Free Easter Gift Tags Perfect For Friends Coworkers And School

DIY Easter Gift Tag Printables Everyone Will Love

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Looking for some adorable Easter gift tags that will amp up your homemade or store-bought Easter gift? If so, check out these fun printable gift tags that are perfect for friends, family, coworkers, school students, teachers, etc.

I made some regular-sized and some jumbo-sized tags so you can pick the right one according to your gift.

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Easter Gift Tag Printables

These handmade tags will add the perfect touch to your gift. Both adults and kids will enjoy this decorative bunny gift tags as much as they will enjoy the gift inside.

Jumbo Easter Bunny Tags for Mason Jars

Mason jars are everywhere. Everyone loves receiving them because honestly they are the best zero waste kinda gift. In addition to what you pack inside, the recipient also gets to enjoy the jar itself. I got inspired by all the mason jar gift ideas on Pinterest so I had to make these fun tags that will add another creative dimension to my DIY gift.

I love the long arms on these large bunny tags because they can easily wrap around a regular mason jar.

If the arms don’t go all the way then use some tape or make two holes at the end of each arm to pass some ribbon through or baker’s twine through.

Here are two amazing ways I used the jumbo tags. For the first one, I filled the jar with colorful chewy candy for friends and coworkers.

Make you Easter gift stand out with a cute DIY printable bunny tag that is as awesome as the gift inside

The second one is a tea sampler box that I gift wrapped for a friend. She was super delighted to see the wrapping. She almost didn’t want to open it because she didn’t want to ruin the wrapping. In the end she just kept the bunny tag and pinned it on her corkboard at work.

DIY Easter Gift Tags Everyone from friends to coworkers will love

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Small Bunny Tags

Here are some regular sized tags that are perfect for just about anything. I picked a lot of pastel colors that make the tags seem so festive.

gift tag collection

You can find all the round gift tags at the end of this post for free download.

Easter Bunny Tags

Here are some more ideas! I can already see the recipient smiling when they see these tags that are definitely unlike anything you can buy off the store shelves.

Isn’t it something that makes the gift seem even more special?

Easter egg shell with gift tag

I fell in love with this metallic egg shell that you can fill up with any kind of candy and even small alcohol bottles. The only issue is that it is tough to wrap an egg shaped gift without spending considerable amount of time.

That’s why I decided to use this tag that covers the egg in a way that it does not need any wrapping paper.

Easter egg with candies for coworkers and friends
Handmade Easter Printables Free

You can also accessorize these tags with some pom-poms or just about anything you like. 

I went with pom-poms because they seem so much fun to me, especially, if I am giving a present to my close friends or kids.

I hope you loved these simple ideas as much as I had fun making these. For more DIY printables and festive gift ideas follow me on my Pinterest. Oh, and don’t forget to share this on social media if you loved it!

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Easter Printable Gift Tags Free Handmade Tags That Will Make Your Gift Stand Out. Great for family. friends, coworkers, teachers, etc.

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