what to take for a sick child in hospital

27 Best Gifts For A Sick Child In Hospital (Screen Free Gifts)

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If you don’t want to take candy or stuffed toys for the child in the hospital, you must check out these 27 gift ideas that will bring some relaxation, relief, and comfort to a sick child in the hospital.

Get well soon gifts for a child that include screen-free activities that kill boredom and make time fly.

The gift guide is created keeping in mind children who are hospitalized for short term and even the ones who are terminally ill, are bedridden or have limited mobility at the moment.

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Gifts For Sick Children In Hospital

what to take for a sick child in hospital

Here are some gift suggestions to help you decide what to take for an admitted kid or child, when visiting.

1. Mermaid Tail Blanket

All little girls love mermaids and want to be one! This ombre glitter mermaid tail blankie comes with a sleep eye mask she would love to use and don’t worry there is no fall out from the glitter. 

These come in so many colors and so affordable!

The blanket will make her very happy, she would feel like a real mermaid.

2. Shark Tail Blanket

I had to include one for the boys too, these animal blankies are so adorable.

The shark tail blanket will really lift up his spirits. This shark blanket has glow in the dark eyes and he can easily slide his feet into the lined fins, isn’t that cool?

3. Imagination Magnets

The imagination magnets is a creative and super fun activity that children, and even adults, will enjoy. The box comes with numbered patterns that range from beginner to expert.

As the child masters each level he/she will enjoy creating more intricate patterns or even create something with their own imagination!

It is more than what it seems- the inside of the magnetic box also doubles as a dry erase board.

Super engrossing and educational at the same time.

4. Tape Activity Book

A tape activity book has the potential to keep the child entertained for hours. The child can use the tapes that come with the book to complete various illustrations in the book. It is an activity that is both fun and learning. Kids can practice different techniques as they cut and paste tape.

The book is sturdy and its cover has space to store the tapes.

5. Magnetic Fun

This magnetic fun cars and planes set comes with different scenes printed on the inside of the tin with additional magnetic pieces depicting cars, people, planes, etc that can be arranged on the city scene. Kids can arrange the magnets in the city scene however they like and let their imagination fly! 

Also, check out the Magnetic Fun-Doll House edition

6. Activity Book

The book is packed full with over 500 activities that includes spot the difference, color pages, fun facts and much more.

It is definitely one of the most affordable ones that will keep them busy the longest.

7. Color Wonder

Color wonder mess-free coloring book is a mess-free coloring activity that requires no clean up afterward.

The marker only appears on the paper, that means it does not stain any other surface it comes in contact with, like skin, furniture or fabric.

The kit comes packed in a storage case which doubles as a lap desk. It is an activity the child can enjoy without getting up from the hospital bed.

8. Weighted Plush Toy

Plush toys are great choice for kids but you know what is even better? A weighted sequin plush toy that provides a calming experience and also both visual and sensory benefits.

Weighted toys provide a soothing experience that help the child relax in a somewhat stressful hospital environment and such toys also stimulate the central nervous system.

9. Weighted Blanket

Talking of weighted toys, a weighted blanket will ensure the child gets restful sleep which helps in mental and physical developement. The blanket provides a gentle feel, like a hug which makes the child feel safe.

This weighted blanket is made from 100% cotton breathable cotton and hypoallergenic micro beads, so the blanket can be used all year round..

10. Microwavable Scented Plush Toy

The microwavable plush toy can be warmed up in the microwave for some warm therapy and it has dried french lavender which imparts a soothing calming scent.

The toy helps in relieving anxiety, reduce stress and provide warm comfort.

11. Miniature Basketball Game

Touted as a desk toy for adults, this one is an uncommon gift that will make the child very happy.

Although there are versions of this game for kids, there are two reasons why I chose this desk version, one- it folds completely so it is easier to store and second- the ball is attached to the plate.

The string makes sure the ball does not fly off and nobody needs to get up and look for the ball. The child can play this game alone and even with the visitors. 

A great gift idea if the child loves to play sports but is bedridden at the moment.

12. Construction Plate

Food can be pretty boring at the hospital but this construction plate bulldozer pusher, forklift, and front loader spoon will easily turn eating time into fun time.  

With over 250 positive reviews this construction plate is definitely kids approved!

13. Coloring Pillow

a unique gift the child will be super excited to receive. The coloring pillow is unlike any pillow cover, the child can enjoy coloring the pillow cover and even enjoy it as they sleep.

The color washes out effortlessly so the child can try different colors every time.

14. Monkey Noodles

The monkey noodles are stretchy, non-toxic and provide a lot of mental stimulation for a child that might be feeling restricted in the confined hospital space.

It helps calm anxiety and reduces stress.

15. Non-Toxic Fluffy Slime

Non-sticky and non-toxic! This super stretchy and fluffy slime is a great stress buster and so much fun to play with. It does not leave any residue so it is easier for kids to enjoy this slime without getting up from the bed.

16. Folding Lamp

This book shaped folding lamp is a clever gift. The lamp has 4 different color options, it is 360degrees adjustable so it can bend easily without any damage, and it is made of wood.

A genius gift they will be very happy to get.

17. Magnetic Drawing Board

A Magnetic Drawing Board is an easy mess-free activity a child would love. They can keep the drawing board next to their bed and easily reach for it when they feel like doodling or drawing their favorite flowers and animals.

The pen comes attached to the board so they will never lose it accidentally.

18. Travel Spirograph

Even adults would want to try their hands at the travel Spirograph that is everyone’s all-time favorite childhood activity.

The travel Spirograph is a great screen-free activity that will make time fly by in a flash and it is compact enough to store easily.

The box comes with 2 pens and a design guide for inspiration and all the pieces fit easily inside the box.

19. All In One Easel

A great option for a child who is hospitalized for more than just a few days.

The all in one Easel has a whiteboard, chalkboard and it also comes attached with a paper roll so the child can enjoy the easel in more ways than just one.

The child will never be bored as he or she can use their creativity to draw and paint on a different surface every day.

Write sweet messages for their parents and relatives or make cute drawings grandma and grandpa can take home.

P.S: If you have someone on bed rest at the moment check out my helpful gift guide that is full of must-have gifts for the bedridden or someone on bedrest.

20. Magnetic Tic-Tac-Toe

It is impossible to go wrong with a classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe and what makes this one worth taking to the hospital is that this Tic-Tac-Toe is magnetic so it is easier to play and store.

The inside of the box has two sides– one regular and the other side is numbered so the game can be played two ways.

It is also a fantastic way for visitors to spend some quality time with the child in the hospital. Nobody can resist a few fun rounds once they spot it.

An engaging gift like this doubles as a gift for the child and the child’s parents.

21. Night Lamp

A bedside lamp is perfect when you only need to light up the area around the bed but not the entire room. The adorable elephant night lamp will cheer them up.

The flexible lamp can be pointed to different directions and has 3 adjustable light settings.

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22. Harry Potter Slippers

Another gift that will cheer up a Harry Potter fan is the plush Harry Potter slippers. They are comfy and the kid would love to show off the slippers to all the visitors.

23. Glow Angler fish Nightlight

Comforting and soothing, the Glow Angler fish is a great night companion that imparts a slight glow, just enough so they can see their loved one sleeping in the room or reach out for a toy on the bedside table.

24. Bedsheet Set

Do they have a famous Disney character, book or cartoon that they so dearly love?

If they are allowed to have personal blankets and bed sheets then a bed sheet sets like the Frozen set or the astronaut one are just the gifts that will make their room feel more personal and comfy.

25. First Aid Chocolate Box

I know I said no candy but could not resist adding the First Aid Chocolate Box. If the child is allowed to have candy, this tin is a perfect gift.

You can totally dress up like a Doctor and for a change instead of medicine present the child with a box they would be thrilled to keep at their bedside for a daily dose of chocolate.

The box will brighten their day and it can be used to store other food items as well once the chocolates run out.

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26. Personalized Book Of Prayers

Book of prayer for children in hospital

Positive words have the power to impact mood, strengthen and heal so a book like this is great to take to the hospital.

You can personalize this book full of blessings for the child with his or her name.

The book includes simple rhymes for children (over 5+) that are full of positive vibes. Check out their sample page.

27. Water Bottle

Have they been asked to drink a lot of water? A new water bottle will encourage them to drink more water, especially if they don’t like to drink water.

28. Tickle Me Plant

One unusual gift that I saved for the last! A Tickle Me Plant is a great gift idea for a terminally ill child or any child that is hospitalized for a long duration.

It looks great on the bedside table and it actually folds it’s leaves when touched or when blown a kiss, which is the reason behind its name.

One can never get bored in its company.

It not a usual gift but it promises to bring a lot of smiles to the child.

You can teach the child about the plant and in turn, they can have fun teaching all the visitors about this unique plant.

The plant comes with seeds that take 2-3 days to sprout and within two weeks it is ready to be tickled. After a few months, the flowers begin to bloom making the plant look even prettier.


I hope you found all the gift ideas for a sick child in the hospital helpful. These ideas are great if you are wondering what to send to a child in the hospital or how to occupy a sick child at the hospital.

These get well soon gifts will not fail to cheer up the child.

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