cancer gifts for women inspirational and thoughtful

Inspirational Gifts For Women Fighting Cancer (Full of Hope and Prayer)

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Are you looking for some uplifting gift ideas for a woman fighting cancer? If so, then you will be pleased to check out these handpicked ideas that are full of hope and prayers.

Great mood booster for someone undergoing chemotherapy. These gifts will bring her comfort when you can’t be there in person, especially, on days when she can use a big hug.

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Best Cancer Gifts For Women

I have included gift ideas in a variety of price ranges that will suit every budget and women of all ages.

cancer gifts for women inspirational and thoughtful

1. Thumb Stone/ Worry Stone

If you are aware of thumb stones and what they do, that’s great! If no, then you will be happy to know that this small little rock (could be made of metal or stone) can have a soothing effect on anyone who carries (needs) it.

Thumb stones are a great way of relieving anxiety and calming down the nerves. Particularly great if she has to go for her appointments alone.

When she feels restless, she can rub this worry stone between her thumb and index finger to reassure herself and remember that everything will be alright.

They come in a variety of materials, but I chose metal, since it is long lasting and does not require careful handling, unlike the ones made from crystals.

2. Gratitude Journal

Sometimes during the difficult times, the mind can seem to focus only on the negative which intensifies the feelings of hopelessness and anxiety.

Positive thoughts can have significant impact on her health and the best way to make her remember all the amazing things in life she can be thankful for is a gratitude journal.

I picked this specific gratitude journal since it contains inspirational quotes, prompts that will inspire her to think positive and weekly checkpoints so she keeps going!

3. Journaling and Coloring Bible

If you are looking for a faith-based gift, then you should definitely take a peek at this beautiful coloring and journaling bible.

The colorful bible’s large print is easy on eyes, and it combines both stress-relieving and spiritual into one.

What makes it different from regular bibles is that each page has additional lined margins so she can write notes, feelings, etc., on the side as she reads through the pages.

It could prove to be a meditative exercise for some with many mental health benefits.

4. Family Picture Pillowcase

You will be surprised to know how affordable it is to order a personalized pillow with inspirational words and family pictures online.

A pillowcase like this one is exactly what she needs to brighten her day.

If she is undergoing treatment at a hospital or spending most of her time in bed, then this pillow is a thoughtful gift she will appreciate.

She can hold the pillow close to her and feel the love and support of her family anytime she needs it.

5. Weighted Blanket

If she is feeling overwhelmed and anxious about her recent cancer diagnosis and finding it hard to sleep, then a weighted blanket can help ease her into a restful sleep.

Weighted blankets, as the name suggests, have some weight to them, but not so much that it is uncomfortable. You can always choose the heaviness of the blanket and the type of fill inside.

The evenly distributed filling weighs down the blanket just enough that it gives a sense of gentle hug which releases serotonin that helps people relax quickly into sleep

6. Healing Blanket

Words full of compassion and inspiration will have bigger meaning now than ever.

Words have a big influence on our feelings so a soft positive thoughts blanket full of words of compassion, love and inspiration is a warm hug that will remind her of how much she is loved and adored by those around her and to have hope.

The snuggly blanket comes in many colors and it will not fail to bring a big smile to her face.

7. Himalayan Salt Lamp

There are many dupes in the market that sell for cheap, so it is essential to buy a salt lamp from a certified seller.

Salt lamps have been known to have many health benefits. The therapeutic air purifying qualities and the soothing light can reduce stress and have a calming effect on people.

This lamp also comes with a dimmer switch which makes it perfect for the bedside.

8. Box of Encouragement

Send her words of love and encouragement with this unique gift idea. The box is full of 22 encouraging quotes rolled into scrolls. She can read one each day and even take the one that

You can personalize the inside of the box with a message of you own liking.

She can easily repurpose the box once she has gone through all the scrolls.

9. Cancer Necklace

A piece of jewelry is often worn to complete an outfit, but it can also serve as a symbol of something important, like your love for them!

I love the meaningful message on the box and the design of the necklace that signifies connection. She will feel you close to her every time she wears it.

It is the perfect gift for a woman who is still going to work, as she goes through the therapy sessions. She can easily pair the necklace with any outfit.

10. Cancer Support Plush Elephant

plush elephant cancer gift for women

Something so adorable can never fail to bring a smile to anyone’s face, even an adult’s. The plush elephant can be customized with your message and you can also choose the color of the bow.

A great way of sending prayers to a friend or a relative.

11. Breast Cancer Care Basket

breast cancer gift basket-min

Want to send her a bunch of stuff that will bring her joy? A gift basket or a care package is the perfect way of showing your support and love.

But, if you are short on time or she lives far away then this breast cancer relief package is worth checking out.

Full of quality products that she will surely appreciate and love to use. I also really love the message on the box, it is EXACTLY what she needs to hear!

12. Neck Wrap and Eye Pillow Gift Set

eye and neck aromatherapy pillow

The handmade neck wrap and eye pillow is made from high quality cotton and filled with the finest ingredients such as flax seeds, etc.

It comes in a variety of natural scents such as rosemary, lavender, etc. You can also opt for an unscented option.

The best part about this aromatherapy gift set is that its loosely filled neck wrap is separated into three sections so it can be wrapped easily on other areas of the body, besides just shoulders.

It can be heated in microwave or cooled in the refrigerator, whatever feels soothing to her at that moment.

P.S: This set comes in a lot of different colors and patterns, all pleasing to the eye.

13. Amazonite Healing Diffuser Bracelet

healing bracelet for cancer patients

Amazonite crystals have been associated with healing, stress relief, soothing energies, etc. The diffuser bracelet looks beautiful. It can be used with their favorite essential oils as well.

Unlike other store-bought bracelets, you can order this bracelet to size, so it looks nice on her wrist. Great for mom, friend, sister, etc., fighting cancer.

I chose a neutral color so she can pair the bracelet with any outfit. However, this bracelet comes in a lot of other colors so you can choose one in her favorite color.

14. 2Pc Headwear Set

2pc headwear set

If her chemotherapy sessions have her feeling a bit self-conscious about her hair, then a headwear set like this braded set will help her feel confident (and stylish).

The 100% cotton reversible set has two pieces- one fitted hat and a braded piece.

I love the braded overlay piece that adds a bit of fullness to an otherwise fitted hat with no style. It can also be paired with her other hats.

15. Cancer Awareness Tote Bag

cancer awareness tote bag

The zippered tote bag is strong and sturdy, just like her spirit. It has plenty of storage space and pockets to carry small items and even mesh pockets to hold her water bottles.

She can carry this cancer awareness tote bag to her appointments and even when she is out and about in her regular life.

The bag can be used to carry books, lunch, tablet and so much more to the park, beach, library, office, etc.

You have the option to customize and order the tote in cancer awareness color that makes most sense.

16. Ayurveda Cooking Book

A new diagnosis is also a time for deeper reflection for a lot of people. If she is looking into healthier eating options and changing her eating habits, then a cookbook is a sensible gift she would very much enjoy.

The cleansing, nourishing and restoring aspect of an Ayurveda diet is very well known.

This ayurveda cooking book is loaded with nutritional information according to body type, easy recipes and meal plans which make it an essential guide to have in the kitchen for anyone looking into well balanced nutritional eating.

More importantly, the book is beginner friendly so it will make her transition into healthy cooking a breeze.

17. Book on Nutrition

Another great find for someone trying to learn more about the food we eat daily and the effects of a plant-based diet on our health.

Penned by an internationally renowned nutritionist, the book is packed with scientifically proven ways to prevent and reverse disease.

It dives deep into top causes of diseases, prevention and how to stop them in their track.

The actionable and practical advice in the book makes it a gift of health for everyone and anyone and not just for someone fighting cancer.

The book has amazing reviews online. You would want to buy one for yourself!

18. Coloring Book

A great way to blow off some steam! A cancer diagnosis can bring about so many feelings, one of which is also anger. This swear words coloring book will help her relax and smile a little.

Even the one who never uses curse words will find an immense relief coloring these pages.

Don’t forget to add some coloring pens, glitter pens, etc.

19. Inspirational Read

Yes, yet another book! But this book one will give her hope and strength like no other. The book consists of stories from women that are cancer survivors and their families.

Reading about how each woman beat cancer and explored new avenues to live fuller lives through it all would not fail to warm her heart and give her courage.

Great read for someone newly diagnosed or currently fighting cancer.

20. Herbal Tea Sampler

It is best to check if they have any dietary restrictions before sending her an edible gift. However, if allowed, this caffeine free herbal tea sampler is an excellent choice.

The delicious assorted teas are Non-GMO and organic.

Since there is no caffeine in the herbal tea, she can consume it anytime during the day or before bed when she is trying to relax into a restful sleep.

21. Superfood Pouches

One of the common side effects of chemo is loss of appetite. If she is finding it hard to take in solid food, then superfood pouches like these are a convenient way of ensuring she still gets her nutrition for the day.

These smoothies are made of organic, Non-GMO fruits and vegetables without any preservatives.

These smoothie packs do not require refrigeration so she can keep them next to her bed particularly if she is bedridden at the moment.

Speaking of bedridden, you should also check out these must-have gifts for someone on bed rest if she has limited mobility at the moment or on bed rest.

22. Crystals and Healing Stones Set

There are many ways to show someone that you love and care about them.

During particularly trying times like these you would want to send them something that is meaningful and reminds them of your presence and support, even when you are far away.

This healing crystals set is one such gift that she can keep on her bedside table as it cleanses the energy around her.

23. Coffee Mug

funny cancer awareness mug

I thought long and hard before including something so regular as a coffee mug but, honestly, the light-hearted message on the mug made it seem worthwhile adding it to this list.

The mug makes an ideal gift for someone who wants their cup of joe, tea or water at first light. The writing on the mug will be the first thing she reads every morning that will keep her smiling through the day.

24. Get Well Soon Happy Plant

This tickle me plant closes its leaves when touched. A great companion when they are alone or start to ruminate. It also gets pink flowers that resemble cotton candy, which I find completely adorable.

The plant’s response to touch is soothing and stress relieving.

The kit comes with everything they will need to grow the plant. Better than a flower bouquet, the plant will last them a long time.

25. Good Luck Charm

A good luck charm will keep them feeling positive. Fortune cookies are widely regarded as a good luck symbol.

I found this metallic fortune cookie that friends and family can fill with with words of positive encouragement or good fortune.

The recipient can later use the gift as a trinket box.

26. Food and Laundry Service

If you can’t be there in person then another gift you can give that she would most genuinely appreciate is a gift card for food delivery service, laundry service, house cleaning service, etc.

If she has had a surgery lately, then you will find some amazing after surgery gifts for her that she will really appreciate.

It can be, understandably, difficult for her to attend to chores around the house while she recovers after her sessions or taking strong medication so anything that can ease her, or her family caregiver’s daily life will be happily received.

By the way, if it is a family member who has taken over the role of a caregiver for her then here are some gift ideas for family caregivers that you can also consider.

It is as important to show appreciation and care for a family member who is selflessly taking care of someone as it is to take something nice for the patient.

gift ideas for women fighting cancer inspirational useful gifts that will brighten her day.

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