27 Fun Congratulatory New Job Gift Ideas For Loved Ones

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If you were wondering what to get someone who just started a new job then here are some fun ideas that make the perfect gift for your loved one? This guide is full of congratulatory gift ideas perfect for anyone starting their first job, a seasoned professional switching to a bigger and better new job opportunity, and even for someone starting a new business of their own.

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New Job Gifts For Him And Her

Here are 27 exciting new job gift ideas for men and women that scream congratulations. The gift guide includes personalized gifts, inspirational gifts, and even funny gifts, perfect for both, man or woman.

1. Compass Keychain

A new job is a new adventure, a new chapter in their life. Wish them good luck with a compass keychain engraved with inspirational words.

2. Congrats Spoon

congratulations spoon

They worked hard to get this job and it is time to celebrate their accomplishment! The congrats spoon for stirring coffee or enjoying desserts and it will make them smile.

They will receive plenty of compliments on it at work.

3. Inspirational Plaque

As they start on their professional journey, an inspirational gift like this plaque will remind them of their strengths on not-so-good days.

The best part is they can change the color of the letters on the chalkboard to match their mood or room decor with the four colored inserts that come along with it.

4. Funny Gift

Looking for a funny gift for someone who just got a new job? This bad boss voodoo doll is perfect for the not so good days when they feel slightly (..or very) unhappy with their boss and need to take their frustration out.

The recipient will burst out laughing when they see this doll.

5. New Anchor Necklace

This great quality handcrafted piece of jewelry is a meaningful gift idea for women. The beautiful necklace can be easily paired with any outfit, be it professional or casual.

The inspiring quote on the card reads- “Hope anchors the soul. Refuse to sink.” –Hebrews 6:19

6. Good Luck Jewelry

An elegant piece of good luck jewelry will also make a great gift on this occasion.

The elephant is a symbol of good luck, wisdom, and fortune so the recipient will really love to wear this bracelet. The colored beads and crystal detail really make it shine. 

The flattering bracelet comes in a lot of different colors so you can choose one in her favorite color.  

custom congrats necklace jewelry

Another great good luck jewelry piece is this dainty morse code necklace that spells out congrats.

It is a unique piece of jewelry that conveys your feelings for them beautifully. The best part is that you can choose the length of the chain when you place the order, unlike what you find at most department stores.

7. New Job Gift Set

A gift set is so much exciting than a single item. There is so much to explore and be amazed by. The recipient will love it. I picked a few so you have some options to choose from.

new job gift box set

Perfect for a man or a woman. Add some humor to your lovely wishes for him or her with this fun basket that includes a mini succulent, a small treat, some confetti, matches, and your message.

Great as a promotion or first job gift.

congrats gift box personalized

There can’t be a celebration without some champagne. The idea is simple but genius. Check out this set and many others here.

succulent promotion gift basket

Is this new job a much-awaited promotion? If yes, this ‘way to grow’ succulent basket is such a fitting gift. I also want to mention that the succulent included in the set is a live plant, not a plastic knock-off.

8. Motivational Pen

The Albert Einstein quote on the pen reads- Strive Not To Be A Success, But Rather To Be Of Value”. A great motivational gift for the new joinee or even a seasoned professional.

The luxurious pen is NOT a throwaway disposable pen. The durable pen can be easily refilled.

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9. Engraved Pocket Mirror

Is your daughter moving out of the home or relocating to another city/ country for her new job? The compact pocket mirror is a unique and sentimental gift idea from mom and dad she would always carry around with her.

The durable mirror looks elegant and it is not made of cheap plastic so she can use it for a long time.

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10. Stemless Wine Tumbler

The stemless wine glass is an uplifting and useful gift. The unbreakable double-wall insulated glass is perfect for enjoying hot or cold drinks, and it looks great.

They would love using this glass all the time. For an adult, you can also combine this glass with their favorite bottle of wine.

11. Congratulations Cookie Box

Treat them to a box full of Oreo goodness. The crushed it gift box includes 8 packets of cookies anyone is sure to enjoy. Sure it is not long-lasting like some of the other ideas in this guide but it is so on point and very budget-friendly.

They can carry the packets to work for a snack or enjoy it at home.

12. Chocolate Bouquet

chocolate and flower congrats bouquet

Getting a box full of chocolate anything never disappointed anyone. In fact, that’s the first gift to be opened and enjoyed.

This eye-catching bouquet is a beautiful mix of chocolate and flowers that will have them posting thank you messages to you on Instagram, with pictures of the gorgeous bouquet of course!

13. Hilarious Coffee Mug

Funny Congrats Coffee Mug

A funny coffee mug that will keep them smiling on the first day and even after years. Irrespective of which side they lean on you can’t deny that the words on this mug are encouraging and humorous at the same time.

The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

14. Proud of You Gift

proud of you chocolate box

You feel so proud of them and what better way to tell them this than to have it spelled out bold, in chocolate!

A sentimental idea they would wish they can just keep staring at instead of finishing it all up.

Your daughter or son’s joy would double when they open this box and fill their heart with confidence. Afterall for every child, it matters a lot that their parents feel proud of their accomplishments.

Personalized New Job Gifts

A personalized gift is always well received, and for this momentous occasion, I have hand-picked a few gift ideas that will truly make the recipient feel special.

15. Fortune Cookie Desk Accessory

This shiny metallic fortune cookie is a tarnish-resistant fun gift idea. It comes packaged inside a luxurious velvet pouch and it is not just a keepsake.

The cookie shell opens up for storage so it can be used as a trinket box or as a paperweight as well. The perfect accessory for their work desk.

You can add a personalized funny or inspirational message for the recipient when you place your order.

16. Hot & Cold Tumbler

Adventure begins personalized tumbler

The personalized adventure begins tumbler is so versatile. The vacuum insulated tumbler maintains the temperature of the drinks for a long time and it can be used for both hot and cold drinks.

The tumbler looks great and they would get a lot of use out of it during their daily commute to work.

17. New Job Gift For Men

The collar stays will help him look sharp and well dressed. These can be personalized with his name or initials. A great gift idea for a boyfriend, husband, etc.

The set of 3 (6pcs) silver-plated brass collar stays comes packed in a handsome black box ready for gifting.

18. Gift Full of Positivity

Are they feeling anxious or nervous about the new job? Gift them a gift that will make them feel positive and excited about all the amazing things that are yet to come.

19. Marble Desk Clock

Not made of cheap plastic! This marble desk clock is just the right gift for their desk. No matter their age, the recipient would enjoy this classy piece.

Makes the perfect present for father, brother, husband, etc.

You can personalize the engraved message to fit their new title/ new position.

20. Leather Portfolio Case

Portfolios are a practical gift and a leather portfolio like this with their name on it will help them make an impression at work during important client meetings, business events, etc.

The leather portfolio case has all the essentials like a paper pad, flap pockets to store and organize documents, business card pockets, pen holders, etc.

They will really enjoy using it. 

21. Business Card Case

The exquisite business card holder case will keep their business cards looking crisp.

The case looks beautiful when opened and you can personalize this with any two lines of text of your choice from 32 font options to include a name, title, monogram, business, and more.

22. Money Clip

Men are notoriously difficult to find a gift for. But this name engraved money clip card case will bring a big smile to his face.

The silver money clip is a quality gift he would love to carry around.

You can make it all the more special by engraving it with his date of joining.  

23. Jewelry Box

Carefully crafted with intricate details this inspirational mirrored jewelry box is eye-catching and luxurious.

The box has a removable tray with 4 compartments and space for ring storage. The interior of the box is lined with velvet to protect the jewelry and the bottom is also lined to protect against scratching.

It looks perfect as is, but if you wish, there is an option to have the lid of the box engraved with your choice of inspirational verses along with their name.

24. Customized Name Plate

A customized nameplate that stands out from the rest of the cookie-cutter nameplates at work. It is a fun new job gift idea for a dear friend, a relative, and even a coworker leaving or changing jobs.

There are 23 colors to choose from!

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Inexpensive New Job Gifts

Although a book does not seem as jazzy as some of the other presents but the right book is an invaluable gift for anyone who is just starting their career, as a graduate.

25. Financial Planning Book

As the young adult starts to make money, a financial planning book will help them not only manage their money like a boss but also make the best of it.

I would highly recommend the Total Money Makeover from the New York Times bestseller Dave Ramsay. Just reading customer reviews will let you know how valuable this book is.  

26. Self-Help Book

With over 5000 reviews on Amazon, this book which costs less than $10 is one of the top-selling books of all time since it was first published in 1937.

It is an eye-opening journey into how some of the richest people acquired their wealth even though they didn’t come from the most promising backgrounds, and the philosophy one can easily follow to live a more fulfilled life.

Also, check out these college graduation gifts for her and college graduation gifts for him if they are just graduating before starting the new job.

27. Personal Growth Book

The book is full of timeless wisdom that a person of any age can appreciate and benefit from.

The recipient will greatly enjoy this all-time bestseller that will have a positive effect on their personal growth and provide them with various mental tools to handle conflict, inspire people, and become a leader.


I hope you were able to find the most perfect congratulatory new job gift for your loved one in this gift guide.

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New Job gift ideas for him and her that say Congratulations! Great gift ideas for friends and family that are just starting their career or a professional.

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