Teenage Boy Gifts For Easter

Absolute Fun Easter Gifts For Teenage Boys

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They have outgrown their love for baskets full of Easter eggs and fluffy bunny toys, but you can still make the day special for him with these Easter gifts for teenage boys he will love so much.

These gift ideas include affordable options, I know hard to believe, and even something for the teen boy that loves video games.

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Easter Gifts For Teen Boys

Teenage Boy Gifts For Easter

Apollo Lunch Box

Do the topic of space, science, and technology interest him more than his iPhone? The bento Apollo lunch box is a perfect gift for a self-proclaimed science nerd.

A unique gift for a young teen that no doubt will surprise him and his buddies at school.

Projection Clock

The projection clock is an amazing addition to any teenager’s room. The clock projects time, day and date on the bedroom ceiling so they can see the time without getting up to look for the watch or their phone.

The brightness is adjustable and the watch also doubles as an alarm.

Inspirational Wristbands

Being a teen is not easy and these inspirational bracelets will keep him encouraged and inspired with strong positive words.

Harry Potter LED Lamp

If he has already started his love affair with the Harry Potter series, this Harry Potter-inspired lamp will make a great addition to his room.  

Check out some more amazing Harry Potter inspired gifts for adults here.

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Insulated Water Bottle

A bottle that is super functional and ready to go when he is rushing out of the house. Sweat-free, double insulated and leak-proof, the bottle keeps its contents cold for up to 24 hrs and hot for 12 hrs.

Perfect for water, juice, smoothies, hot chocolate, etc.

It is lightweight and eye-catching, will get him compliments for sure.

High-Speed Remote Boat

The boat will make you win the gift game! The remote-controlled boat is the best way to get teenagers away from their phones and video games. This high-speed remote boat is not just a simple toy.

It goes super fast on the water and does need some practice to master it.

Star Wars Waffle Maker

The ultimate gift for any teen that is obsessed with the Star Wars. The waffle maker will make him look forward to breakfast time. Better yet, surprise him with some Star Wars pancakes for Easter breakfast.

The waffle iron combines his two favorites- Star Wars, and pancakes of course.. who doesn’t like Pancakes? 

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality headsets are all the rage with teens. And this Virtual Reality Headset will definitely be a hit with the teenager.

High quality with comfortable fit, proper ventilation slots for phone and light construction makes this gift all the more enjoyable!

Cereal Spoon

A funny gift for the teen especially if he is the one most likely to go through cereal boxes with lightning speed.

The Cereal Killer will be his favorite weapon of choice every time he approaches a cereal box and it will definitely make him chuckle every time he eats with it.

Cereal Bowl

The hoop bowl is a great gift for any teen who loves to play sports. Great for cereal, hot chocolate, soup, acai bowl, etc.

Pair it with the cereal killer spoon above to make a complete set.

Storm Glass

The storm glass weather predictor is a spectacular accessory anyone would love to have as the centerpiece in their living room or as a desk accessory. The liquid in the glass changes consistency as it predicts changes in the weather pattern.

The LED lights really add to the beauty of the storm glass. Truly a conversation starter, his friends would also want one for themselves!

Music Beanie

With this music beanie, he can listen to music hands-free and the beanie will keep him warm on cold days. Great sound quality and it is perfect for outdoor sports, cycling, etc.

Handmade Wallet

handmade leather wallet

This handmade wallet can be personalized with his name, date, etc., and even a logo of his favorite sport.

He would love to carry this wallet around and show it off. 

Laser Tag Blasters

Infrared Laser Tag Blasters comes in a set of 4 so he can enjoy playing with 4 friends at a time. These laser tags are full of amazing new features that are fun to try and make playtime all the more interesting.

Something even adults would want to try.

Cookbook For Teens

Great for teens who are always complaining about food.. oops… and also for the ones who are just learning to make a meal for themself.

The cookbook for teens is full of easy recipes, instructions and helpful tips that will have them entering the kitchen with more confidence.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

This Bluetooth speaker is lightweight and small enough to fit in his pocket so he can take it along with him when he is out and about.

The speaker can connect to his laptop, phone, etc without a USB cord and with a single charge can play up to 12 hrs of music!


He is too young for an expensive iPad but you really want to gift him a tablet that would make him jump with joy? The Fire tablet is the hottest tablet in the market that comes loaded with features that make it so much fun to use.

He can use Alexa, call or text and use Echo devices hands-free and much more. Read all the amazing reviews the tablet has on Amazon!

Did I say it is so much more affordable than an iPad!!

Vinyl Record Player

The vinyl record player is a great way of introducing the teen to the quality of sound that is unparalleled.

He can do so much MORE than just listen to music with this player. He can record music and also convert the record files to digital mp3 copies.

Plus, the vinyl player will look great in his room. A perfect gift he would love to show off to his friends, and it is portable too. Don’t forget to include a few vinyl records and a cool Vinyl storage box


Easter without chocolate is not the same! But skip the egg-shaped chocolate for a more fun option that will instantly make him smile and grab a handful.

The assorted sports ball chocolate bag is full of yummy irresistible milk chocolate that will have many takers in addition to the teenager.

Thor Mug

He will be happy to get the Thor mug is if he loves Avengers, like everyone else or if he is comic fan. 

>>If he loves reading comics, check out this Comic Lover & Superhero Gift Guide that is packed with gift ideas he would really want<<

Teen Journal

Now, here is a journal even teenage boys will appreciate! 

This journal is focused on developing a growth mindset, resilience, gratitude, and positivity- all of which play a big part in setting him up for the road ahead. The writing prompts and illustrative designs make it more fun and interesting to fill out than most journals out there.

It is not just for a teen struggling through life’s big and small decisions, but for just about any young adult who is learning to be more confident, trying to discover his true talent and the importance of positive self-talk.

Easter Gifts For Gamers

He loves video games but you don’t want to buy just another video game he trashes after some time. These timeless gifts are to the rescue! Your teenage video gamer would love these.

Space Blanket

The LED Space Fleece Blanket has tiny LED bulbs that go on and off giving the illusion of a space odyssey scene right out of a video game. A unique gift that will thrill even the hardest to please teen.

And don’t worry the lights can be turned on or off easily but the shining LED lights in a dark room is what this fun blanket is all about.

Nintendo Mat

You might be hard-pressed to find out what his favorite video game is but you can’t go wrong impressing a gamer with a Nintendo anything.

Not as eye-wateringly expensive as an actual Nintendo set, but this Nintendo controller inspired floor mat will quickly win you a thank-you hug from the teen.

Fallout Chess Board

A chess game with a twist! The gamer with a passion for chess will enjoy this Fallout-themed chessboard. Oh, and don’t forget to tell him – ‘Dogmeat’s The Queen’.

Soap Dispenser

Another great gift for the Fallout fan is the soap dispenser he would be extremely excited to keep in his bathroom or by the kitchen sink!

Zelda Cookie Jar

The Zelda inspired cookie jar with Hero’s Shield design will keep his cookies or snacks safe from his friends when they visit, at least he can hope so!  

Funko Pop Figurine

Every video game fan deserves an amazing Funko Pop figurine in his room. Surprise him with a toy that he would love more than anything Easter bunny.. a Fortnite Inspired Funko Pop.

Minecraft Lava Cube

The official Minecraft collectible lava cube is perfect for a Minecraft fan.

He probably tries to run away from the lava in the game but this lamp by his bedside will set the perfect ambiance in his room. The wireless lamp flickers and glows just like the real lava.


I hope you found the best Easter gift for your teen boy on this list!

easter gifts for teenager boys they will be absolutely thrilled to get.

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