funny get well gifts for man and woman

Funny Get Well Soon Gifts That Will Keep Them Laughing for Days

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Want to skip the mundane and boring and take something funny for a loved one or friend recovering from an illness or surgery? If so, you will be excited to check out all the handpicked ideas below that made it to this list.

These hilarious gifts will not only make them laugh their socks off but keep them cracking for a long time.

Great for a man or a woman, these gift ideas are the laughing therapy they need after a stressful time. Even their doctor would highly recommend!

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Funny Get Well Gifts

Here are 19 funny get well gifts that will keep them laughing for days. Gag gifts that are unique and do not offend.

funny get well gifts for man and woman

Socks That Shock

Do they love to crack jokes and make everyone laugh? If so, they would love to show off these socks. There can be many side and after effects from medicine or a surgery but their visitors were probably not expecting them to have chicken feet!!

The chicken feet socks look so real that for a moment the visitor would be shocked before they burst out laughing.

Call Bell

They are out of hospital now, surrounded by loved ones willing to attend to all their needs. Make them see the silver lining with this call bell they can use to irritate get the most out the situation.

They will no longer need to scream at the top of their lungs to remind the person it is time for their orange juice, they can just ring the bell to catch their attention, effortless and easy.

Heatable Funny Pillow

Wish her a speedy recovery with a heatable pillow that will help ease her body aches and pains and remind her to eat healthy as well. The funny pillow is small so it doesn’t take much space and they can use it on any part of the body.

This huggable and snuggable pillow can be heated in the microwave for quickly relieving sore muscles. Bonus points for you if she happens to love avocados.

Beer Bottle Candle

funny beer candle

He probably can’t have beer when he is fresh out of the hospital, but it doesn’t mean you can’t give him a beer gift that will cheer him up. His eyes will twinkle as he unwraps the present.

It will catch anyone’s attention who walks into his room. They will have to do a double-take before they proceed to say- you can’t have that!

Oh, and if he happens to have another favorite, you can check the other candles available.

Tumbler with The Perfect Saying

This tumbler is a foolproof way of making her or him laugh out loud. Great for a friend or a loved one who is going through a stressful time.

The words on the tumbler are exactly what we wish we could do when we see our loved ones in difficult circumstances.

This insulated tumbler is good for hot and cold drinks.

It comes with a lid, straw and brush- everything they need to enjoy any kind of drink in it, even wine, once they are fully recovered!

‘Hang in There’ Gift

Life can seem like it’s moving at a dull pace, almost like a sloth’s life, when one is restricted to bed. So here is a book with some interesting things to do when they feel like their world has slowed down a WHOLE lot.

The gift box opens to reveal an adorable hanging plush sloth and a booklet that will brighten their day. A great way to say just hang in there.

It will make nice gift for anyone, especially someone with heart surgery as the sloth is holding a heart.

Cure for Loneliness

Is she single and missing the social life? Then here is a find that is fit for adults. The human doll actually grows in size when it is soaked in water.

If you were looking for a gag gift that will make her eyes water as she laughs, then you can’t go wrong with this one. Seeing her boyfriend grow is the distraction she needs that will make the time flyby.

There is also a girlfriend version of this doll, if you are curious.

Send A Snuggle

You can’t be there in person all the time for him, but you feel like he can use a LOT of hugs throughout the day. Here is a funny snuggle solution that will help.

The girlfriend pillow will provide him unconditional support and love. A great get well gift for a boyfriend when you are far away. He will laugh till he pees his pants when he opens this gift.

Also check out the boyfriend version of this pillow below for the ladies.

Adult Note Pads

They have plenty of time before they are back up on their feet again particularly if they had hip or knee replacement surgery. Till then, they can at least plan all the things they need to do once they hit normal with these brilliant note pads.

The four notepads are exactly the categories one needs when writing their things-to-do list.

Did your loved one just come out of surgery? If so, check out these after-surgery gift ideas for a man or a woman that will bring them comfort.

Coloring Book

When life throws lemons at you…sometimes, swearing seems to help!

This adult swearing coloring book will help relieve stress and spark their creativity. The humorous book is full of motivational quotes, puns and enough cursing words that will make them chuckle every time they turn a page.

As an added benefit, this will also give their eyes some relief by keeping them away from smartphone and TV.

The perfect pick for the someone who can’t stop cussing.

P.S: Don’t forget to include some coloring pens with the book.

Not Your Gramma’s Puzzles

Who’s to judge? If you think your grandma will love this, go ahead! The book contains crossword and word search puzzles that are more focused towards bad words- read ‘cuss words’.

They can test out how many they know and learn a few more along the way. Great for young adults and elderly who are young at heart.

The book is not only an excellent boredom killer, but it will also help them relax.

Dancing Plush Daisy

The plush daisy dances and sings ‘you are my sunshine’. If he or she is feeling low at the moment, then this will help cheer them up. The flower will last longer than any bouquet or even a pack of candy.

You should also check out these cheer-up gifts for anyone going through a rough patch.

Stuffed Custom Pet Replica

stuffed pet pillow

If they are recovering at a rehabilitation or nursing facility and missing their beloved pet, then this personalized stuffed animal pillow will bring a lot of happiness to them.

The seller creates an exact handmade replica of the pet. All you must do is send in a few cute pictures of the pet when you place your order.

Those who love their pets like family often find it hard not seeing them just as much as they would miss a close relative or a friend. This might seem silly and unexpected, but an excellent choice for an elderly grandma or grandpa who always had their pet by their side.

It would not jump at them or lick their face but no doubt they will laugh and smile every time they hug it.

Book of Jokes

Laughter is truly the best medicine. The positive effects of laughter stay long after the moment has subsided. And this book will have them rolling with laughter, not literally, of course.

The book is packed full of jokes, quotes, stories, cartoons, etc., that would make even the person who seldom smiles, laugh hard.

Truth be told, most such books fall short of expectation, but not this one! Great for adults, the amazing reviews online make it worth the purchase.

Get Well Soon Cookies

Back On Your Feet Gift basket

Everyone loves cookies and this set is perfect for an after hip, knee, or foot surgery. The get back on your feet cookie set contains a dozen sugar cookies individually wrapped so they don’t feel rushed to finish it all.

These made to order cookies can be personalized with his or her name. The set also comes in a variety so you can find one according to the surgery they had.

Coffee Mug

We all wish for a magic health potion when we are in pain. Unfortunately, such things don’t exist, but you can let them know- if you could, you would bring it for them with this light-hearted mug.

I really love this health potion mug. Add a tea sampler kit, hot chocolate, or instant coffee along with the mug to make a complete set so they have something to enjoy this mug with.

The Screaming Goat

If they can’t go out, you can bring nature closer to them with this adorable screaming goat. The goat lets out a scream each time it is gently pressed. The perfect gift for man or woman who finds goats funny, which is almost everyone, literally.

The fun little thing will be everyone’s favorite who comes to see them.

It also comes with a 32-page book full of facts and trivia about goats.

Fuzzy Socks Bouquet

Fuzzy Socks Bouquet for Her

They will receive plenty of bouquets, but none will make her take notice, like this one. The fuzzy socks bouquet has 7 pairs of warm and fuzzy socks neatly wrapped up into a bouquet.

A unique gift idea for women. She will appreciate the surprise, and the fuzzy socks!

Tortilla Blanket

Now they can feel like a tortilla, taco, tostada, quesadilla, enchilada, burrito, or taquito, all without getting up from their bed and changing into different costumes. The possibilities are endless with this tortilla wrap blanket.

The soft blanket will make them feel warm and cozy and everyone around them giggle.

It is big enough so they can roll around in it easily. Safe for someone with food allergies or dietary restrictions!


Did you know that a good hearty laugh can keep the muscles relaxed for up to 45 mins? It also helps in healing and building emotional health.

I hope these funny post-surgery gifts have given you plenty of good ideas for your loved ones who can use a little help to lighten up their day.

funny get well gifts that are perfect for anyone recovering from illness or after surgery.

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