Easter gift for teen college girls

23 Easter Gifts All Girls In College Actually Want

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Let’s admit that finding a terrific Easter gift for college students stuck in dorm rooms, that to girls, is a hard task. Therefore, I am here to make the task this year as easy as pie for you. You just don’t want to pick random things and electronics, that might be popular and expensive but aren’t that useful in their daily life.

So what do you get a grad student for Easter? These 21 helpful gifts range from utility to religious ideas, that also double up as motivational pick-me-ups.

These handpicked ideas are not- cleaning supplies, etc., which let’s be honest nobody wants to get as a gift, that TOO for something as big as Easter. However, I still promise that these gifts are super helpful for dorm life.

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Easter Gifts for Grad/Undergrad Girls

Easter gift for teen college girls

These dorm-friendly Easter gifts will have the sophomore, and maybe her roommates too, jumping with joy!

Easter Basket Stuffers for College Girls (Under $20)

All of the below ideas are under $20 but they are not cheap. They will make a thoughtful and fun non-candy basket stuffer.

1. Bible Wall Art

image of framed bible verse

This resurrection Bible verse wall art will make a beautiful faith-based Easter gift for the girl who loves her Bible.

It will lift her spirits and help her keep faith every time she looks at it.

2. Bible Verse Bookmark

image of an open book with bookmark on it

All book lovers love books, but what they also love are bookmarks, especially meaningful ones like this bible verse bookmark.

Unlike the ones made of paper, this bookmark is made of wood. It will look as good as new forever.

Anyone who loves to read or MUST read a lot (course books) will love to use this to bookmark their page.

3. Fortune Cookie Storage Box

Want to make sure she always feels lucky? I think I hear you scream say yes!

Check out this adorable fortune cookie mini storage box. You can add a special note for her inside this cookie box.

She can use it as a paperweight on her desk or use it to store small trinkets. It comes in silver as well.

4. Easter Themed Stationary

Easter inspired stationary image

College students go through stationary at lightning speed so why not give her a stationery set that is not only full of Easter spirit but something she would love to use in her everyday life.

The set includes all the essentials- a quick planner, 2 small memo pads, and a cutesy bunny magnet.

5. Bunny Iced Coffee Tumbler

image of two coffee cups with Easter inspired stickers

Cuter than a plain old Starbucks tumbler, this easter-inspired tumbler is so adorable to look at.

It’s not just for coffee, of course, she can take a variety of drinks on the go in it. It is a personalized gift, not something you find in a regular store, it will make her feel special for sure.

All her friends will ask her where she got it from!

6. Funny Easter Gift

Looking to make her laugh with a witty gift? This is technically still a non-candy idea, the bunny tin for mints is so brilliant. She will let out a laugh every time she takes out this pocket-sized tin from her bag.

Useful Easter Gifts for College Teens (Under $50)

These practical gifts under $50 will last her a long time and she will really appreciate having them.

7. Mini Portable Charger

This mini portable charger is a must-have for anyone on the move all day long. This charger can power up phones, tablets, laptops, etc., with lightning speed.

It has multiple ports which is exactly what she needs when she is running from one class to the other with no time to locate a plug.

Unlike other portable chargers, this unit is compact and light so it would not add much weight to her already heavy backpack.

8. Essential Oil Diffuser

The perfect gift that will not only spruce up her room décor but also make her room smell amazing all the time. The eye-catching cool mist essential oil diffuser can switch between 7 LED colors so she can set the color of the lamp to match her mood.

A diffuser can disperse the aroma of essential oils and these smells have been shown to help with memory, cognition and even provide soothing effects to a stressed mind.

Do pack along a set of essential oils to use with the diffuser.

9. Portable Steam Iron

Most probably she hardly has the time or the motivation to lug out her ironing board (if she has one) and iron early in the morning to make her clothes look presentable.

But with this portable steam iron, she can be done steaming her garment in a flash so she can start her day without any wrinkles, literally!

It is travel friendly, great for all sorts of fabrics, and has an automatic shut-off function. Even her roommates will thank you for this one nifty gift.

10. Noise Cancelling Earbuds

If the noise level in her dorm room means she can’t focus on her tasks or listen to her favorite podcast or online lectures, then these earbuds will make her jump with joy.

Wire-free earbuds are all the rage with youngsters everywhere, but before you check out the high-priced Apple air pods or an uncomfortable bulky headset check out these noise-canceling, sweat-proof, lightweight, and affordable earbuds that will knock her socks off!

They are designed to fit comfortably so she can wear them for long hours without discomfort and the sleek fashion-forward design gives it an appearance of a cool accessory she would love to show off.

If you are still not convinced, then check out all the amazing customer reviews, you would want one for yourself too!

11. Custom Pet Photo Pillow

image of pet shaped pillows

A piece of home away from home. If she is missing her family pet in her dorm room and can’t make home visits that often then this is the perfect gift to make her feel closer to home.

This custom personalized plush pet shape pillow will be a lovely addition to her room. She will smile every time she sees it!

P.S: This seller will create a mockup before making the pillow so you can be assured it will look every bit like the actual pet. How awesome is that!

12. Sentimental Gift for College Students

image of throw pillow with personalized text on it

This hug from the home pillow is everything she wants to hear when she is missing home or feeling low. I love the words on the pillow and the fact that it is so darn huggable!

It makes an especially good gift for a freshman.

13. Easter Inspired Comfy Jumpsuit

image of woman wearing a bunny jumpsuit

Comfortwear is something a graduate student can never have enough of! So if you were thinking of getting her a cozy outfit then here is one she will get loads of compliments on.

This rabbit jumpsuit looks cute and is easy to manage. She can toss it in with her laundry without worrying about losing color.

In keeping up with the Easter spirit, I picked up one with a rabbit ears hood. She would be happy to receive it.

Also, check out these unique Easter gifts for young girls that will have her screaming and jumping up and down with joy!

14. Coffee Cup Warmer

It is not just for coffee, think- hot coco, green tea, herbal tea for cold/ cough, etc., kept warm right by her bed.

She can probably keep her soup warm as well when she is blasting through her assignments forgetting to finish her drink while it was hot.

The ceramic plate warmer can be used with any kind of mug, ceramic, glass, etc. It maintains a steady temperature without overheating, and the auto-shutoff function is in-built for safety.

15. Dry Erase Wall Calendar

Nobody wants to miss important dates especially when one is in college there are more than just one or two important dates to remember- assignment submissions, project deadlines, student activities…

A huge monthly wall calendar is what she needs to catch a glimpse of all the important stuff she needs to take care of in the month.

Sure, smartphones come with a reminder function, calendar, etc., but then you always need to check your phone.

With a calendar like this, she will have a visual reference without accessing her phone.

16. Laundry Sorter Carry Bag

image of a woman carrying a laundry hamper on her back

I wish I had something like this during my college days. This laundry sorter has a center divider and 2 pockets so she can keep her laundry sorted right from the get-go, ready for the laundry when she has time.

The lightweight bag has sturdy straps so it can be carried on the back as a backpack, no more lugging around flimsy laundry bags. A functional gift for college-bound teenagers.

It comes in plenty of colors so you can find something for even the pickiest of girls!

17. Big Life Journal- Teen Edition

Finally, a journal geared towards the teen. This journal is focused on developing a growth mindset, resilience, gratitude, and positivity- all of which play a big part in setting them up for the road ahead.

It is not just for a teen struggling through college life, but for just about any student who is learning to be more confident, trying to discover their true talent and the importance of self-talk.

Unique Gifts That Will Last Her a Lifetime ($100+)

Here are some unique ideas she will be incredibly happy and surprised to get. They are on the pricey side but they will last her a lifetime.

18. Instant Pot

If she doesn’t have one already then you must get her this beginner-friendly instant pot.

The instant pot is a 7 in one deal- rice cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker, etc. I seriously don’t think any dorm student should be without one.

They can fix simple meals or explore their culinary passion and try new recipes in this electric pot which will save them money and time (needed to go out buy food).

They can make meals in bulk, so they have something to take for lunch and store for a few days.

19. Lap Desk

If most of her time in the dorm is spent on her bed it means she reads, writes, and works on her laptop while sitting on the bed. It is not really nice for her back or overall health.

That’s why I suggest getting her this lap desk which is great for laptops- see the hollow design in the middle? It helps dissipate heat generated from the laptop, making her laptop last longer.

The lap desk can also come in handy for reading, writing, or eating.

20. Personalized Clutch Wallet

image of woman opening a purse with words inscribed on the inside

Wristlets can come in handy to store a world of big and small things. But it is Easter, so not just any wristlet will do

.Make it special, make it more thoughtful by not buying it from the store shelf but ordering a handmade one with your message or verses from Bible imprinted on the inside.

The clutch is made of premium Italian leather so it will maintain its looks for a long time.

It is big enough to carry all her essentials for the day like her calculator, stationary, makeup items, etc., and small enough that it will fit just fine in her backpack.

Gifts That Will Keep on Giving

Subscription boxes are a great way of sending her something special every month. There are different kinds out there but below are some I think will be perfect for a girl in college.

21. Self-Care Subscription Box

College life, most precisely sophomore year, is the time she will be adjusting to a lot of changes in life, and even in herself, so a monthly subscription box that will help her tackle her beauty and grooming needs is one hell of a pampering gift she will appreciate above all else.

There are many such services out there, but I chose one that is affordable- a 12-month subscription under $175 and has a good name in the industry.

She will have so much fun exploring new products personalized to her needs without having to waste money buying full-sized expensive products that she will end up throwing away.

22. Microwave Snack Care Package

For the ones that are always running out of time here is a care package that they will be happy to receive.

This jumbo mouthwatering package has popcorn, ramen noodles, pop tarts, snack bars, gummies, and so much more. This should probably last her a month!

Are you that aunt or mom that thinks this is great, but, not healthy enough then you will be excited to see the next item on this list.

23. Nutrition Subscription Box

The above care package is one of my favorites, but I came across this other package that has more nutritious products than the regular packages I found online. Does Himalayan buddha bowl, cashew butter ring any healthy bells?

You can order it online once or have it delivered to her as a monthly subscription, so she always has something nutritious to munch on.

When you can’t be there in person all the time to make sure she is getting enough good food, this box is a great way of ensuring she snacks on something better than potato chips and snickers.

Also, check out these brilliant Easter gifts for teen boys that are affordable and exciting.


I hope you enjoyed this fun gift guide full of super helpful gift ideas for your teenage girl that make the perfect Easter present for a freshman, sophomore, junior, etc., in a dorm room.

Useful Easter gifts for teen college girls freshman sophomore or junior. Dorm room friendly

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