31 Brilliant Client Gifts That Make A Big Impression

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Whether you are a small business owner or heading a large establishment, sending a meaningful Christmas or New Year gift to your clients is the best way of showing your gratitude and appreciation to them. And it is also a fantastic way to promote your business.

A thank you gift for the clients is a great way of acknowledging how much you appreciate doing business with them.

But, before you start checking out this gift guide, here are some of the things you should be mindful of when deciding what to buy for the people you do business with-

  • You don’t want to buy something that JUST looks good. Buy them a gift that signifies your relationship or business partnership with the person.
  • If possible, buy something that represents and celebrates the industry you work in. Don’t worry if it doesn’t ring any bells at the moment. I have plenty of ideas listed in this guide.
  • The price tag of the gift is not too big of a factor. However, there is a fine line between cheap and inexpensive. It is a fact that holiday gifting tends to dig a deep hole in the pocket. Therefore, I have also listed some affordable gifts under $20 (not junk) that will still help you make a good impression.

P.S: This post contains affiliate links from Amazon and other retailers. If you make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission. Pls check Privacy Policy and T&C for more information.)

Christmas And New Year Gifts For Clients

The majority of gifts in this gift guide are under $50, and some even under $20.

And even though all of these seem perfect for the holidays, they are also great for whenever you feel like sending your customer/client a small token of your appreciation.

I have included edible gifts, personalized gifts, office desk gifts, etc., and additionally, some interesting gifts they can enjoy with their families and coworkers because the best part about the holiday season is sharing gifts with the ones you love or spend the most time with!

Chocolate Gift Basket

A basket full of chocolaty goodness, they will have to hide this yummy holiday basket from their coworkers so it can make it to their home.

It is difficult to find an affordable edible gift basket that is not overpriced and has great reviews online. This one checks both boxes. The clients will love it.

Coffee Sampler

There is so much to appreciate in this coffee gift set.

The exquisite packaging includes 9 great varieties of coffee packages- so they get to try a lot of different flavors, and it is Kosher certified- just in case it was something you were concerned about!

Godiva Holiday Gift

Does the sound of chocolate truffle coffee make your mouth water? Yes?? I know…it’s a rhetorical question!

I love Godiva holiday gifts in general. But, this gift set is special because it comes with a gold travel mug that is both eye-catching and useful. 

They will get so much use out of it, even long after they are done with the truffle coffee.

Holiday Cocoa Sampler Set

The words- hot chocolate- never fail to fire away from the festive spirit. The joy of Christmas will double with an exciting cocoa git set they can enjoy with others as well. 

This set contains double chocolate, snickerdoodle, toasted marshmallow, and French vanilla packets, all packed in a beautiful gift box. What’s not to love!

Honey Flute

They will receive a lot of wine bottles or champagne flutes, but this flute will stand out from the rest!

The striking flute is filled with Tupelo honey (one of the best honey in the world). 

The client and their family will greatly enjoy this unique treat.

Marble Coasters

The gold-rimmed marble coaster set is a non-perishable gift that will remind them of you for years. 

They make a great coffee table accessory or work desk accessory. They are very affordable, surprisingly, even though they are made out of marble.

A great find, this is one of the gifts that are just under $20.

Insulated Wine Carrier Tote

The elegant and functional wine and champagne carrier bag comes in many colors.

The carrier bag is insulated so they can carry their favorite drink in it to parks, beaches, cruise, etc. Gift the bag as is or add a bottle of their favorite wine.

Personalized Travel Mug

A personalized gift is always well-received, and people love to use them.

They can take this insulated splash-proof travel mug on the go to work, their morning walk, gym, etc. Personalize it with their name to make them feel special.

Football Whiskey Stones

Earlier in the post, I talked about finding a gift that represents your industry.

This stainless steel whiskey stone set is a great gift idea if you happen to work in the sports industry. It will also make the client happy if they love football.

Whiskey Glass Set

Everything they need to enjoy their whiskey in a neat box that will look great on their bar table.

The packaging is gift-ready, I must admit the glasses in this set are gorgeous to look at.


The stiletto crystal decanter is a complete stunner, and perfect for ladies. Great for anyone in the fashion or media industry, and also appropriate for a client who has a taste for unique items.

You can also of course choose a more less-shocking crystal decanter, like the one below. This decanter is surprisingly affordable. These come in so many shapes and sizes, there is something suitable for every kind of budget.

Computer Accessories Set

A complete computer accessory set, so good, you would want one for yourself too!

The set comes in two colors- gold, and black.

It includes all the accessories they need, such as a portable power bank, rechargeable wireless mouse, micro USB and flash drive, stylus ballpoint pen, 2pcs cable saver organizer, and micro-USB to USB convertor.

Oak Wood Docking Station

A clever organizer that will keep their desk looking clean. They can also use it at home.

Made out of oak wood, both men and women will appreciate this smart gift.

Crystal Carafe

I must admit that I wasn’t aware of what a carafe was until I came across one of these in my feed. 

A carafe is a bottle with a cup on top of it.

The cup on top comes in very handy. A carafe like this one, made out of crystal, is perfect for keeping drinking water on your desk (no need to drink straight from the bottle or look for a glass), store wine, or use it in the bathroom for storing mouthwash.

A unique find they will really admire and love to use.

Handstitched Refillable Notebook

The perceived value of this handstitched leather journal will be so much higher than what you would actually pay. I say this because a refined product like this will easily go around $100 but this one doesn’t.

The refillable leather journal comes with two cord wrappers, a pen holder, and a pocket inside for holding business cards. It looks so professional they will love to take it along to their meetings, client visits, etc. 

Luxury Rollerball Pen

Do you know what goes along beautifully with a journal like the one above? A pen that is perfection personified. The luxury rollerball pen is a timeless gift everyone will appreciate.

The pen comes packed in a nice box. It will make a great business gift even by itself.

Themed Bottle Opener

Another one of those unbelievably affordable, yet unique gifts that give you an opportunity to represent your area of work. 

This aviation-based bottle opener is every bit elegant and useful. 

You can find a bottle opener like this in almost any shape or form that you desire.

P.S: You can take off the paper band, that reads ‘our adventure begins’ before gifting.

Golf Gift For Females

If you are thinking of giving the female clients a golf gift, then check out these bath bombs shaped like golf balls

Handcrafted, and made with natural ingredients, the bath bombs are so realistic in appearance they can probably pull a few pranks with these on the golf course.

Also, check out these ball couture fashion-forward golf ball set that they will absolutely adore, and probably get a lot of compliments on, too.

Glass Ornament Paperweight

Do they often talk about their pet or their love for animals? A high-quality glass paperweight like this dog figurine is a desk accessory they will be delighted to receive.

It will bring a smile to their faces, and earn you major brownie points too for being a careful listener!

Need some funny gift ideas for your coworkers for Secret Santa? Check out these hilarious gifts that will make all the coworkers laugh-out-loud.

Holiday- Themed Candles

A great smelling holiday-themed candle tins gift set made with 100% natural soy wax is an affordable and long-lasting gift idea.

New Year Gifts For Clients

Most of the above will also make excellent new year gifts for your clients and business partners. But, here are some additional ideas that are a must-see.

Engraved Spoon

Engrave the spoon with best wishes for the new year or just say thank you!

The spoon can be personalized with the words of your choice. A novelty gift that will last them a  lifetime. They can use it to stir their coffee at work or enjoy it at home.

Dried Fruit Gift Basket

The new year is that time of the year when most people are setting new goals for their health so this healthy dried fruit gift basket is just what they will be happy to see.

I love that the tray converts into a pretty basket, great for display. It can also be reused once the dried fruit is all consumed.

P.S: If you are looking for some amazing gifts for your employees this Christmas check out these fun holiday gifts for employees they will really appreciate.

New Year Shot Glasses

A gift that screams happy new year! 

The shot glasses are made out of glass. The recipient will love to use these for their new year celebrations. 

Affordable and hilarious Secret Santa gifts that will make your boss laugh.

Herbal Tea Sampler

You can never go wrong with a herbal tea sampler. The sampler has five flavors so they can pick and choose their favorite.

Unique flavors that will fit seamlessly into their healthy and happy new year.

Hope you liked all of these holiday and new year gifts for your clients. No matter what your budget any of these gifts will make the recipient happy.

Best holiday and new year gift ideas your business clients will love. Show your gratitude and appreciation with these affordable corporate gifts that make a big impression.

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