Hanukkah Gifts For Kids And Adults That Celebrate Tradition

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If you are struggling to come up with exciting Hanukkah gift ideas that will make even the most ‘hard to please’ person smile and say thank you, then you are at the right place.

This gift guide is here to make all the stress of holiday gifting disappear.

Whether you are looking for a gift that is uniquely Hanukkah themed or not, this extensive gift guide will give you plenty of ideas for everyone on your list from kids, adults, family/ blended family and friends, to even office colleagues, neighbors, etc.

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Hanukkah Gifts For Kids And Adults

I have kept this guide pretty affordable, including a variety of ideas to please every type of personality.

A Fun Traditional Gift

A traditional gift that will add a whole lot of fun to the festivities!

If you haven’t heard about the popular ‘Mensch on a Bench’ from the, equally famous, Shark Tank show, then you need to check this one out.

Mensch on a bench teaches kids about the Jewish holiday, along with Jewish traditions and values. Read more about it, and check out all the fantastic reviews for Mensch on a bench here.

Perfect for kids, and grandkids, even the adults will greately enjoy it.

Hanukkah Themed Kitchen Towels

What would holidays be without the symbolic decorations and all the yummy food!!

Speaking of both, I think these Hanukkah inspired kitchen towels will make a great gift for anyone from family to friends, coworkers, you name it…

Long- lasting and very affordable, these towels will add the perfect holiday touch to their kitchen.

Personalized Shadow Box

Another one of those home decor items that one appreciates during the festive season. 

Personalized gifts always make the recipient feel special and this shadow box will be an instant hit with the recipients.

This shadow box will be displayed year after year in their living room for Hanukkah.

Personalized Doormat

Are they celebrating Hanukkah in their new house for the first time? If yes, then surprise them with a thoughtful gift like this personalized doormat that will bring a big smile to their faces.

They will get plenty of compliments on this mat.

A Gift Of Laughter

An ideal gift for someone with a funny bone.

The book is loaded with Jewish jokes, inspired from traditional humor and Jewish comic legends, this book will have them cracking up the moment they turn the first page. 

An out of the ordinary gift for a grown-up who already has everything, and wants nothing. The book has great reviews online, check them out.

Personalized Basket Liner

A unique gift that can be personalized with the recipient’s name.

If you want to surprise them with a gift they can use for years to come, that also symbolizes the holidays then you have to check out this basket liner.

It will look great on their dining table when they are entertaining guests.

(You also have the option to buy the wicker basket along with the liner.)

Hand Painted Menorah

Elegant and eye-catching, a hand-painted menorah candelabra as a gift is as traditional as it gets.

They come in so many styles and designs, but this one really stood out to me because of the Star of David and the enchantitng blue and white motifs.

If you were planning to gift one, then you have to check this one out.

Chanukah Gifts For Work

Are you looking for affordable gift ideas for your coworkers? If yes, this bag of wooden dreidels will not disappoint.

Anyone who gets it would immediately start spinning it, because let’s admit it- it’s so much fun.

Add a few dreidels along with some candy in favor bags or small mason jars so they are easy to gift. Speaking of candy, check out the next idea on this list if you are planning to gift candy.

Holiday Themed Candy Stickers

The small Hanukkah themed candy stickers are really adorable.

No matter if you planning to give candy to the kids or to the colleagues at work, these stickers will really amp up the plain kisses from regular chocolate to a great holiday favor.

Chanukah Gelt

One other candy that you can’t go wrong with is a bag full of Chanukah gelt- the traditional Hanukkah candy.

There are plenty of options online, but you should also check out these premium chocolate gold coins that are certified kosher and packed in Italian foil.

Hanukkah Gift For A Blended Family

Know someone who celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas? If yes, here is a gift idea that celebrates both the occasions.

This Hanukkah ornaments set is great for blended families. They can hang these on the Christmas tree, or use these as decoration around the house.

And since I LOVE decorating and one ornament set just doesn’t cut it for me here is another set that caught my eye- the Star of David set.

The stars are made of glass with glitter detailing on top. They practically scream Holidays!

Dreidel Salt And Pepper Shakers

The Dreidel shaped salt and pepper shakers will be the perfect addition to the hostess’s/ recipients dining table.

Inexpensive Chanukah Gift

If you are looking for small inexpensive gifts for Chanukah then you have to check out this soap with a hint of cinnamon, cardamom, anise, and vanilla.

And- let’s not overlook the gorgeous menorah design on the wrapping, that really makes it stand out.

Small Gift For Her

This Star of David earrings and necklace set will make a great jewelry gift for her.

Delicate pieces like these can go with pretty much any outfit and she can wear it to any occasion.

Need some crazy good gift ideas for kids this Christmas? If yes, then check out these brilliant non-toy gift ideas for young boys and Christmas gifts for young girls that will make them scream with joy.

Chanukah Candles

Gift them these premium candles handmade in Safed, Israel. These premium Kosher candles look beautiful and each box contains enough candles to light their menorah for eight days.

Mad Libs Hanukkah Edition

Affordable, hilarious and engaging- the Mad Libs Hanukkah edition is perfect for the family who loves to hang and laugh together.

Everyone can let their creativity run and make others laugh their ____ off!

This could very well become a fun holiday tradition.

Menorah For Babies And Toddlers

No real candles for the little ones, but this musical menorah plush is safe for babies and toddlers, and bonus- it even sings to them!

They can emulate lighting candles till they are grown enough to light real candles.

The well-designed set comes with a storage bag for the removable candles so clean up is easy after the playtime is over.

Flashing Dreidel

They probably have a lot of toys but none like the flashing dreidel. Both adults and kids will really enjoy taking turns spinning these.

The light flashes as the dreidel spins fast, keeping everyone entertained and engaged.

Are you planning on giving cash gift (allowance) this year to the kids? If so, here are some ways to make the cash gift look and feel extra special.

Memory Game- Jewish Holiday Edition

A fun and educational gift that comes packed in adorable collectible tins you can give away as favors to the kids.

A memory game with a Jewish holiday theme, this game is suitable for ages 3 years and older. The cards include only images, no text, so it is easier for young kids to play.

Sequence- Jewish Edition

Gifts like these are perfect for families with young kids.

The Jewish edition of sequence will help families bond and also help kids learn about their culture and history in a fun and easy way. Here’s how you play it.

Baby’s First Hanukkah Gift

An adorable Chanukah gift for a baby. Don’t forget to personalize the bib to make it exclusively his or her’s.

Be prepared to hear all the awws and ooohs when the grown-ups see this bib.

Elmo’s First Dreidel Book

If you are looking for a gift that will grab the baby’s or a toddler’s attention real quick then you must check out Elmo’s little dreidel book.

The book is full of pictures that illustrate Elmo’s first time celebrating festival of lights at a friend’s place, and his first gift- a dreidel.

Speaking of which you can also combine this book with the next gift on this list.

I recently wrote an article that talks about gifts you can take to the hospital when visiting a sick child. If you or someone you know can use such ideas then check out the post – Best Screen-Free Gift Ideas For A Sick Child In Hospital.

Plush Dreidel

All I can say is- goodness, how adorable is this!!

The plush dreidel is the perfect gift for the baby or a toddler who is too young, at the moment, to start playing with the real deal.

It will be so much fun seeing them trying to copy the adults in the family with their cute plush dreidel.

17 Exciting Hanukkah Gifts for Kids and Adults That Celebrate Tradition

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