The Funniest Retirement Gifts To Make Everyone Laugh

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Funny gifts are a lot trickier than any other kind of gift. But I have got a list of hilarious retirement gifts that will tickle the retiree’s funny bone.

The gift guide is full of funny retirement gifts of different kinds. Not all of them might seem appropriate for your loved one but you will certainly find the one that will make them laugh non stop.

I have also included plenty of affordable ideas, some even under $10 just in case you already have a gift planned for them but want to add something funny as well.

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The Funniest Retirement Gifts

Gold Retirement Mug

They have earned it!

NOT made of cheap plastic, the stainless steel beer glass with the gold-tone finish is perfect for the star of the retirement party. The glass will make the retiree laugh and feel like the king.

Retirement Business Cards

The cards will be a big hit at their retirement party!

A gag gift for the retiree with a sense of humor. They can hand out these retired business cards as they shake hands and greet every guest at their party.

Funny Coffee Mug

Over the years they received plenty of mugs to celebrate different events of their life and retirement should be no different! There are plenty of funny coffee mugs with retirement humor but this hilarious one sums it the best!

Toilet Golf

They told you they wanted to take up golf or spend more time playing golf? Here is your chance to show them you were really listening!

The mini golf gag gift is not gimmicky either, it is actually fun to play. Check out all the amazing reviews it has online.

Retirement Golf Balls

Does the toilet golf set sound a bit much? Then check out this golf ball set!

Hilarious Book

A funny book that the retiree and their spouse will greatly enjoy reading together and with friends and family.

Retirement Certificate

If they can’t believe they are retired (and old), this certificate will do the job. They will burst out laughing when they see the certificate.

Oh, and don’t forget to ask everyone to sign it. It will make a wonderful keepsake. They can display it next to all the achievement awards and certificates they received during their working years.

It is also great for a coworker’s retirement party.

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The retiree will not only rock the funny t-shirt at his retirement party but wear it afterward too making everyone around him laugh.

P.S: The t-shirt is available in a variety of colors.

Beer Can Koozie

It is their time to enjoy life and not be a slave to the watch anymore. Everyone else will feel a bit jealous but the retiree will have so much fun flaunting this cool beer koozie

RetireMint Tin

The RetireMints Box is a novelty gift that will make them laugh hard even though it is a small gift that does not cost much.

They will love to use the funny RetireMint tin even long after the original mints in the box have all been consumed.

Wine Glass

If they were wondering what to do after they retire, tell them you have the answer! The wine glass will make them laugh and also remind them to just chill and relax.

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Jokes For The Retiree

Do they have a sense of humor that can handle a few jokes on themselves? The book has some of the funniest jokes that will make anyone aging laugh out loud.

It is a perfect coffee table book for anyone over the age of 50. They can have plenty of fun enjoying this book with their friends and family.

Funny Collection Book

The book is full of cartoons, quotes, trivia and jokes about growing older.

The book will make them and their friends laugh, it will give them good company once all the retirement celebrations are over and they have plenty of time to kill.

Funny Collection Book

I couldn’t help but add a book for anyone retiring from the literary field like a teacher, professor, etc. The book will be well received by anyone with love for Shakespeare and even by someone who swears a bit much.

The book is a collection of insult words from Shakespeare’s play that can be combined to create hilariously stingy insults of their own. 

Bottle Opener

A funny customized bottle opener with wordings perfect for the retirement.

The cap holder is made of stainless steel and comes in multiple colors. 

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Beer Cap Holder

Make the retirement party even more memorable with a customized beer cap holder with the retiree’s name on it. Ask all the guests to sign their beer cap and drop it in the holder

The retiree can display the great looking holder on their bar, top of the fire place, etc.


Hope you enjoyed this funny retirement gift guide perfect for a retiree with a great sense of humor.

Funny retirement gifts that will make the retiree and all the friends and family laugh. Great for a man or women's retirement party

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