Exciting Welcome Gifts for The New Employee (Males and Females)

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A welcome gift for the new hire is a great way to make him or her feel like a part of the team from day one. Whether you work in human resources onboarding for an organization or a start-up business owner creating an exceptional team, these welcome gift ideas for new employees are what you should be including in your kit.

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New Hire Welcome Gifts for Men and Women

Here are 17 amazing ideas to include in the welcome kit that will make them feel stoked on their first day and for the time to come. The guide includes some non-boring, unconventional, and some genius products that you probably have not thought of.

Budget-friendly and unique no matter what type of organization you work for you will find plenty of ideas in this post.


1. Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

Such a fun way to store the paper clips, this magnetic paper clip holder can hold binder clips, push pins, safety pins, etc. And it is such a cute addition to the desk so much better than the traditional ones.

The new recruit will immediately know they are joining the right kind of place with this quirky addition.

It is gender neutral too, perfect for a male or female joinee.

2. Personalized Power Bank

customized powerbank

Personalized gifts make the recipient feel awesome there is no denying that. If you were trying to come up with a personalized gift but falling short of ideas here is one that is useful and long-lasting.

The personalized power bank comes in many colors. You can choose to personalize it with their name or your company’s name/ logo.

3. Motivational Gallon Bottle

A healthy employee means a more productive employee. We all know we should drink enough water but with no one to set accountability, we often overlook it.

But not with this bottle. The gallon water bottle comes with time markers that make it easier to drink enough throughout the day.

They will love using this bottle, at work and outdoors.

4. Tech Notebook

circuit board notebook

Is the new hire joining the IT department? Here is a unique tech gift that will not leave a hole in your pocket. The circuit board design on the cover of the notebook is made from a real motherboard, which is really cool.

It is very affordable, and it is made from recycled material. If you are an eco-conscious company looking for an eco-friendly product to add to your welcome kit then definitely check this out.

5. Recycled Keyboard Notebook

keyboard notebook

Just like the circuit notebook above, this unique keyboard notebook is also made from recycled keyboards.

A clever idea to include in a tech gift basket.

6. Touchscreen Cleaning Pads

Speaking of technology, here is another useful product to include in the kit. These eco-fused cleaning cloths are perfect for cleaning any touchscreen surface like computer screens, smartphones, tablets, and much more.

The pack comes with a set of 6, enough for them to keep one handy at their office desk, home office, office bag, pocket, etc.

7. Reusable Snack Bags

One great way for an organization to show solidarity with the eco-friendly movement is to include reusable products such as these multi-purpose snack bags, that are a great alternative to plastic ziploc bags.

No more disposable plastic baggies to carry small snacks to work.

8. Wrist Rest Keyboard Pad

keyboard wrist rest

Depending on your workplace culture, if you are looking for a fun idea to include in the welcome bag than check out these animal-themed wrist rests which absolutely anyone will be excited to use.

This is definitely an uncommon item to include but it is very thoughtful and will be received well. If you operate in a pet-related niche this will be a great fit.

They come in so many colors and patterns you will be spoilt for choice.

9. Funny Notepads

These funny notepads will add a little color and a little humor to relieve their nerves on the first day of work.

They come in a huge variety, great for giving out to your new coworker or a sub-ordinate as a light-hearted welcome to the team gift.

10. Clever Pushpins

A nice change from your everyday boring push pins. These adorable push pins are a great conversation starter, helpful for anyone new in the office who will be meeting a lot of new people.

You can put together a budget-friendly gift basket with the funny notepads, these pushpins, and this next item on the list.

11. Clever Desk Accessory

A clever desk décor piece that is also functional. The sheep can hold up to 75 pins (It comes with the pins, so you do not have to buy them separately). It is such an eye-catching piece; you would want one too!

12. Fun Gift from Boss

Here is another fun light-hearted idea if you are a boss who loves to keep the work environment somewhat casual. Watch him or her open it and burst into a big smile. Check out other notebook ideas like this one, here.

They will probably feel at a loss of words, but it would certainly help them relax.

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13. A Handy Gadget

Each workplace is different, but one thing that every place lacks is a good coffee machine that can whip out lattes to beat that 3 pm slump.

Coffee breaks will be so much more fun with this portable and rechargeable electric frother that can make cold or hot foamy milk for frappe, lattes, and much more, in a jiffy.

It is easy to clean and carry. With this one, they would seriously feel like they joined the right team.

14. Candy Box

Is onboarding part of your daily job? If yes, check out these candy boxes that you can fill with chocolate or candy to hand out or add to welcome kits.

Everybody loves a sweet surprise and the recipients would love to get treats on their first day. It is much more cost-effective than buying gourmet chocolate boxes.

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15. Tin Box with Company Logo

empty metal tins

Empty tin boxes like these can be filled with mints, candy, etc., to include in the hampers. The best part about these tin boxes is that you can work with the seller to have your company logo/ name printed on these tins.

16. Pocket Cardholder

A new pocket cardholder for their new business cards. It looks elegant and comes in a variety of colors.

The magnetic closure prevents cards from falling out and it is sturdy enough to keep the cards from creasing. Hard to believe it is under $10.

17. Card Holder for Desk

The wooden business card holder will add a sophisticated touch to their work desk. It has a non-slip base and its polished design makes it look more expensive than it is.

Hope you found this guide full of interesting and fun ideas helpful. These ideas are perfect for a new team member joining the department or a new employee joining the corporate. I am sure the recipient will love these.

new employee welcome gifts for men and women

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