Thoughtful Gifts For The Depressed That Will Brighten Their Day

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If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for a depressed loved one, then this gift guide is for you. These gifts will serve as a constant reminder of how much they are cherished by you, even when you can’t be there in person all the time.

Hand-picked gift ideas that are full of inspiration and motivation they actually need in their daily life. Small and big gift ideas that will make you smile as well because you know it will brighten their day (and life).

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Gift Ideas For A Depressed Loved One

1. Stress Less Cards

Depression and anxiety, at times, go hand in hand. The combination can have a big impact on their day to day life making even the smallest activities seem like big hurdles, thereby causing them a lot of stress. This is where these ‘stress less cards’ can really come handy.

These compact cards are approved by health care professionals and based on techniques that help relieve anxiety and stress. The stack of 50 cards is full of effective and powerful exercises that will teach them to appreciate themselves, stop stress reactions, and relax.

They can easily go through the stack one by one, learning the exercise in their own time, and carrying the card in their wallet, purse, pocket, etc.

2. Worry Stone

Someone going through depression often needs constant reassurance in their daily life. A worry stone or thumb stone can provide them with a feeling of assurance when they need it.

Rubbing thumb on a worry stone is almost akin to a self-soothing exercise. The calming action relieves muscle tension while distracting them from any negative thoughts.

I like this metallic worry stone because it is not made of glass or crystal so it won’t break easily if pressed too hard, and I love the inspiring message on it.

3. A 5 Minute Journal

Expressing gratitude for our life, our body, and loved ones can do wonders in shifting our attention to the all the positives in life. A gratitude journal is a magnificent way to stay focused and exercise gratitude regularly enough that thinking positive and appreciating everything we have becomes a habit.

Out of all the journals out there I picked this 5 minute journal. It is quick and simple- only requires 5 minutes a day, so they are most likely to keep this up. The prompts inside the journal don’t require a lot of contemplation, unlike most journals, resulting in a pleasurable experience.

You can always upgrade to a lengthier journal later on as they get more comfortable with this one.

4. Mindfulness Question Cards

This set of 50 reflection question cards and guided activities are aimed at personal growth, reduce stress, increase happiness and satisfaction, etc. The prompts and questions set in motion deep conversations and reflections that can help one understand themselves fully, ultimately leading to personal growth.

This is one of the best gifts for a friend, college student, etc., suffering from depression.

There are so many benefits, and the rave reviews this deck has online speaks to it’s efficacy.

5. Positive Thoughts Blanket

You should also look for ideas that help calm emotions, such as a healing thoughts blanket. 

The comforting healing blanket is detailed with motivational, inspirational, and caring words that will bring a lot of emotional comfort to your loved one.

Sometimes simple things like these are what they need when they are alone.

This blanket comes in many soothing colors so you can choose the one you think they will like the best. It is the perfect gift for a man or a woman. 

6. Inspirational Cards Deck

A daily dose of positive affirmations can keep their mind focused on the positive. The card deck comes with a stand they can use to display the motto/ goal of the day on their desk or living space. 

7. Contoured Sleep Mask

Even the tiniest amount of noise or light can affect sleep. This is especially true if they are feeling irritable and restless at the moment.

An adjustable sleep mask with 3-D contoured eye model does a better job at blocking light and its ergonomic design will provide a soft comfort to the eyes at the same time.

8. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets can do wonders if they have sleep issues due to depression. Such blankets have some weight to them but not so much that it feels uncomfortable. The weight is just enough to give them a feeling of being cuddled (gently), which will bring them a lot of comfort and a night of restful sleep. 

This weighted blanket is made from 100% breathable cotton and more affordable if you don’t want to spend over $100.

9. Body Pillow For Man And Women

I do have a habit of adding one unusual, but useful (according to myself) idea in my gift guides, and this item happens to be exactly that!

I highly suggest getting a good quality HEAVY body pillow for anyone- female or male- suffering from depression. I particularly like this L-shaped pillow that can support the neck and body at the same time. They can also use this pillow for sitting, reading, etc. You should really check this out!

Body pillows, even though they are much-publicized for only pregnant women, are perfect for snuggling.

Snuggling and cuddling have a lot of benefits, such as improving the quality of sleep, etc., especially if their depression is causing them to avoid social life and stay aloof. This will bring them some comfort of company.

I recommend staying away from cheap, lightweight body pillows as they bend easily and squeeze into nothing.

10. Inspirational Plaque

Besides the inspirational message on the plaque, I love that the background color can be easily changed.

Colors have the power to impact our mood. And although it is a small piece the words of encouragement, combined with the color of their choice, will uplift them as they glance on it.

Perfect display piece for their work/study desk or their nightstand.

11. Essential Oil Diffuser Salt Lamp

The health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps and the effectiveness of aromatherapy for calming down our mind, relieving anxiety, alleviating sadness, depression, etc., are well known. This aromatherapy essential oil diffuser salt lamp combines the power of Himalayan salt and aromatherapy into one.

The cool mist humidifier will release negative ions (known to build up serotonin levels) and fill their room with a light fragrance of their favorite essential oil.

Noise-free and eye-catching, it has 7 color settings and automatic shut-off function. They will love using the lamp at night and even during the daytime.

12. Aromatherapy Bracelet For Her

Speaking of aromatherapy, this essential oil diffuser bracelet is a great gift idea for women suffering from depression. The bracelet comes with 15 refill pads, with different colors, that hold on to the scent of their choice. 

Their favorite scent from the bracelet will help lift up their mood when they are feeling low throughout the day.

13. Wellness Gift

Depression can lead to many changes in the physical body. Body aches, muscle tension, etc., often show up on days they don’t feel their best.

If your loved one is experiencing these symptoms, then massage therapy can provide plenty of mental and physical health benefits by reducing stress and helping muscles relax.

A full body massager mat is an affordable option they can use while laying down on the bed or sitting on the sofa. The mat has a variety of massage modes and heat function to provide maximum stress relief, relieve stress and fatigue.

14. Succulents

A walk in nature rejuvenates and relaxes the soul but if it they are not up to it then bring a piece of nature to them… 

A great way to cheer them up and bring nature close to them is to gift them house plants or flowers that are easy to maintain, such as, succulents.

Succulents can survive indoors easily even with the least care. They look pretty and come in a large variety, some even bloom.

15. Snack Box Delivery

Cooking and grocery shopping can often take a backseat for someone suffering from depression. You can ensure they always have a healthy snack at hand with a monthly healthy snack box delivery that is free of unhealthy junk food.

16. White Noise Machine

Intuitive and user-friendly, this white noise machine has 24 different sounds, including nature sounds that create a soothing atmosphere, great for relaxation and mental peace.

White noise machines also help with concentration and memory.

17. Gift of Appreciation

Sometimes it is good to know you are appreciated. It is true for all of us, and even more so for someone going through a hard time. This book is the perfect gift for your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc., who is feeling depressed.

The meaningful prompts in the notebook will help you write all the reasons you appreciate their presence in your life and how wonderful they make you feel. 

They need to know they are worthy to you so they themselves feel worthy.

18. Health Gift

Does it seem like a challenge to get them to drink enough water to stay properly hydrated all day? If so, this water bottle with time markers is a great way to motivate them to drink more water and drink it often.

19. Hot or Cold Herbal Wrap

I like the extended back on this wrap, so it covers the entire neck! A herbal hot/ cold wrap can be so much beneficial for relieving stress, tension, muscle pain, and stiffness that a depressed person often feels.

Another good thing about this wrap is the aromatherapy benefit. Unlike most wraps that have rice filling- which can develop mold easily, this one only has 100% all-natural herbs & grains. Definitely worth checking out.

20. Garden Stone

There are many causes of depression. Sometimes it is work, life in general, mental health issues, and sometimes grief.

If their depression is stemming from the loss of someone they loved dearly then give them something that will help them find peace and courage to move forward, as a meaningful garden stone.

The garden stone can be placed anywhere they like, such as outdoors in a garden, and even indoors… 

21. Time And Company

When depression makes it difficult for them to attend to daily chores like cleaning the house, cooking, paying bills on time, etc., extend a helping hand to them keep track of bill payments, help with cleaning their house, making food for them, etc.

Do also try to make some time for them every now and then. Talking and giving company to the depressed is better than almost anything you can get them.


I hope you found these gift ideas for the depressed man or woman useful.

Most thoughtful gift ideas for someone going through depression Great for man or women that are not feeling their best at the moment. Wellness gifts and motivational gift ideas that will bring them comfort and peace.

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