Bedridden or Bed Rest Gifts That Are Better Than Flowers

Must-Have Gifts For The Bedridden or Someone On Bed Rest

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Finding the perfect gift for a loved one who is bedridden or on bed rest due to pregnancy/ post-surgery seems arduous, but you are at the right place.

I have created a list of gift ideas that are practical, lasts longer than a bouquet of flowers and conveys your love and support for your loved one.

P.S: This post contains affiliate links from Amazon and other retailers. If you make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission. Pls check Privacy Policy and T&C for more information.)

Bedridden| Bed Rest Gifts 

Bedridden or Bed Rest Gifts That Are Better Than Flowers

1. Healing Thoughts Blanket

Positive words can reinforce positive thoughts in the mind of the reader or the listener. A blanket like this will express your love and support for your loved one with the perfect assortment of meaningful words.

This soft healing thoughts blanket is just the gift that your loved one will hold dear on difficult days. They will cherish this blanket not just when they are bedridden, but for the years to come.

2. Back Rest Pillow

Sitting up on the bed puts a lot of pressure on the spine and stacking pillows in the back isn’t the same as proper back support. That is why a backrest pillow is a must-have item for anyone on bedrest.

The pillow’s unique shape and microfiber cover make it the perfect soft cuddle companion. It even has a back pocket to hold books and magazines, and a side pocket to hold a remote, phone, glasses, etc.

It is a great bed rest gift for someone with back pain.

3. Multipurpose Bed Tray

A multipurpose tray can be useful in so many ways- for serving food, a mini table to read books and the best of all- a laptop tray.

It is not ideal to use a laptop while sitting on the bed as it can cause cervical problems and the heat from the laptop can burn or darken the skin on thighs with repeated use.

An extra-long, adjustable and foldable bamboo tray is a gift that will let them use their laptop without worries even on the bed.

4. Flexible Tablet Stand

If they don’t work on their laptop much but enjoy to spend time on their tablets, a flexible tablet stand is also a great idea so they don’t strain their neck or back trying to sit-up on the bed all the time and have their hands free as well.

5. Gallon Water Bottle

The gallon bottle will not just be a water bottle on their bedside but a gift that motivates and reminds them to get in a good amount of water every day as hydration is essential for staying healthy.

6. Coffee Mug Warmer

A coffee mug warmer like this warmer that comes with a stainless steel mug makes for a great gift! A stainless cup holds heat better than a ceramic cup so they can enjoy a hot cup of coffee all day long.

7. Foot Massager with Heat

Electric Foot Massager

A heated foot massager can help relieve pain in the swollen feet and also help increase the blood flow in the feet. This is an excellent gift for someone on bedrest.

The heat settings can be controlled via a remote. They would thank you for this amazing relaxation gift.

8. Washable Heated Pad 

If they only experience cold feet but don’t care much for a foot massage, this soft electric heated pad will bring them much comfort. The pad can be machine washed and the heating function can be controlled via remote that it comes with.

9. Weighted Blankets for Adults

Falling asleep can sometimes become an issue when someone is on the bed all day. And a good quality breathable cotton weighted blanket is just what they might need.

A weighted blanket stimulates pressure points to release serotonin (the happy hormone) to relieve any stress and improve mood.

10. Bedside Storage

A sturdy bedside storage caddy like this is a great way of keeping their surroundings clutter-free and organized. They can keep magazines, books, their tablet, earphones, phone, etc., out of sight, but well within their reach.

A clean space brings positivity and calmness as well.

11. Bedside Shelf

A bedside tray is another superb way to add extra space that is easily accessible. This sturdy bamboo tray can be attached to the bed without any tools and does not ruin the bed frame.

12. Hypoallergenic Body Pillow

The body pillow looks weird in shape, I agree, but works wonders for body support especially if someone is on pregnancy bed rest.

It is made of hypoallergenic material and comes with a washable cotton cover making it easier to maintain the pillow in the long run. Your loved one will thank you as soon as they open it!

13. Inspirational Wall Plaque

An inspirational wall plaque with strong positive words is a big mood booster for anyone not feeling their best.

Hang the wall plaque on the front wall of the room so they can look at it the moment they wake up and in times when they need reaffirmation.

14 Memory Foam Cushion

Sitting on the bed is uncomfortable but a memory foam gel cushion relieves the pressure in the tailbone while providing support and comfort. The cool off gel layer on top of this cushion will provide them with maximum comfort and they can sit on it comfortably for a longer time.

15. Light Exercise Equipment

Muscle weakness elongates recovery when someone has been on bed rest for even a few days.

If their condition allows, a hand and finger exerciser is not too exhausting but it is good for strengthening hand and finger muscles.

It exercises the grip and the extension muscles, so it is better than stress balls. It is also good for arthritis patients.

Your gift will help maintain the strength of their muscles even as they lay on the bed all day.

Want to buy a practical gift for someone suffering from arthritis but don’t know what to buy? Check out this arthritis gift guide that will bring them relief and comfort.

16. Magnifying Lens with Light

A magnifying glass is another unusual, but extremely helpful, gift if they have trouble reading after the surgery- most commonly after eye-surgery.

With a magnifying glass, they can continue to read books or magazines without eye strain and this one also has an inbuilt light so they can even read in the dark.

17. Personalized Blanket

personalized blanket with pictures of family, friends, pets, etc., is a great way to make them feel positive and let them know how much they are loved by all!

18. Bed Rail

Depending on their health condition, a standing bar can be extremely helpful.

It is not only helpful for the elderly but extremely beneficial for anyone that has issues sitting up or getting up from the bed.

If you need some helpful gift ideas for the elderly then check out thoughtful gifts for the elderly that includes gifts you can take to a nursing home.

19. Office Bell

It might seem like an uncommon gift for someone on bed rest but be assured that your loved one will appreciate it!

When they depend on others to bring them just about anything and everything they want and help them out with the necessary things a bell like this can be very useful.

This is especially useful during times when they don’t have the energy required to call out loudly for help every time they need assistance.

It doesn’t take much space and is faster and more effective than calling out someone’s name or trying to reach them via cell phone.

Have A Loved One Who Is Recovering Post Surgery? Check Out these Post Surgery Gifts That Help With Recovery and they are so much better than flowers!

20. Pulse Massager

A pulse massager is another great option if they have aching muscles at different spots.

The pulse massager comes with 6 programs targeted towards body areas that commonly suffer from muscle stiffness and aches, 3 massage settings and two channels to treat two areas simultaneously with a different setting.

21. Natural Clay Microbeads Pain Relief Pad

Sitting and lying on the bed while watching TV or reading a book strains the neck and shoulders.

A neck pillow will save them the discomfort but even better is a neck and shoulder pain pad designed to relieve pain. It can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the refrigerator and it is odor-free.

The extra-long pad is filled with natural clay microbeads which are a better option than most fillers. They hold both heat and cold for a longer time to provide maximum relief.

22. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps are believed to have many health benefits that make them a perfect gift for anyone who is recovering from an illness.

The light from the lamp is soothing and this hand-carved Certified Himalayan Salt Lamp even comes with the option to dim the light.

23. Gift Cards

Imagine all the house chores that need attention while your loved one is on bed rest. Even if they have someone to take care of them it is never easy, plus it can drain out the caregiver.

A gift card for laundry services, house cleaning, etc., is what they need the most.

A restaurant voucher or food delivery gift card will also be appreciated since they can’t cook for themselves.

If your loved one is on bed rest before pregnancy, consider giving a department store gift card, toy store gift card, Babies”R”Us gift card, etc. They can’t go out and shop for baby essentials like others, but with your gift card, they can shop online and be ready for when the baby comes.

24. Coloring Books

Coloring books are more than just a way to kill time.

They are amazing at relieving stress, improve mental and intellectual health and almost therapeutic in nature. The time spent coloring takes the mind off negative issues and habits that are non-productive in nature.

There are some that specifically target a specific condition as well. The books have different types of patterns and designs that make them so engaging. You will be spoiled for choice!

Pick one or make a bundle that will keep them engaged for longer.

25. Books

A throw pillow with some kind words is an amazing way of letting them know you are thinking of them. The pillow can stay by their side and remind them of you. It will also be a beautiful addition to their bed.

Not all entertainment has to be just TV and online stuff.

Books are an incredible source of keeping boredom away. Ever seen someone so sucked into a novel they forget to drink and eat?

Pick some novels, self-help books, etc., for your loved one to keep them intellectually busy. If they have a kindle, gift them some books online.

Audible books are also a great idea if they like to listen as they lay on the bed.

Do they love comics and superheroes? Check out my comic book fan gift guide. A voracious reader? Check out literary gifts bookworms will love.

26. Activity Books

One of my favorite type of books are activity books that are full of puzzles, word scramble, spot the difference, and much more.

The funny one below is great for someone with a sense of humor, if not, there are still plenty of other activity books.

27. Picture Pillow

Create-Your-Own Photo Collage Throw Pillow

personalized throw pillow with fun pictures of family and friends is something they will appreciate. The pillow can stay by their side and keep them smiling and feeling positive.

28. Gratitude Journal

Are they going through a tough time emotionally? If yes, a gratitude journal is a great mental health gift.

This guided journal will help them recognize and appreciate all the big and small things in life that bring them constant joy, all the people and things they are grateful for…

29. Hobby Gift

It is difficult to keep someone occupied when they are on bed rest and sometimes it is not possible to keep them company 24X7. This is where their hobbies play a big role.

A great hobby gift for someone on pregnancy bed rest is an adorable stuffed toy crochet kit perfect for a beginner so they can make something for the baby.

Be sure to pick a hobby gift they can enjoy while staying on the bed.

If you are not much aware of their hobbies, there are some other options that are a safe bet. A gift of crossword puzzles, riddles, picture puzzles, etc., are excellent ways to keep their mind active.

30. First Aid Chocolate Bar

Surprise them with a medicine they would love to eat! First aid chocolate bar will make them burst out into laughter.

I also found this affordable choco first aid kit box that is even more fun.

31. Laughing Pill

Studies have shown laughter truly is contagious and there are so many physical and mental benefits of laughing that this gift idea makes perfect sense.

The giggling plush happy pill burst outs in uncontrollable laughter when squeezed, guaranteed to make them laugh even when they are alone or feeling low.

P.S: If you need some gift ideas you can take along when visiting a child in the hospital- that does not include candy– then check out screen-free gift ideas for a sick child in the hospital

32. Creative Bible

Not your average Bible! As beautiful as the outside cover of the book is, the inside is even more enchanting. This creative Bible includes side spaces for journaling as well as detailed scripture illustrations and beautiful drawings to allow coloring.

It is a unique experience that is stress relieving and full of creativity.

The amazing reviews it has speak volumes about it. Oh, and don’t forget to include some coloring pencils to go along with your gift. 

33. Thumb Stone

Have they been too worried lately? If yes, an inspirational and soothing gift like a thumb stone (worry stone) can be helpful.

A worry stone is a thumb-sized stone with a slight indentation that can be rubbed between index finger and thumb to relieve stress.

They come in many different shapes and sizes, and in a variety of metals and stones. I chose this metallic one since it will not lose its shape over time from constant rubbing and neither will it break easily.

A worry stone like this with a comforting affirmation will help them relax mentally.

34. Snack Gift Basket

A snack gift basket is a tasty addition on top of their bedside table. If they spend time alone in the house, they don’t have to worry about preparing a mid-day snack for themselves.

Include some healthy and some not so healthy, but oh so delicious items to make the gift basket a fun gift. Also, pay attention to their dietary restrictions, if any.

Check out this 100% GMO-free, organic and natural snack subscription box. They have great deals on quality products and the products are always full size, unlike most subscription box companies out there.

35. Self-Care Gift Basket For Women

Here’s a great gift basket idea for a woman on bed rest.

It is easy to ignore self-care when you are restricted to laying on the bed all day. Send them a self-care package if you can’t be there in person to help cheer them up.

Some fun things to add in the gift basket are good quality, natural & chemical free items they would love to use such as a face mask that can be cooled, an anti-oxidant rich face mask, grapeseed lip moisturizer, etc.

I also suggest checking out this bluetooth headphones eye mask if they have trouble falling asleep.

The ergonomic contoured eye mask hugs the eye area gently and the built-in HD sound stereo earphones will allow them to listen to music or white noise without wearing additional headphones. They can sleep peacefully at any time during the day or night without disturbing the person sleeping next to them.

36. Self-Care Gift Basket for Man

Making a gift basket for a man can be tricky but with some self-care items and snacks, that are both tasty and healthy, you can make one he will be happy to get.

Include organic snacks like fruit leather, popcorn and self-care items like body lotion, no- shine lip balm, etc., for a fun mixed product basket he would actually love to use.

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37. Streaming Subscription & Watchlist

And ultimately for those nights when all else fails and they are stuck in the bed wide awake at night- Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos just might be the sheep they need to count to fall asleep.

Consider gifting a subscription if they don’t have one. If they do however have a subscription already, consider creating a list of movies, TV shows and documentaries watchlist worth binging according to their favorite genres.

We have all been there when we want to binge-watch something but 40 mins in and we still can’t decide what to watch. A binge watch list is just what we all wish someone had prepared for us then!

This is also a great gift idea for a caregiver.

If you have a caregiver in the family check out my post on thoughtful caregiver gifts that will brighten their day because they deserve your attention too! Great for male and female family caregivers.

38. Bed Sheet Set

Freshly washed linens are the best, and something even better than that is a new set of bedsheets and pillows!

Receiving something new makes everyone happy and receiving a new bedsheet and pillow set can brighten their spirits since they spend the most time on the bed. Choose festive designs if it’s a Christmas gift or something light-colored and soothing for everyday use.

39. Spend Quality Time with Them

Everybody loves food and good company, even someone on bed rest can appreciate an evening of tasty takeout and catching up, given they don’t have any dietary restrictions.

Drop by with their favorite take-out food and spend some quality time with them be it gossiping, playing cards, chess, etc.

Your time and company are the greatest gifts of them all, especially for the elderly that are on the bed rest. However, if for some reason you can’t be there in person then hopefully this list has given you plenty of gift ideas that you can send to them.

Your gift will make them feel loved knowing you are thinking of them.


I hope you found these gift ideas for someone on temporary or permanent bed rest helpful. The list includes things you could do and things you could buy for your loved one that is currently bedridden. And if you can offer both to your loved one, that is even better!

Must Have Bed Rest Gifts That You Should See Before You Buy Them Flowers

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