Exciting Gifts For Young Girls That Are Perfect For Christmas

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I love my nieces, but the more they grow up, the harder it gets to find the perfect Christmas gift for them! Which is why I started my hunt early this season to find something really unique that will not fail to impress them.

If you are struggling to find an exciting gift for your daughter, niece or any young girl for that matter, you will find plenty of great options that will make them scream-out-loud, jump up and down and say thank you … and not just because mommy forced them to say so!

These gifts are perfect for a young girl between the age of 6-11 years old.

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Best Christmas Gifts For Young Girls

I have included gifts that would suit all budgets. I also included some inepensive finds under $15, but they are not cheap at all!

National Geographic Big Book Of Why

You can get them so many things that are … just stuff. But, this book in my opinion has the potential to be a great conversation piece between parents and kids.

The book has easy to understand scientific answers to- what often sounds to us as- silly questions from kids.

Interactive, and fun, both the parents and kids will adore this book. And did I mention it’s by National Geographic?

Cool Gift For 6-10-Year-Old Girl

Okay, so I said this mermaid blanket is a great idea for 6-10 year olds. In reality I think it is a such a genius idea that girls, even women, of any age would love these.

No wonder, these come for all ages.. yes grown women, included. 

I love this blanket, but since my niece wants everything with glitter, I ended up buying this one with plenty of glitter to make her happy.

Washable Coloring Pillow Case

Continuing with my theme of unique finds, this coloring pillow is a must-see.

Before you even start to worry- the pillow cover is washable! How fun it will be for her to color the pillow as she likes, enjoy it as long as she wants, and then wash and repaint it so she can use different colors each time.

These pillows come in different variety, definitely worth checking out.

Weighted Animal Blanket

No more fussing about going to sleep! This will probably sound like music to most parent’s ears…

The unicorn blanket is a two in one gift. It looks adorable, and has many benefits. Weighted blankets are not just for exhausted adults, but kids as well.

The weight in the blanket makes them feel cozy, almost like being cuddled which helps in getting restful sleep. She would love to sleep in her unicorn blanket.

Also, check out the below weighted blanket that comes with a mermaid pricess whose tail lights up at the touch of a button or when dipped in the water… which is really cool!

Educational Gift

Educational, and so much fun! I love the idea of this science kit for girls aged 8 years old and above.

The kit comes packed with all the lab essentials, like saftey goggles, beakers, etc., so she is all prepared to be the head scientist of her lab.

The simple (child-safe) experiments will teach them about key scientific concepts, chemical reactions, molecular motion, and the effect of temperature.

A great STEM gift that will get her excited about science and learning.

Decorate And Personalize Bottles

Let her take charge of her bottle- personalizing and decorating so it feels exclusively her’s.

The high quality bottles can be painted on and decorated with rhinestones.

Fleece Quilt Crafting Kit

A cute crafting kit that will not just be ripped open and forgotten, but appreciated for a long time. 

She will have so much fun with this and also feel the pride that comes with creating her own fleece blanket. The craft kit comes with all the essentials.

Crystal Growing Kit

Is she a curious child? If yes, she will love this crystal growing lab that comes with all the essentials she will need to grow beautiful crystals from scratch and a display board that lights up to make the crystals glow.

Smart Piggy Bank

A piggy bank that will teach her about budgeting as well. The piggy bank comes with a set of three boxes -spend, save, and share, and a guide to follow guide for kids to understand the concepts.

If she gets money for chores, or cash from grandparents, she will love this interesting gift that let’s her feel like an adult with her money.

Unicorn Bathrobe

A supersoft unicorn bathrobe is so adorable she will wear it all the time. 

Pencil Roll Wrap

Not exclusively marketed as a product for kids. However, I believe the pencil roll wrap is an ideal gift for a child over 6 years of age that has plenty of colored pencils, sketch pens, etc.

Most kids will pack all the colors in one big box, but that makes it difficult for them to see all the colors, and the tips break off easily as well.

With a roll like this she can see all different types of colors she has in one go. The wrap does not take much space so it is easy to take on the go.

Nancy Drew Collection

Besides bringing back a ton of memories to you or to the parents, this paperback Nancy Drew mystery book collection will be a hit with any girl who is just getting started with story books or loves to read.

This series of the books is updated to reflect current modern times so she can relate to these a bit more than the older versions we grew up reading.

Bean Bag Storage

Truth be told- stuffed toys are adorable, but they make the room messy. This animal bean bag is a clever solution to this problem.

Not only will she love using this animal bean bag but she will also love to stuff it with her stuffed toys turning it into her favorite chair.

Floor Pillow Bed

She can sit on it or sleep, read, eat…this floor pillow bed is good for so many things she would enjoy it every moment.

It is portable. Can be easily bend to create a seat or laid flat to make a bed.

Unicorn Journal Set

It is very inexpensive, but I still believe she will love and adore this unicorn journal set.

The set comes packed in a gift box containing a unicorn notebook, a pen, a pink unicorn key ring- which can also be used as bag decoration, and 4 different style unicorn clips.

She can pen her thoughts or scribble! Whatever her heart desires. 

Any girl who sees it would want one as well. 

Play Tent

Every princess deserves her own castle.. or tent, that is her space to play, dream, read or sleep.

There are plenty of cheap tents online. But, I chose this one that’s a bit expensive but comes with lights and has great reviews online.

Bunny Purse For Girls

She can carry a purse around just like her mommy! The adorable bunny bag is small but just perfect for a young girl.

She can carry her small essentials in the bag when she steps out of the house or goes out with mom to the mall.

I couldn’t help adding another bag. If she is anything like my niece and loves sequins and glitter, you can’t go wrong with this sparkly stunner.

LOL Jewelry Making Kit

Oh boy, she is gonna scream when she sees the kit!!

The kit comes jam packed with over 400 charms and beads- so many combinations she can make with these.

But that’s not all.

She can also create secret messages by adding stickers to her jewelry which can only be cracked using the decoder sheet this kit comes with. Play time with her friends will be so much more fun with this kit.

Christmas Drawstring Bag

This drawstring Christmas bag will make a big impression and bring a big smile to her face. She will love the bag just as much as the gift inside it.


I hope you enjoyed all these interesting Christmas gift ideas for young girls. No matter which one you use, I am sure she will enjoy it very much.

The most perfect Christmas gift ideas a young girl would be happy to get. Unique finds that will really make her scream with joy this holiday season.

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