Non Candy Halloween Treats That Kids Will Love (Fun & Affordable)

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Kids already get a ton of candy on Halloween. So this season, if you want to give them a treat that lasts longer than candy and does not ruin their teeth here are some amazing non-candy Halloween treats that the kids would love to get, and enjoy even after Halloween is done and gone.

The best part? This list includes affordable options that you can buy in bulk so you don’t have to spend a fortune buying treats for the party and non-food allergy treats for the school!

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19 Non-Candy Halloween Treats

These treats are a healthy Halloween treat alternative to regular candy and chocolate! The parents of the kids will be thankful for these fun and healthier treats.

1. Drawstring Goody Bags

These drawstring bags are a great idea for stuffing some handmade treats or even as is. Keep some glowing eyeballs in them or some homemade popcorn bags.

The kids would love to carry them through the night as they go on enjoying the night collecting all the Halloween goodies.

2. Live Blood Juice Packs

These juice bags are a great alternative for kids with food allergies. You can create a juice station that rivals Dracula’s beverage bar. Dress up as Dracula and fill their bags with the juice of their choice!

The bags are reusable as well. It is a healthy Halloween favor that every kid and their parents would love.

3. Paddle Ball

This is one spooktastic paddle ball game that will be a hit with the kids.

4. Zombie Finger Bubble Bottles

Blowing bubbles is fun, what’s more, fun is making soap bubbles out of a Zombie Finger Bubble Bottles. A goodie bag favor that is spooky and reusable.

5. Light Up Pumpkin Slap Bracelets

A cool non-candy gift that every kid would want to get their hands on. The kids can pair the Light Up Pumpkin Slap Bracelet with their costume and rock it all night on their wrists.

The lights on these bracelets can easily be turned on and off and they are a perfect small gift idea for preschoolers.

6. Glow In The Dark Eye- Balls

These glow in the dark eyeballs is spooky but fun to play with. The kids will have a great time playing with these poppers that jump and even glow when you hold them under a light.

Great idea for filling up kids favor bags.

Allergen-Free Halloween Favors For School

Unlike candy and chocolate, the pens, eyeball erasers, and pencils with erasers (below) are a better choice for school as they are a food allergen-free treat that every kid in the school can enjoy.

7. Witches Broom Pen

Looking for bulk budget-friendly treat for school? Check these Witches Broom Pens.

They come in a package of 24, enough for the entire class. The pens celebrate the spirit of Halloween and they are also functional so the kids in the school can actually use them.

8. Eye Ball Erasers 

You get 2 dozen of these for under $10!! If that’s not a steal, then I don’t know what is…

So affordable, these eyeball erasers will be loved by all at school or kindergarten.

9. Pencil With Erasers

The Eyeball Erasers and Pencil with Giant Eraser are the perfect classroom favor if you are only allowed to send nut-free gifts for the school kids.

10. Books For Kids

Probably one of the best Halloween books for the kids out there. Room on the broom is one of the best seller books for kids on Amazon.

If you want to gift the kids a book, make it this one. You will not be disappointed.

The kids would want to listen to the story of the friendly witch every night before bed.

11. LED Flash Rings

A fun gift for kids to make them feel special throughout the season. They can wear the LED Flash Rings as they go trick or treating and even afterward as they enjoy all the goodies at home.

12. Sticky Hand Finger Toys 

Although they don’t have an element of spookiness, these Sticky Hand Finger Toys are one gift the kids can play with at any time of the year. 

13. Magic Springs

It is not only difficult but almost impossible not to enjoy these Magic Springs! Even if they don’t make much noise and don’t have extraordinary features, the kids will not be able to stop playing with these springs.

14. Jack O’ Lantern Putty

The Jack O’ Lantern putty comes with mold, set of eyes and hands, nose, and mouth. The kids can play with the putty and shape it whatever they like and leave it to harden once they are happy with the finished design. 

It can also double as a great Halloween activity for the kids if you are planning to throw a party.

15. Glow In Dark Squishes

These soft squishy toys come individually packed so they are easy to distribute. They are pretty eye-catching but did you also know these squishy toys are great for relieving stress?

16. LED Jack O Lantern Necklace 

No Halloween party is complete without a Jack O’Lantern necklace. An amazing add-on to their spooktacular outfits, these LED  Lantern Necklaces are battery operated and reusable so they can wear it to a lot of parties.

17. Hanging Bats

These bats don’t bite! This soft, elastic, and stretchy bat is one pet that does not need much care. The kids can hang the bat in their room to add to their spooky room decor or hang it on their keychain, bag, etc.

They can also use this year after year for decorations around the house.

18. Cute Duckies

Don’t let the babies leave your haunted house without any goodies. These Halloween inspired rubber duckies are perfect for the little babies that are not yet allowed to have any candy or big toys.

The duckies are adorable. The set covers all the essentials – pumpkin, ghost, black cat, skeleton, werewolf, and vampire. They are a fun addition to the baby’s bath time as they enjoy showers during the fall season.

Speaking of babies check out these cute First Halloween gifts for baby boys under 1-year-old and Halloween gifts for baby girls under 1-year-old.

19. Assorted Stampers

These assorted stamps are affordable, and they ship prime from Amazon! The kids can have so much fun playing around with these stamps, a great noise-free toy, even their parents will appreciate it.

20. Bouncy Balls

A pack of 72 bouncy balls might seem a  lot, or less if you are anything like me, BUT- these will definitely go out like hotcakes. Kids love bouncy balls as much as they love any sugary candy.

Use them for your kid’s school party or give them away as trick or treat favors. I bet even grown-ups will enjoy playing with them.

21. Wind Up Toys

Wind-up toys are enjoyed by kids of all ages and these wind-up toys assortment is the perfect goody bag filler.  The assortment includes all famous spooky characters like a mummy, skeleton, Frankenstein, etc.

The collection has some glow in the dark toys as well and most of these toys jump or walk after wind up. These toys will be the kid’s favorite desk accessory.

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Non Candy Halloween Gifts That Kids And Their Parents Will Love. Ditch The Sugar And Food Allergens, Give Halloween Treats That Last Longer Than Candy.

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