baby boy first ever Halloween gift ideas

Adorable First-Ever Halloween Gifts for Baby Boy Everyone Will Love

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Wondering what to buy for a baby boy to mark his first-ever Halloween? Here are some adorable spooktacular ideas that the baby and his parents will absolutely love. These ideas are excellent for a newborn or an infant baby.

So many cute things in this guide it will be tough for you to choose just one! No matter if it’s your nephew, son, grandson, or a close friend’s baby, there is something unique here for every type of little one, even a fussy fella.

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Best Halloween Gifts for Newborn Boys

Adorable and affordable, here are 13 ideas that will make a newborn boy’s Halloween extra special, as it should be!

baby boy first ever Halloween gift ideas

1. Burrito Swaddle Blanket

You simply cannot go wrong with a swaddle blanket, but a burrito swaddle blanket is so funny and cute at the same time. I love the swaddle idea because sometimes it’s not easy to dress up babies, in particular, fussy babies.

With this blanket, you also don’t have to worry about sizing which often feels like a guessing game since they seem to grow bigger every day!

2. Bib and Sock Set

Another easy and comfy gift idea is this bib and sock set. It comes with three bibs and two socks, so the parents have extra bibs in case one gets dirty.

Just like the blanket above, this festive set is also easy to put on. The bibs have snaps in the back, so convenient.

3. Soft Toy Play Set

Spoil the little guy with not just one toy but a set of Halloween themed squishy soft toys that will keep him entertained for a long time.

The best part is all the toys in the set include a feature that invokes sensory response, like, bells, squeaker, crinkle sound, and the vibrant colors also help in learning. They are non-toxic and machine washable.

4. Personalized Photo Frame

first ever halloween photo frame

Keepsakes like this photo frame are what keeps the memories fresh in our minds.

Sure, there will be hundreds of pictures taken that day but they can use this personalized frame to decorate the nursery (create a picture collage of baby’s first on the nursey wall), keep the photo frame in their living room, or send the frame with the picture to grandparents.

5. Snack Cup

personalized snack cup

He will soon be big enough to start munching on small things and this festive personalized snack cup will come in handy during that time. Till then it can be used to store and carry a myriad of small things that he needs in his everyday life, for instance, pacifiers!

6. Halloween Burp Cloths

halloween inspired burp clothes

Useful and adorable! The parents can never have enough burp cloths and these Halloween inspired ones are perfect for gifting.

You have the option to personalize with his name at the checkout.

7. Bib

personalized baby bib

Speaking of burp cloths, another essential that one can never have enough of is a cute bib, like this one. This is an excellent idea if you were looking for a personalized gift that also says baby’s first!

8. Sippy Cup

personalized sippy cup

These Halloween inspired sippy cups are so much fun to look at. Everyone who sees it will adore it. These are not just a gimmicky product either, it is spill-proof, BPA free, and durable.

9. Trick or Treat Bag

halloween pumpkin felt basket

He is not gonna venture out on his own to grab all the candy and treats, yet, but he does deserve a Halloween goodie bag of his own to store all the yummy treats when he goes out trick or treating with his parents or receives a ton of goodies from family and friends.

10. Pumpkin Teether

pumpkin teether

Looking for a non-plastic gift? This wooden pumpkin teether is handmade, not factory produced and made of a material that is baby-friendly.

The seller gives plenty of customization options that you cannot find at a department store which makes it really unique.

11. Pacifier Clip

halloween paci clip

This Halloween inspired pacifier clip is so much fun to look at. They can use it for the entire fall season.

The clip includes wooden and silicone beads with different texture and shapes providing a sensory experience for the little one’s developing brain.

12. Pumpkin Baby Shoes

pumpkin print baby shoes

These pumpkin print shoes are so lovable I could not help adding it to this list. Made of cotton and bamboo the seller has plenty of sizing options so you can choose one that fits the baby perfectly no matter if he is a newborn, 6-month-old, or almost completing a year.

13. Baby Blanket

personalized halloween baby blanket

A personalized blanket that is fit for the season. Great for photoshoots and for swaddling. The blanket has pumpkin, bats, and spider print and you have the option to personalize or not.

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14. Crochet Bat Rattle

bat crochet rattle

What is Halloween without all the jack-o-lanterns, candies, and bats! The bat rattle has a squeaky abdomen which the baby will love.

Handmade items are always more delightful than anything store-bought. Everyone will admire the detail with which it was made.

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Any of these 13 exceedingly cute ideas will make the little fellas first Halloween special. It is not just about a silly and fun costume, these small add-ons like accessories and things that parents can use for him are also a great way to celebrate a milestone event like this one.

best first ever halloween gift ideas for a newborn baby boy

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