21 Brilliant Non-Toy Christmas Gifts Young Boys Would Love

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Looking for a spectacular Christmas gift idea for a young boy? If so, you are at the right place. This curated list of gift ideas is chock full of interesting finds that will have the boy jumping and screaming, with joy, of course! Even a hard to please nephew…

Non-toy gifts are hard to find. But you will be spoiled for choice once you see all the amazing finds in this guide. Budget-friendly and unique, there is something here for every type of kid.

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Christmas Gifts For Young Boys

If he seems to have all the toys a kid can probably ever want or need then it is time to spoil him silly with these non-toy Christmas gifts that will keep him interested and entertained longer than any toy.

Sleeping Blanket

Soft and comfy, he will not to go bed without his favorite snuggly crocodile sleeping blanket. It looks as if you are in the crocodile’s tummy while being warm and cozy.

The blanket has plenty of space. It is machine washable and comes in a variety of cute animal shapes.

It is a clever gift that is both affordable and adorable.

Fire Truck Pop-Up Tent

A fire truck pop-up tent that doesn’t require much assembly! I know, it sounds like a dream but it is really real.

The tent will provide him hours of entertainment and adventure as he moves in and out of the truck trying to save the day or enjoy quiet moments playing with toys inside.

The tent is large enough to fit 4 kids so he can share the fun with siblings and friends.

Washable Coloring Pillow

Before you even start to wonder, YES, the coloring pillowcase is washable.

The world map on the pillow is full of interesting details and fun facts that any kid will enjoy. The pillowcase makes learning easy and so much fun.

He can color the places he has already visited, wants to visit, or finds interesting.

As you go through all the countries, you can also add additional details of your own.

Dinosaur Umbrella

Every child wants to play with umbrellas, and you can let him enjoy this dinosaur umbrella without any worry as it is kid-safe, lightweight, and easy to handle.

The strong umbrella will add to his outdoor and indoor adventures.

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Hooded Animal Towel

Making bath time more fun, this hooded animal towel is thick and super absorbent. It also comes in other animal designs.

So cute to look at. He will absolutely love this towel.

Smart Moneybox

Can’t say enough good things about this three-part moneybox that is a great alternative to a traditional piggy bank. The three compartments in this moneybox will teach and inspire young kids how to save, spend and share money. 

It also comes with a simple-to-follow kids guide so they can track what they are putting in and taking out.

If the child gets an allowance for completing chores at home or gets money from grandparents, this moneybox is a must-have. Even parents will appreciate the educational gift.

Suitable for kids 4 years and older.

Crystal Making Kit

A great way to bond with the child is to engage in activities rather than just handing them a toy to play with and calling it a day.

The crystal growing kit is just that and so much more! It is an experience. Both adults and kids would love it.

Seeing the crystals grow from scratch is an exhilarating experience he will never forget.

The best part about this kit is the glowing LED light-up display that can be used to display the child’s artwork. The lights really add a magic touch to these crystals.

Thinking of gifting an experience instead of toys? Check out these creative experience gifts for toddlers that are really that include a variety of indoor, outdoor, educational and skill-building ideas.

First Big Book Of Why

A magnificent read, the big book of why answers the simple questions kids ask with a scientific answer that is simplified enough for a child to grasp easily. For instance, why does the wind blow? why do I have a belly button? etc.

Educational gifts like these can be appreciated by young kids of any age. The interactive format makes it easy to follow. 

Every parent would love a Christmas present like this that provides a lot of content for them to sit and enjoy with their child.

Science Experiment Kit

This science experiment kit is full of child-safe chemicals like cornstarch, citric acid, baking powder, etc., and includes all the supplies he will need to conduct these easy science experiments. 

It is all the simple things we already know of, but probably never thought of teaching to our kids.

The detailed guide that comes with the kit will help an adult, without a science background, answer all the curious questions from the child, make the experiments even more interesting.

Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket has so many benefits- not only for adults but for kids as well.

The blanket is not so heavy that it is uncomfortable, but has enough weight that almost mimics a gentle hug that helps the child feel calm and get a restful sleep.

It is especially great for any child on the autism spectrum.

Night Light And Projector

A space-themed night light for kids that doubles as a projector too!

The cool gadget comes with three different themes and six lighting effects. It can be used as dim light or projected all over the walls and ceiling of the room.

Unlike most toys, it will not be ripped open, enjoyed for a few moments, and then tossed out.

The young boy will really enjoy having this in his room.

Personalized Cookie Jar

Does he love cookies? I hear you saying- of course! It’s a rhetorical question…

Gift him a cookie jar of his own where he can stash all the treats and cookies from grandma. You can even personalize the speech bubbles on this Disney cookie jar with the text of your choice.

Enjoy the priceless look on his face when he opens the present and sees all Disney characters he loves on the cookie jar. Oh, and don’t forget to fill the jar with his favorites.

Coding Subscription Box For Kids

Voted the best STEM box for kids between the ages of 6-12 years old.

The coding subscription box is a  lot of fun and it teaches young minds to code effortlessly. Every month a new box is delivered with a new coding project inside.

The projects teach them to make video games, greeting cards, simulations that actually work on a phone and tablets, and so much more.

Foldable Ottoman

A foldable storage ottoman with a foam cushion seat is what every kid needs in his room. The exciting school bus ottoman will motivate him to keep his room neat and clean.

Storing toys back after playing won’t seem like a boring chore anymore!

Storage Bean Bag

A practical bean bag that will not just take space in his room but also act as a storage for all his stuffed toys.

Great for kids between 5-10 years old.

Personalized Backpack

A personalized backpack will not only make him feel special but also help identify his bag easily in a sea of bags at school, daycare, or Kindergarten.

This 100% cotton bag also has washable nylon lining inside so it is easier to wash and clean. A unique gift for a child, even the parents will like.

Personalized Snack Bowl

A personalized snack bowl that is exclusively his will be the most exciting gift he gets this Christmas. He can use it to have breakfast cereal, soup, mashed veggies and fruit, and even small snacks throughout the day.

Too bad he can’t carry it to his kindergarten or school.

Two-In-One Scooter

Get him out of the house and playing outside. The two-in-one scooter requires zero assembling and folds down completely so it does not take much storage space.

The foldable seat is completely adjustable so they can use the scooter as a seat when they feel like it. It can play music at the touch of a button and the lighted wheels make riding this scooter feel so much cooler.

Hooded Beach/Bath Towel

The hooded cotton bath towel will be a regular in his beach bag. The soft towel can be worn as a poncho while he dries up at the beach, and it can also be used as a regular bath towel.

Something tells me this towel will also be used during the day as a costume…

Personalized First Book Of Prayers

Book of prayer for children

Personalize this book of prayers for him with his name and a special message for Christmas.

The book for young kids is a collection of illustrated rhymes. A terrific gift from grandparents, aunt or a relative.

Gift Card

If the parents have requested no gifts this Christmas, then a gift card to his favorite ice cream store, McDonald’s, etc., or an experience gift is a great idea.

You can also gift the child membership for a karate class, painting class, etc., after discussing with parents, of course.


Hope you enjoyed cruising through this non-toy Christmas gift guide for young boys and found something interesting for your nephew, son, grandson, etc.

21 brilliant non toy gifts for young boys that are perfect for Christmas. Educational and activity gifts that help with child's development. Must-see gifts that he will be thrilled to get.

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