thank you gifts for doctors, nurses and medical staff

Thank You Gifts for Doctors and Nurses That Convey Your Gratitude and Appreciation

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It is always a good idea to say thank you to your doctor, nurse, medical staff, etc. from time to time. But sometimes just saying a good old thank you does not seem enough when you want to express deep gratitude and appreciation towards someone. This is especially true when you want to thank your doctor after surgery, etc.

If you are wondering what can you buy for your doctor to say thank you that will last longer than flowers or seem more thoughtful than a plain old bottle of wine then this post has some great ideas for you.

Here are 18 thank you gift ideas that will help express your genuine gratitude towards the doctor, surgeon, and nurse staff.

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Best Appreciation Gifts for Doctors and Nurses

Most medical practitioners are not allowed to accept expensive gifts from their patients, but none of the gifts on this list are extravagant. These simple gifts will not cross the line and they will really cherish the gesture.

These 18 appreciation gifts are better than a bottle of wine and the best way to say you are grateful for all that they do.

These ideas range in price so you can find something that fits all sorts of budgets. You can also bundle a few of them if you so desire.

thank you gifts for doctors, nurses and medical staff

1. Thank You Chocolate

small chocolate box that spells thank you

Chocolates make everyone happy, and no one ever said no to a tasty treat! So, send them a box that tells them you are thankful for all that they did for you.

These neatly packed boxes come in a variety and depending on your budget you can send a small pack just for them or a large one to share with their team.

I chose this box over regular gourmet chocolate boxes, etc, because the words spelled out definitely make a deeper impression. They will probably stare at it for a while before they dig in.

thanks for all you do chocolate box

2. Willow Tree Angel

They are no less than an Angel themselves. This willow tree angel with a thank you sign will make a wonderful addition to their work desk or home décor.

This will also make a more thoughtful gift if you were looking for a way to say thank you to a doctor after the passing of a loved one or to a doctor who saved your life. The willow angel will also make a great faith-based gift.

If you are looking to say thank you to a caregiver who took care of someone you loved up until they departed, then check out these appreciation gifts for a caregiver after the passing of a loved one.

3. Personalized Coffee Cups

personalized starbucks coffee cups

No one enjoys cold coffee, and that is just the plain truth. They are always on the go and do not have enough time to sit and enjoy their coffee breaks but with these coffee cups, they will love to walk around sipping their freshly brewed coffee.

I love that these resemble Starbucks cups and you have the option to personalize the cup with 18 characters. Add their name and a sweet message to go along.

I would also suggest adding a pack of Starbucks coffee along with the cup or a store gift card inside the cup.

4. Soy Candle

candle with thank you text

I love the message on this candle and the fact that it is a soy candle, not regular wax.

You can choose from a variety of scents (unscented is also an option). Once they are done with the candle, they can use it to store small items on their office desk (that’s what I do with when my favorite candles are all used up).

The message on the candle jar will always remind them of the great work they are doing. After all, everybody wants to know they are appreciated.

5. Inspirational Blanket

It is sold as a recovery blanket, but I love all the inspirational words written on this blanket. They define what heroes are made of, which is exactly what people in the medical field are.

The blanket will also comfort them on difficult days when they feel overwhelmed because just like any of us, they also go through tough times and tough days at work.

6. Gift Bag with Fudge

sunshine thank you gift bag

If you were looking for an affordable gift/ gift bag option to hand out to the nursing staff, then here is an option you would definitely want to check out.

The thank-you cotton bag is reusable, and it comes with a pack of handmade delicious fudge. Plenty of flavor options to choose from so you can choose different flavors. The shop has a cherry vodka flavor fudge as well, just saying!

The best part about this gift bag is that you can also add a small bouquet of flowers, snack bars, instant coffee mixes, etc., to it according to your budget. Also, check out the next item on this list that will make a fun addition to this gift bag.

This bag will make a great gift for your physician, gynecologist after the birth of a child, dentist, etc., as well.

7. Hospital Themed Sticky Notes

Doctors and their staff go through a lot of office supplies but most of it is boring plain old supplies. This set of hospital themed sticky notes is just what they need to make their work atmosphere a bit more fun.

The quirky set comes with sticky notes in the shape of ointment, assorted bandages, etc. This is a great under $10 gift but if it does not seem enough on its own you can add it alongside any other gift from the list as well.

A light-hearted gift that is fit for a medical practitioner with a funny bone.

8. Appreciation Gift Box

small gift box with succulent, candle and matchbox

It is a simple gift box, but it conveys your message and has everything that almost anyone can use. In case you are wondering, the succulent in the box is real, not plastic- which is a big plus!

You can also add a personalized note to this box.

This small box is not the only option. You can go as big or as small as you want with such gift boxes. The bigger the box the more goodies it will include. Check out all the other great options here.

9. Personalized Star Award

best ever star trophy

I know the image does not say doctor, but you can change that when you personalize this keepsake at checkout with words of your choice. You can also choose a different color for the text.

If your doctor truly is the best one you ever had then you have to let him/ her know how you feel about them with this Best Doctor Ever award.

It will look great on their work desk. Something that will make them feel proud every time they glance at it.

10. Tumbler

Tumblers are great for carrying hot or cold drinks on the go. This tumbler comes in many colors and has great reviews online. The message on the outside is what makes it stand out.

It is one of those gifts that almost everyone can appreciate since they can use it every day. They can take it to work, to the gym, on their daily walk, etc.

You can also add a pack of your favorite coffee blend for them to try or a pack of their favorite if you know what they like.

11. Write Them A Nice Reference or Review

In this digital world, one of the best things you could do for someone who has their own practice or works independently is to write them a glowing review or a reference letter that will be beneficial for their prospective clients.

It will help spread the word about how truly amazing they are at what they do and how their patients feel about them. Not to mention, it will also help them get more business.

A positive review or a letter to their supervisor for someone who works in a team will also be greatly appreciated.

12. Keepsake Ornament

thank you for your kindness keepsake

A thoughtful keepsake that is handcrafted from mineral-based clay. A unique item that you cannot find on a department store shelf. And you can personalize it!

A token of your appreciation that will last a long time. It will look great no matter where they choose to hang it. Also, check out this similar clay hanging below.

Thank you Keepsake idea

13. Send Them Baked Goodies

Another great way to express your sincere thanks towards the hospital staff, etc., is to send them a basket full of freshly baked goods they can enjoy throughout the day.

For instance, bagels, sandwich bread with spreads, muffins, cookies, etc.

The best time to say thank you to them is when you are leaving the hospital, but gifts like these will also lift their spirits during the holiday season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. when they are still working instead of spending time with their own families.

14. Bucket of Thanks

bucket of thanks

That is literally what this bucket is! It is not too expensive, so if you want to send a gift basket to different departments, for instance, after hospital discharge, to say thank you to staff in a variety of departments, then this basket is the perfect way to do it.

Just fill it up with candy, chocolate, snacks. etc., that everyone can enjoy.

15. Custom Metal Bookmark

bronze hand stamped bookmark

The sentiment on this hand stamped copper bookmark is everything you probably want to tell them every single day. You can’t call them every day but at least this bookmark will serve as a great reminder.

If you would like any other words stamped on this bookmark, there is an option to do so as well.

It is one of the best things about buying custom products instead of generic off the shelf product from a department store. You can always add your own unique touch to the item.

16. Thank You Spoon

spoon hand stamped with words thank you

A vintage hand stamped spoon that is perfect for stirring coffee, scooping dessert, or sipping soups. They will love to use it.

The spoon will also lift their spirits every morning when they use it for their coffee and remember all the positive words of appreciation from you. A great way for anyone to start their day.

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17. LED Lamp with Medical Sign

LED lamp with medical sign for doctors and surgeons

Here is another exceptional way to acknowledge their good work. This LED lamp with a medical sign will look great on their desk. You can personalize it with their name, etc.

They will genuinely be surprised and excited to receive this unusual gift.

It is a bit on the pricey side, but so much better than sending them a perishable gift like cookies or flowers.

Are you looking for a practical gift for a family member who has taken over the role of a caregiver? Here are 29 practical gifts for a family caregiver that you should definitely consider.

18. Bling Stethoscope

Stethoscope with Glitter detail

A blinged stethoscope is not for everyone but it is definitely an eye catching gift. Great for a female doctor with style. It comes in many colors to choose from.

19. Cookie Basket

emoji thank you cookies
animal themed cookies

An irresistible idea that is also very eye-catching. I love this emoji cookie basket and the animal-themed basket. The animal-themed cookie basket is perfect for a veterinarian or someone who loves pets in general.

These yummy cookie baskets come in so many great shapes and sizes that it is tough to include each and every type in this post. But you can check out the entire list here.

I am sure you will find one that seems like an excellent fit for the occasion.

Oh, and they always run promotions so you can score a nice discount on your order. They even have some baskets that are delivered the same day if you were looking for a last-minute idea that was not a gift card.


It is easy to reach for a nice bottle of wine, liquor, or flowers, but I hope this guide packed with amazing appreciation gift ideas has helped you find the perfect gift for your doctor post-surgery, gynecologist post-delivery, medical staff, surgeon, etc.

Christmas is just around the corner as I finish writing this post and all these ideas will also make a wonderful gift for the holiday season.

best appreciation gift for doctor and nurses

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