5 Senses Gift Ideas Your Man Would Be Excited To Get

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Be it valentine’s day or his birthday, if you want to gift him something impressive than check out these five senses gift ideas. Your boyfriend, husband or partner would definitely appreciate the effort you put in making this gift so special, and the actual gifts as well… of course!

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Best Five Sense Gifts For Men

Make the most amazing 5 sense gift that he will absolutely love with these ideas.

Best Five Senses Touch Gifts

Here are some practical and useful touch gifts that he will love the feel of.

Apple of My Eye Paperweight

Does he spend a lot of time at work? If so, you have to check out this red apple paperweight that will tell him he is the only true apple of your eye…

This paperweight comes packed in a nice box ready to gift.

You Are My Rock- Engraved Stone

Is he the one who has stood by you through the thick and thin? If you said yes, then this meaningful engraved stone will let him know how much you appreciate him being in your life and how much he means to you.

Not really an expensive gift, but it might bring a tear of happiness to his eyes. A gift that will truly touch his heart.

Picture Pillowcase

Personalized gifts always make the recipient feel loved. You can personalize this throw pillow with a picture of you two that has a special meaning or one you just love!

He will have something to hug and feel when he is missing you.

Business Card Holder

An elegant business card holder like this slim business card wallet is a practical gift that will keep his business cards looking pristine.

It comes in a variety of colors, has magnetic closure and the metallic details give it a sophisticated professional look. He will really enjoy using it.

Heart-Shaped Planter

A heart shaped planter that signifies your solid relationship will be a beautiful addition to his/ your living space.

I found this amazing heart shaped planter on Amazon. Add some of your favorite indoor or outdoor plants to it and dazzle him with something that will last longer than the flower bouquet he got you!

Anti-Slip Drink Holder for Couch

Here is a touch gift that will add to his comfort when he is watching his favorite show or team on TV. Better than a coffee mug, this is the anti-slip silicon drink holder that can practically hold any shape or size mug with handle, bottle and even a glass of wine.

Best Five Sense Taste Gifts

These five sense taste gifts will not only make his mouth water, but also make his soul happy.. yes! these are that GOOD.

Doughnuts Flavored Jellybeans

Probably one of the yummiest new creation out there in terms of snacks. He will no longer have to decide between donuts and jelly beans, he can have both with these doughnut flavored jellybeans.

The package contains 5 flavors. You can make the gift unwrapping more fun by making him guess all the flavors (with or without a blindfold…uhmm) as he tries each one out!

It’s a bonus if he loves Krispy Kreme.

Beer Nuts

The lip-smacking snack that will be a great companion to his beer! A mix of peanuts and other classics this is the perfect bar mix. These beer nuts come wrapped in individual serving packs that look like beer bottle. 

Although, once he starts munching on one, he might not be able to stop at just one…

P.S: You can also buy a BIG BOX of this stuff.

Truffle Oil Set

Does he love to gorge on the truffle fries/ popcorn every time you go out? If so, it is time to surprise him with a truffle oil gift set of his own.

The best part about the set is that you get all different varieties in a pack so he can learn about the differences and try them on his favorite foods.

Craft Beer Jerky

What’s better than beer? – A beef jerky made with craft beer!

If he loves beer or jerky or both, you have to check out this amazing snack.

Gourmet Chocolates

Don’t skip checking out THIS mouthwatering chocolate platter that is perfectly dressed up for the Valentine’s day.

Here’s all the goodness that is included in this platter -crunchy almond patties; divine vanilla hazelnut truffle; dreamy chocolate caramel; nutty chew; fudgy chocolate; bright raspberry sticks and invigorating fresh mango truffles! Is your mouth watering yet?

Wine Tasting

If you are looking to include an experience gift as one of the gifts, then a wine tasting is a great one to include. A lot of wine stores have wine tasting classes, if going to vineyards is not an option.

Best Sight Gifts

Ofcourse you can order the latest fashionable sunglasses, but here are some creative five senses sight gift ideas that are different from the rest.

Picture Photo Lamp with Music Player

This color changing lamp with a picture of you two will mesmerize his eyes. It is an added benefit that the picture lamp comes with in-built music player that can be connected to via Bluetooth.

You can really suprise him with this one and also belt out some romantic numbers for him on Valentine’s day.

3D Contoured Sleep Mask

One really unique find is this ‘Create Your Own Reel Viewer’. The reel viewer is exactly what you might remember from your childhood except this time you can immortalize the milestone pics from your relationship in a reel. How romantic is that!

You can make additional reels as your relationship progresses and you reach new milestones.  

3D Contoured Sleep Mask

A five-sense sight gift idea that will take care of his eyes.

Staring at his computer screen is bound to cause those mesmerizing eyes, you love to stare into, to feel tired after a long day at work. An eye mask seems like a good idea, but most eye masks don’t block all the light, unlike this 3D contoured sleeping mask that not only blocks all the light but the gentle pressure from it also relaxes the eyes.

Funny Eyeglass Holder

This one is the guys who loves to rock his sunglasses or wears eyeglasses. He will never forget where he kept his glasses with this interesting, and funny, eyeglass holder.

The eye-catching (no pun intended) stand will look great on his dresser, bedside table and even his work desk.

Does he love to laugh? If so, check out these funny gift ideas for men that wil make him laugh out loud.

Cloud Storage with Option to Sell Pictures

Does he have an eye for clicking great pictures?? If so, here is an idea that gives him unlimited cloud storage, PLUS a chance to SELL his pictures online!!

Everybody loves some side cash and his hobby might make him enough dough for a dream vacation for you two.. Want to know more? Check out SmugMug for a 14 day free trial.

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality headsets are gaining more popularity as the time goes on.. turns out it wasn’t just a fad! So, if your man likes to try new gadgets then you have to check out this, highly rated, VR headset.

Go Pro

If you both love beach vacations, and who doesn’t?! Then you need a camera that will let you capture all that underwater beauty so you can make friends and family sitting in their office cubicles totally jealous, ha ha!

It is pricey, but your husband/ boyfriend will not be able to stop exploring this GoPro once he gets his hands on it. And, oh, it is not only great for underwater pictures it’s good for almost all kinds of pictures… even sky diving.


I will be honest I didn’t think much of drones until I saw the latest travel pictures from my friend and her husband. The beautiful bird eye views of them at the fancy locations made me think how amazing these gadgets really are!

This one is probably one of those gifts you are both going to get a lot out of in the long run, and enjoy it too. 

Best Five Sense Smell Gifts

Candles. perfumes, body wash, etc., are the usual go-to gift ideas, but I wanted to kick out the mundane and deep dive to find some creative ideas that would make him go- WOW!!

Cocktail Bitters

The magical cocktails at high end bars is more than just good alcohol and fruit juices. He can step up his cocktail game with these aromatic bitters that smell pleasant and taste great too.

You can find plenty of pricey ones out these, but this one is one of the more affordable options that can easily fit your budget if you are planning a bunch of gifts.

Check out more amazing inexpensive gift ideas for your boyfriend that are unbelievably under $20.

Deodorizer bags

Smells can be of various sorts- some we love and some we wish were easier to get rid of. Some of the most unpleasant smells like sweaty shoes, smelly car, etc., is not abnormal, but rather pretty normal… especially for guys. So, add these Activated Bamboo Charcoal bags in your 5-sense gift basket (good reviews online).

He will not only appreciate the thoughtful gift; he will show them off to his friends too…who would wish their girlfriend got them something this practical.

The best part is they come in colorful bags so you can keep them in plainsight.

Barbecue Smoking Pellets

Spring will be arriving soon after Valentine’s day and that means it’s time to Barbecue. If the smell of BBQ makes his mouth water, then you must check out these flavored pellets that will add more flavor and smell to whatever he loves to grill.

Sampler packs, like these, are great value for money. He can try different smells like Hickory, Mesquite, Jack Daniel’s, etc., without paying full price for each bag.


The smell of fresh coffee in the morning marks the start of day for majority of us. Not asking you to buy him a bag of coffee from the store but buying him an exceptional bag of coffee grown in Hawaii, like this decadent chocolate macadamia flavor.

They also have decaf coffee that uses the Swiss water decaf method instead of chemicals to reduce the caffeine content.

Fresh Baked Cookies

Smell of fresh baked cookies can’t be beat. Bake him a batch of his favorite cookies that will make your house smell divine or buy him some gourmet ones from your nearest cookie store.

Best Five Senses Sound Gifts

READ- useful ‘sound gifts’ gifts that are not the latest headsets or apple pods.

White Noise Machine

Here is a non-gimmicky idea that will improve the quality of his sleep. A great find for a husband or boyfriend who loves functional gifts over cute ones. 

If he has trouble falling asleep or he works in a profession that requires him to work odd shifts like Police, nurse, etc., then this white noise machine will help him relax by reducing unwanted noise.

Record a Message for Him

Sometimes all our loved ones need to hear is how much we cherish them. In our busy lives we forget to take a moment to say ‘I love you’ with all our intention.

So, take this moment to record a heartfelt message for him telling him about all the things you love about him and more. No matter how cheesy it sounds he will cherish this forever.


Five sense gift ideas that your man would be thrilled to get. Check out these practical gifts your boyfriend or husband will love to get on valentine's day

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