifts. I also added some under $10 gifts, to fit every budget.

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Birthday Gifts For Female Best Friend

1. Birthday Candle

Do you always see her collecting great scented candles? If so, this long-lasting scented soy birthday candle will make her very happy.

The candle comes packed in a box and makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves lighting candles in their home.

2. Personalized Lipstick Case

A super cool memorable gift perfect for her birthday! The sturdy engraved lipstick case opens to a mirror so she can check her lipstick on the spot. And her name on the case makes it even more special.

I bet this will be the most unique gift she received on her birthday. 

3. Personalized Tumbler

A birthday gift she would love to EVERY DAY, literally!

Personalized gifts always feel special and especially so on a birthday.

This personalized tumbler comes in 11 different colors and 18 design options, you need to check these out.

It not only looks good, but it is also quality. Not a cheap product you will feel hesitant to gift.

4. Customized Birthday Tin

The adorable birthday tin can be COMPLETELY customized.

Under $10, it is certainly one of those gifts that anyone will love and use forever, regardless of the price tag.

You can write a funny one-liner or pen a cool birthday wish to make this even more special.

And the best part is that you also have the option to have it filled with mints or jelly beans. You need to check out the 22 crazy good flavor options, including pina colada and toasted marshmallow… yumm.

5. Straw Purse

The straw purses are everywhere and they look so darn good with all sorts of outfits. If your BFF still hasn’t got one in her collection this purse will be much appreciated and loved.

The adorable bag has tassel detail that makes it ten times more attractive and did I mention it is much more affordable than one at a large retailer?  You might just end up buying this for YOURSELF, lol!

6. Mermaid Blanket

Make her feel like a mermaid with this cozy awe-inspiring mermaid blanket. The blanket is so amazing you would want one for yourself too! 

It comes in many colors, and the great reviews online speak for its quality.

She will never watch TV or read a book without cozying up in this blanket. 

7. Birthday Wine Tumbler

I fell in love the moment I saw this cute wine tumbler, and my bestie loved it too!

It is a great gift for any birthday and even better for a milestone birthday.

The vacuum sealed tumbler comes in many colors, is great for hot and cold drinks, and it comes with a stainless steel straw and a lid to make sipping drinks extra enjoyable.

8. Gift Set

New years and birthdays are the two times during the year when one makes plenty of resolutions and if she has been talking about all the BIG things she is planning for the next year she will love this!

This ultimate inspirational gift set comes with a notebook, mug, and a pen, perfect for the awesome, beautiful and charming girl planning the next best year of her life.

9. Cocktail Kit

A cool gift that will make having a nice cocktail anywhere possible in a snap. This cocktail kit comes packed with all the ingredients she needs to make a cocktail- travel-friendly- and it is compact enough to fit in a purse.

An unexpected gift item, she will be thrilled to try.

10. Guardian Angel Voodoo Doll

The voodoo dolls are such a clever idea and they are everywhere!

Each doll is supposed to have special powers, and they are so darn cute.

The handmade watch over voodoo doll will bring her luck and fortune for a bright future. She can hang the doll on her key chain, backpack, etc. 

These dolls come in a great variety, they are all a must see, especially the Jack Sparrow voodoo doll.

11. Trinket Dish

This trinket dish is an affordable gift and also a useful one. 

Ever forget to take your earrings off before lying down on the bed? Yup.. a trinket dish will ensure her earrings and other small pieces of jewelry have a proper place.

It looks great on a bedside table, dresser, and even the bathroom counter.

You can also combine this gift with a pair of unique earrings, like the pearl drop earrings below.

If the trinket dish feels small, check out this tiered catch-all tray organizer below. Perfect for storing daily essentials and keeping them dust free.

12. Best Friends Funny Towel

Love the saying on this funny towel. Does this towel define you and your best friend? Surprise her with the funny gift that will make her laugh a lot on her birthday.

It is especially a good idea if she has just moved into a new house.

Hobby gifts are always a great idea! Is she a voracious reader? Check out my bookworm gift guide chock full of unique gifts I bet you haven’t thought of.

13. Best Friend Bracelet

The gorgeous bracelet comes in rose gold and silver.

Great for a friend who has stood by you through thick and thin. She would love to wear it every day.

14. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

Himalayan salt is known to have health benefits and even though it’s health benefits as tequila shot glass might require more research but these Himalayan tequila glasses will be a hit at her party.

They are re-usable and go well with any drink that needs a hint of salt.

15. BFF Compass Necklace

Can’t imagine your life without talking to her every day and talking about everything under the sun? Does it seem like she COMPLETELY gets you?

What’s better than letting her know on her birthday how special she is.

The compass necklace is made of sterling silver, quality gift that will last her a lifetime… just like your friendship!

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16. Electronic Kit In Gold

There are so many ways she can use this kit! The gold electronics kit is great for a traveler, student, professional, etc. 

The gold kit is packed full of every day essential electronics like a rechargeable wireless mouse, flash drive, multi-charging cable, power bank, and stylus.

She will get plenty of compliments on these wherever she takes them!

17. Portable CHARGER Mirror

Yup, you read it right! This compact mirror also doubles as a portable charger. Talk about being functional!

Everyone will do a double take as they see this. 

The mirror has a normal and a magnified side, LED lights, and it is compact enough to fit any purse.

18. Makeup Pouch

The saying on this makeup pouch makes it the perfect gift for the best friend.

Pack this pouch with some of her favorite things or makeup items or the portable charger makeup mirror I suggested above! 

19. Lunch Box

I couldn’t help but add these eye-catching retro lunch boxes from Anthropologie here. I am sure they caught your attention too!

This retro style exquisite lunch box will get her so many compliments from her colleagues, classmates, etc. She can proudly tell them it was a gift from her best friend when asked where she got it from.

Not made of cheap plastic. She can carry snacks to the park, use it for storing her favorite snacks at her desk and so much more.

Great for a girl who seems to already own everything!

20. Whiskey Stones

They are called whiskey stones but can be used to chill practically any drink you want.

I picked these because of the unique design and smooth the gold finish, the stones are so stylish they will elevate any drink to Instagram worthy beauty.

This gift will not lay forgotten in a kitchen drawer. She can use these to chill her wine, sangria, juice, smoothies, and whiskey of course!

21. Birthday Tea Tin

A collection of fruity and aromatic teas, this decaf birthday tea tin is packed with flavors of berries and flowers like marigold, rosehip, hibiscus, raspberry, blueberry, etc.

The teas are great and the tin itself is so pretty, it can be used for storage later.

22. Lip Kit

Help her look her absolute best on her birthday with the lip kit set that’s a STEAL! It is hard to imagine a decent lipstick set under $30 but this Marc Jacobs kit takes the cake.

Pretty affordable and easy to carry!

23. Bronzer & Highlight Palette

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and so are bronzer and highlight!

Make her shine like a diamond on her birthday with a bronzer and highlight palette that has everything she needs to get party ready in a snap.

And that palette cover is adorable.

24. Face Mask Set

A set of great peel masks make a great birthday gift for women for all ages.

The masks will keep her skin fresh and radiant, and who does not like to try new face masks?

This mask collection has different types of peel masks to tackle various skin issues so she can rotate between them depending on how her skin is feeling.

25. Eyeshadow Palette

Forget the basic boring nudes palettes, it is her birthday and the occasion deserves a gift that outshines all others.

The vegan and cruelty-free mermaid glitter eyeshadow palette is the perfect gift for a makeup lover who is not afraid to show off her personality.

It comes packed with 32 colors, combining glitter, shimmer and matt shades. You will be surprised how affordable this highly reviewed palette is.

It blends well and works as good as any big brand name.

26. Bangle Bracelet

Is your bestie celebrating a milestone birthday? If so, a milestone bracelet with initial will really make her smile.

The great looking bracelet can be worn daily, or to special occasions.

27. Coffee Mug

I love how this pink marble ceramic boss lady coffee mug comes packed in a nice box with a bag, ready to gift.

It is a great gift idea for a go-getter who glides through her daily life like a boss.

The matching coaster is cherry on top!

28. Hand Cream Set

It doesn’t feel like one gift, it feels like many gifts packed into one box.

The travel-sized shea butter hand creams come packed in a beautiful tin box with a variety of natural fragrances. She can carry them easily in her purse, keep at her work desk, next to the kitchen sink, etc. 

29. Earrings Set

The straw earrings are a statement piece trending hot in the fashion scene. They are lightweight, yet stunning. This pack of 4 earrings is such a great deal, so affordable, you get four sets for the price of one.

The earrings come in different shapes and colors so she can style these easily with different outfits. 

30. Keychain

Will your friend be moving to a different city/ state/ country soon? If so, this keychain with a sentimental message will remind her of the deep bond you share even when you can’t meet or talk as often as you once could.

31. Pampering Gift

A gift basket that is full of pampering gifts for her. Hard to believe this basket is so affordable (under $30), it includes shower gel, bath salts, body butter, scrub and lotion. 

The cute bottles are packed with luxuriousness that feel like a spa treatment..

32. Gift Basket

This birthday hamper for her is full of fun and funny things that will make her laugh and smile. The gifts are funny, but not cheap, all items are useful and good quality. Plenty of cool stuff that will make it to Instagram!

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33. Gift Basket

You can also make a fantabulous DIY gift basket for her birthday.

I love this creative basket idea. There are so many things you can keep in the basket- like her favorite snacks, lotions, etc.

But I wanted to keep the things she can use for a long time.

So I packed the tumbler and candle together along with a cute trinket dish.

I also thought of adding a nice smelling body wash but in the end, decided to go with the candle.


Hope you had as much fun going through this best friend birthday gift guide for the females as I had while preparing it. 

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